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Rare photo of Daria Opochinina (1844-1870), 1st wife of Duke Eugen of Leuchtenberg

I would like to know the identity of the person sitting in front with the black pointed beard. My Great Grandfather Peter Alexandrovich Basilevsky was an aide de camp to GD Sergei when he was Governor of Moscow and this gentleman resembles him. Thanks.


Yes, that man does resemble P.A. Basilevsky but he never was an officer of the Preobrazhenskiy regiment but the Hussar regiment as I remember and he retired long before the years in the picture (end of 1890s).


Is there any identification of GD Serge's Staff members appearing in the photograph?


there is no identification. Actually they are officers of the Preobrazhenskiy regiment, not Grand Duke's stuff members. I can identify some of them if you need.

The Imperial Family / Re: identification
« on: October 15, 2015, 07:09:25 AM »
The lady in blue looks like Gdss Olga Feodorovna of Russia and the other one looks like Eugenie of Oldenburg, nee Eugenie Maxilianovna of Leuchtenberg :-D


The Yussupovs / Re: Photos of Felix Yusupov
« on: October 01, 2015, 12:41:18 AM »

please post images via photobucket. com service, for example. Many other services don't work at our Forums. Also you can read the topics about how to post pictures. And you always can send your pictures to a Mod, who post them here. I am ready to help, just send a P.m.

In the upper photo, Kirill is wearing a black armband, so someone must have recently died - could it be his father or perhaps Alexei Alexandrovich?


The year is 1911-1913 , so unlikely father or uncle.

I found this blog with many photos (Google Translate)

Can anyone help me with this:  Long discussions were, what better place to stay the Crown Prince, and then offered Davos, while the most famous resort for pulmonary patients, it is well-maintained, and other European resorts.  But the sad experience of being the Grand Duke in Algeria led to the fact that all the Abastumani was preferred.

What happened when and to whom in Algeria?

GD Georgiy lived winters of 1891 and 1892 in Algeria as the doctors thought that would be the best place for him because of his illness. But the Algeria climate appeared not to be good for Georgiy and he was sent to the Caucausus.

One more photo of Princess Maria Antonia:

Sorry, Marc, that's not her. There is a slight resemblance, but that's not Maria Antonia.

ah, alright. Thanks for the information. Did you just recognize the instrument correctly or can I read this information somewhere? I find it hard to get information on KR's children.

Some info on Prince Igor's hobbies one can find in the correspondence of his relatives - father, mother, siblings - recently published in Russian. Right now I don't remember exactly anything on his hobbies...In that photo he plays balalaika - I recognize by the fingerboard.

Can anyone tell me one thing: when I read that Grand Duchess Alexandra Iosifovna died on 6 july 1911, this date refers to the Julian calendar or the gregorian one?

Second question does anyone konw when her funeral was held?

She died 23 June/6 July. The funeral was held 30 June.

While the first one is well known, the other two are new to me. Anyone knows who the lady is? The pictures look almost informal with little Nicky lying around :-)


The other woman looks very much like Countess Alexandra Apraxina, later Princess Obolenskyaya, a very devoted friend of the Empress.

Svetabel, of course, is right in her opinion of the exhibition, especially from her point of view as specialist. I, as an enthousiastic amateur, received a lot joy from the exhibition. It is organised in the big ballroom. This hall is nomally closed and thus now in use for this exhibition. To walk in this big hall, known from the splendid balls organised by the Shuvalov family, is a great experience in itself! Also, the exhibition on the Items purchased at that Coutau-Begarie auction, has been extended by materials from the Russian State Archive and from the Faberge museum itself. Those items from the State Archive are rarely on display and made this exhibition extra interesting. In the end, when this exhibition is closed, also the materials purchased on that auction, will be tranfered to the State Archive. It is so interesting and touching to see letters, notes, written by hand by Felix, Irina and other people we only know by name and from books! So there is a lot to enjoy in this exhibition!

Rudy, please, you are a specialist as well : )). Yes, probably, I was expecting too much from the exhibition and was ready to see all the items one could see in on-line articles. So my the dissapointment was as large as my expectation. I agree that original letters are a joy to see and read, and probably I am used to such items  as researching in the Archives is a constant reading of original documents...

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