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can anyone identify the two uniforms left hand side of this photo circa 1915  - many thanks

apologies for the poor uality photo -  i am useless at this computer business - if any one feels they can assist with information i would be happy to email them a photo which can be enlarged further

Does anyone have information regarding a late 19th century painting by Lebedev depicting a scene of Czar Alexander 2 "freeing the serfs"

does anyone have access to a copy of the following book or could look up information from it ?

 "recently published Russian language book "Badge of Distinction of the Military Order of St. George. List of Those Awarded for the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05" (page 501)."

hello to all , i am new to posting in this forum. My grand father fought at port arthur, he was only in his early twenties at the time and was ranked unter officier at the time ( corporal ?? )
he was very reluctant to discuss aspects of the war with his family , other than some details about how relentless the japanese attacks were and that he was awarded several medals, one of which was for "excellent shooting"
Most of his personal possessions including medals , photos and uniforms were confiscated / stolen whilst relocating to manchuria soon after.
I am keen to reclaim reproductions of his medals and to learn more about his military records if possible. Is this possible to research ?

can anyone tell me what regiments fought in the defence of port arthur ? assuming he may of been awarded medals , is there a register of medal recipients that can be researched ? any assistance would be greatfully  appreciated

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