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Thanks for the information Teddy... I checked out the site and see that they offer quite a few books I'd be interested in, but if at all possible I want to buy the books here in the USA as shipping and euro exchange make them very pricey. But I'm glad of the link, if/when I get to Holland I'll be sure to visit the shop.


Is this book still available through Eurohistory? Amazon no longer has copies and I would like to buy one for myself...


Helen.... I'm delighted to see your post and read your views of the production. I didn't think it would be much good from reading the reviews but having your analysis is wonderful; can't imagine anyone who could speak to the veracity of the play with a sharper eye and wealth of knowledge of those last few weeks than you!

Thanks so much for posting your thoughts.... this is a real gift to the thread, rarely can one receive a reality check to such a grand distortion of facts so quickly and so articulately. I would hope that someone involved with the production would at some point see your post.... it seems to me that at the very least they should hang a "historical fiction" sign on the playboard.


Here's the Guardian review... interesting that all four 'serious' London newspapers give the play the same rating -- 3*.

I've just noticed that next to the Telegraph review there is a box with links to related stories, one of which is entitled "Poignant letters from sister of Russia's last Tsar for sale". Poignant indeed, and sad that GD Olga will not be around to benefit financially from the sale...

I don't know Mark... I came across it when I was doing a search of London theatre scene in June; this happened to pop up and I found it very interesting. I haven't seen anything about it anywhere else on the internet but I shall be watching the London newspapers after the first performance to see the reviews. As you no doubt know, Chichester Festival Theatre productions are among the most highly regarded in the UK, and I'm sure there'll be reviews in the broadsheets.

Thanks for the welcome... I've been a lurker for a very long time and am now happy to be a member.


Those of you in the UK may be interested in seeing the World Premiere of The House of Special Purpose, presented by the Chichester Festival Theatre,  June 20 - August 22.

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