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I have the Noblesse Russe set, collected over quite a long time, there are no family crests, it's all photos.

Books about the Romanovs and Imperial Russia / Re: Atlantis Magazine
« on: August 10, 2010, 08:42:28 AM »
In my opinion Atlantis was the best ever royalty "magazine" (the word doesn't do it justice), and I mean no disrespect to the other magazines by saying that.  Penny and Greg have much to be proud of.  I constantly refer back to my copies and can still remember the excitement when a new publication arrived!


Can anyone tell me whether Vladimirovich Wonlarlarsky (Vonlarlarsky or Vonliarliarsky) was Master of the Horse for NII or AIII?]

Many thanks.

Kind regards.


Thanks for posting the link Newfan, that's fab.

Kind regards.


Me too Robert, I would give them away but not sell them.  However, I am worried that when my time comes my stepsons might just check them all in a skip which would be a dreadful waste of a labour of love (and money)!

Imperial Russian Antiques / Re: Auctions of royal memorabilia
« on: December 02, 2009, 10:15:48 AM »
Well, no.  I was there early, a very Russian crowd.  There were about 100 chairs which quickly filled and 10 minutes before the sale Sothebys decided to remove a partition wall and open the adjoining room.  They then put out another 200/300 chairs and still loads of people stood at the back.  The place was packed.  There were about 40 Sothebys staff also doing telephone bidding on top of the bids which the auctioneer had from people who had put in bids before the auction.  It was quite chaotic. 

I did get to bid for some cufflinks but was outbid unfortunately, it was quite a terrifying experience!  The shame of it all, and I may be being harsh here, is that it seemed most people were interested in the intrinsic value of items, especially the Faberge items, where I was actually interested in the Imperial Russian aspect, as any of us from this Forum would be.  There were about 10 bidders who between them bought most items (4 were telephone bidders), of the whole crowd of a good few hundred people only very few were bidding.

The cigarette case that the lovely Sothebys' ladies let me hold on Friday went almost 800,000 (taking into account all the sale charges payable), I read it is the most expensive Faberge cigarette case sold to date.   

There was one particular pair of cufflinks I had  my eye on but they went for way out of my price range.  I was pretty miffed when they were sold and it wasn't to me!

The last two lots in the sale were the two pillowcases in which the jewels had been smuggled out of Russia.  Their estimated sale price was around 200-300 so I was definitely going for those.  However, one sold for around 5,000 and one for 4,000, it was astonishing.  They told me the sale would last just over an hour, in reality it went on for 3 1/2 hours, the bidding was so intense.  I wasn't actually far out with my thinking that most jewellery items would go for around 10 times more than their estimates.  One pair of cufflinks estimated sale price of 3-5,000 went for over 100,000 though!  A guy sitting next to me bought a couple of things. 

One guy who was sitting by me bought something (I didn't see what, the bidding was all over the place) and went off to collect it, bringing it back in a Sothbys carrier bag which he casually dropped into another bag he had between his feet.  I thought "I hope you appreciate that you've just bought a piece of history and that you cherish it accordingly". 

I kept thinking that the items had been all together for over 90 years but now they were all going off to different places, most probably a good percentage never to be heard of again, it made me feel very sad.  It was such a shame that it couldn't be kept all together.  I was also thinking that GDMP ended her days in (relative) poverty whilst now 90 years later her descendants have had a surprise very large lottery win!  I felt very priviledged to have been able to see the items beforehand, to have handled a few, to be present at the sale and to bid.  Just goes to show that even after all these years the Russian Imperial Family that we, in this Forum in particular, know so much about still have a few secrets to reveal to surprise us from time to time, good for them.

Maybe one day...


The last time I was in Paris, about 18 months ago, Shakespeare & Co had a piano in the shop and were encouraging shoppers to play a tune!  It's a wonderful shop.I can recommend a couple of lovely (not expensive) restaurants in the locality if you need any tips!

Hi Robert

I am sure you can definitely guess the store although it's not now what it used to be...

The watercolours book is so beautiful especially with the cardboard box it's in.

Although that was an amazing bargain, I also bought a copy of Gleb Botkin's memoirs by using an out of print book search company (before we had the internet) and got totally ripped off by more than I saved on the above book so as you say it definitely evens out in the long run!

