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Has anyone read the excellant novel "My Anastasia"?
It might be unlikly since it was only published in Canada, but after searching for actually Years i found it under used section at
it's about a peasent girl who befriends Anastasia and there is a connection between the girl and Rasputin. I rewcommend it to anyone, but it was made for teens. Please add a thread to this if you've read it! I'd love to discuss it with other fans, or if you just want info.

Same here. It was WAY off topic beause it was so fictuous.

Books about the Romanovs and Imperial Russia / Re: The Last Grand Duchess
« on: January 15, 2005, 05:55:32 PM »
This was a very intuitave book. I enjoyed it very much. it made such a clear picture of her family's life before Nicholas became Tsar. I thought it was funny when she said that Nicky ate the hunny out of his baptismal necklace because he was always so hungry! ;D

I read this book after i happily found it on
Michelle, you could probly fin it there for really cheap, though mine was an ex-library copy.  :'(
but o well, ay least i got to read it!
as otheres said, the portrayal of alexandra as a jealous mother made me kinda mad!
however, the book seemed to drag when it was nt focused on the Royal family. :o

I am really going to have to check this book out! People always seem to leave the Grand Duchesses out of the picture, and finally they are getting into the spotlight.

Books about the Romanovs and Imperial Russia / Re: The Kitchen Boy
« on: January 15, 2005, 05:40:22 PM »
This is quite possibly my favorite fiction Romanov book besides "My Anastasia" by Sharon Stewart!
I almost felt like I was there, but I almost guessed the ending like other said. That theory really made me beleive that's what happened to Alexei and Maria's bodies.. I still believe Naatsaia is the mssing one though.
It would be awesome if they made a movie for this book!

Well, I think both books are very very pricey for somone my age, and maybe even for adults...but if you look on ou can find the really cheap. i found the Nicholas and Alexandra for only 11.00~!
but i thibnk that if you were only going to get one, you should get Love, Power, and Tragedy.
I'm glad my books haven't fallen apart yet.. ;)

I thought this was an excellant movie. Rickman was [glb]GREAT[/glb] as Rasputin. The sets and especially the costumes were magnificent. The cast was all great and looked like the royal family too!
it had both humour and drama.
I got my mom to watch it with me, and even SHE liked it! She finds the Romanovs boring, I find her WRONG! lol
Anyway, what was your fave scene?
Mine was when the Romanovs were in a cathedral for the 300 years Mass and Alexei's nose starts bleeding. It's so dramatic and you get a good glimpse at the G.D's gowns! ;D
as well as when Rasputin and the family are eating and Nicholas is appalled at Rasputin's rude behavior.

I think Greta was a good actrees as alix and she looks like her too, but Janet had an excellant performance as alix as well.

I love!! that movie! i thought it was a little unrealistic and sometimes off topic, but hey, its a kids cartoon! to his day i collect the stuff from that movie, and i finally got that authentic Nichlas & Alexandra music box. it plays a beautiful melody. does anyone else have one?
i know where u can get one if u liked it !!

My favorite scene is when the girls are all painting and one of the Gd's says that Tatiana is in love with Gilliard, or when the GD's are playing a game in the forest with Gilliard.
But what annoyed me from that movie was all the girls looked very old for the age of the GD's and they didn't look like them at all. Alexei looks dead on though!
I actually thought this was a very well put together movie, but a part made me sick when a soldier just ripped a life rabbit in half and started eating it raw! :-X

This is a very beautiful movie, but at first i was interested in seeing the last roamnovs, so i was impatient. but as someone said, this movie requires multiple viewings. the costumes are apsolutly gorgeous too! ::)

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