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many thanks Mike - your information is much appreciated as always - would you know or could direct me to any information regarding his family or children ? did he have any connection with city Kamenets Podolsk ?

can anyone identify the two uniforms left hand side of this photo circa 1915  - many thanks

apologies for the poor uality photo -  i am useless at this computer business - if any one feels they can assist with information i would be happy to email them a photo which can be enlarged further

hey Mike, looks like I messed up my first down loaded pic. I can seem to get the image to appear any larger. but i do have the scanned image which clearly shows the two millitary gents on the LHS , their shoulder boards as well as their cuff detail, could i email you this pic directly ? also have you had any response from your contacts on the Russian forums regarding st george medal lists ?


badly damaged and worn , signed in bottom right hand corner Ledebev



Russian Noble Families / Re: Princes Golitzin
« on: December 27, 2010, 04:58:04 AM »
many thanks , that explains alot

hi Mike , nice painting ! the one i have is a different scence of the Czar standing in the centre of a crown of serfs. I would like to up load a pictures but am having difficulties. If you can give me some tips on uploading , i'll put it up for all to see

Russian Noble Families / Re: Princes Golitzin
« on: December 25, 2010, 09:32:51 PM »   here is a link to a geneology site i found please correct me me if i have misunderstood, it is in Polish afterall. Maybe Zakrjevskaya was a second or previous marriage?
I'm not so much interested in galitzine family but would like to know more about Natalie Zakrjevsky. do you have any record of such person ?

Does anyone have information regarding a late 19th century painting by Lebedev depicting a scene of Czar Alexander 2 "freeing the serfs"

Russian Noble Families / Re: Princes Golitzin
« on: December 25, 2010, 03:59:58 AM »
Prince Boris Borisovich Galitzine (b. St. Petersburg, February 18 (O.S.) or March 2 (N.S.), 1862 married a "Nathalie ( Natalia ) Zakrjevsky".
Does anyone have information regarding family Zakrjevsky ? is there a connection with Zakrevsky family ? or is it just a similarity such as smith and smithe

If you speak about famous scientist Boris Golitzin (1862-1916) then he was married, from 1891, to Maria Konstantinovna Khitrovo (1866-1930s).

yes , same Boris Galitzyn, but are you sure about marriage details ? geneology sites confirm married to a Natalie Zakrjevsky. simple google search will confirm

have photo ready to upload ,but experiencing difficulty with attaching to thread , any help ?

does anyone have access to a copy of the following book or could look up information from it ?

 "recently published Russian language book "Badge of Distinction of the Military Order of St. George. List of Those Awarded for the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05" (page 501)."

Thanks Mike . I have found my GF wedding photo. whilst he is not in his uniform, several memebers of the bridal party are wearing theirs. nothing spectacular as far medals or decorations that i can see, but no doubt these fellows were "regimental buddies" of my GF . i'll load it up for curiousity value

Thanks for that info Mike. My GF was born in 1878 , we have details of his father and grand father who was also born in Russia late 18th centrury. I agree the name may have polish roots , but maybe from an earlier time. regards to your picture of the badge for excellent shooting,  is it made of bronze or silver ? i have noticed a few very siimilar on ebay , with slight variations to the trigger guard  and rifle stock, could these be earlier issue ? have you had an opportunity to see if his name appears on the st george cross register ? kind regards

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