Imperial Russian Antiques / Re: Auctions of royal memorabilia
« on: November 30, 2009, 05:11:30 AM »
On Friday I went to the presale viewing of the Romanov Heirlooms, the lost inheritance of Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna.  There are 102 items, mainly cufflinks and cigarette cases, which were stuffed into a pillowcase during the Revolution and deposited with the Swedish Legation in Stockholm on behalf of the GD, then forgotten about for the next 90 years.  Various sets of cufflinks and cigarette cases were made to commemorate different events in the couple's lives, some of the cigarette cases still contain cigarettes and or matches.  To think that this is just a tiny fraction of the valuables they owned is amazing.  At least one of the cigarette cases is valued at around 50,000.  The staff in Sothebys actually let me pick up and handle some of the items, awesome.  And I am registered to attend the sale this afternoon!

Imperial Russian Antiques / Re: Collection of the Coronation Menu from 1896
« on: November 30, 2009, 05:04:49 AM »
I saw the menu which was sold at Christies last year, it was hugely impressive...

Years ago, I had my eye on a copy of the watercolours of the Winter Palace and although it is a beautful book the price tag of 110 was out of my league.  Anyway, I had a small windfall of money and decided to treat myself and when I got home instead of 110 I had been charged 1.10.  The bookshop assistant was so rude and snotty (from a large London store which shall remain nameless) that I didn't feel at all guilty!

Books about the Romanovs and Imperial Russia / Re: Duplicate Books
« on: October 28, 2009, 10:47:29 AM »

I am looking for a copy of Jacques Ferrand's book on the Nabokov family - if anyone has a copy I am happy to negotiate what to swap for it.

Kind regards.


I have each of the volumes.  I got 6 (I think) from Art and then a missing one on the internet (ebay I think, hard to remember now), they are fabulous books.  Art had obtained them from me and they were en route when Jacques Ferrand died.  I love all of Jacques' books. 

For the previous poster, they are books of photographs of various aspects of Imperial Russia (nobility/houses/regiments etc) with a couple of sentences detailing the photo - the captions are in French but even a very basic knowledge will get you by. 

I am still looking for an original of the book Jacques did on the Nabokov family if anyone comes across this at all, I have a copy but not an original. 

I think the Noblesse Russe 1-6 are better than the 7th volume which is a "complement" to the others, but nevertheless the whole set is definitely worth the cost.

Art came up trumps for me in getting these, he put in a lot of effort and I am very thankful.


Imperial Russian Antiques / Re: Auctions of royal memorabilia
« on: October 23, 2009, 03:46:00 AM »

I saw in the paper today that there is an auction of bejewelled Faberge cigarette cases and cufflinks originally belonging (I believe) to GD Marie Pavolva coming up for auction at Sothebys on November 30th. The paper says that these were smuggled out of Russia and "lost" until recently when they came to light in Sweden.

I work close to Sothebys so I will definitely visit to check this out beforehand!

Kind regards.



I have the book with me today, I haven't finished it because after my holiday I couldn't bear to continue.  On reading the introduction I had a feeling of doom "my own motivation...came from the desire to find an extensive, balanced account of Serge's life.  When my search produced no results, I started writing".  I didn't take it that there was no balanced account thus far, so the author started writing, more there was nothing to write so the author decided to quote from everybody else's work.  I agree with the previous postings, if you do not have books on the IF or you are new to the subject, this book would be fine.  For those of us who have Warwick, Mager, Hall, Zeepvat et al, it is hugely disappointing and from my perspective I wish I had spent the 34 on something else.

I wanted to give examples of my frustration with the writing/editing of this book so Art can see where I am coming from:

Page 74 "Sandro added that he "would have given ten years of my life to stop her from entering the church on the arm of haughty Sergei" repeated verbatim on Page 82.
Page 78 "he flaunted his many peculiarities in the face of an entire nation" repeated verbatim on Page 82.
Page 77 "Even Serge's one unmarried brother had a son by his lover".  Page 80 "even Serge's one unmarried brother, Alexei, had a son".
Alexei Alexandrovich's relationship with Zhukovskaya is discussed on pages 22/23 and then again on 89.
Alexander III choosing Serge to represent him at Queen Victoria's jubiliee is discussed on pages 85 and 89, almost verbatim.
Page 85 "when representatives from the whole world crowded into his rooms.   He had a pleasant word for each one, showed himself an attentive host, and had none of that proud reserve with which he had been credited."  Repeated verbatim on Page 115.

Page 56 Duchess of "Marlboro"? I thought Marlboro was a cigarette. Art, whoever is doing your proof reading and editing isn't up to the job.

I could go on and on. As you can see, sitting by a swimming pool in the searing heat with only this book to read tipped me into insanity!

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