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Interesting....In russian edition of "Education of a Princess" this photo was marked:"Grand Duke Pavel with his wife and daughter on the stairs of his mansion in Paris"...

Thank your so much,Grandduchessella!!!  :)

Apparently I found a very good research "Queen Victoria Grandchildren" with wonderful pictures and texts.It contens a  chapter about Kaiser and some facts from his sons lives.
And (what a surprise!) I `ve found rather interesting if not amazing memories of Empress Dona`s sister! "Behind the scenes of Prussian court" by Luise Sophie,Princess of Prussia (edition 1933)...Obviously this Princess hated Kaiser  all her life.-I`ve read just a half of the book and keep on...
have you read this questionable memories? What`s you opinion about Princess Luise`s bad tongue?

Thanks you all! Exciting information!!! :o

But who was favourite son for Kaiser? If I correct - Wilhelm II didn`t
like much his Crownprince..Joachim was mother`s favoruite...May be August Wilhelm or Eitel Friedrich?

I have a collection of  pictures of Kaiser`s family,his sons and their wifes,but know almost nothing about these princes and princesses...Could anyone  give a short charachteristic of Kaiser`s sons and especially their wifes? Or any links...books in English..

Thanks!  ::)

One of recent biographies of Grand Duchess Ella in Russian  -  Vera Maerova`s book "Grand Duchess Elisaveta Fedorovna"(Edition 2002,Saint-Petersbourg).Much interesting....I don`t read Ella`s biographies in English,except one chapter in Miriel Buchanan "Queen Victoria Relations" (though there was memories -not biography).So Vera Maerova`s research is the best for me today - the author paints a rather complex portrait  of Grand Duchess  -the primary material for the book were private letters by Ella and her family.

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