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So I had a vivid dream the other night, one I’m sure many of you have had, that I was a prominent figure living during the events leading up to the Russian Revolution. As dreams go it wasn’t an entirely cohesive story but when I awoke the next day it got me thinking…If I were an advisor to Tsar Nicholas what advice would I had given before he lost his country and then his life?

As someone fascinated by the 19th and early-20th century events in Russia and with a particularly obsession (and affection) for the Royal family I’ve naturally always wondered what could have been or done to alter the path of events that conspired to end the lives of the Tsar and his family and plunge his country into Communism.

Imagine for a moment, perhaps in the spirit of the Alexander Palace “Time Machine”, you had either traveled back or were simply alive and a member of the Czar’s inner circle. That you either knew then what you know now or were somehow gifted with some type of ability to see the future and the events that would lead to the Romanov’s and Imperial Russia’s demise. In other words, imagine that you were the counterpoint to Grigori Rasputin and had the ear of the Czar and his family. Here is my little fairytale of “what ifs”. What would yours be?

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