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 I would specifically like to see the ball of 1903 (I believe....that is correct). I also think it would make a beautiful and glamourous tv series sensation if it were done as well as Downton Abbey was. Would't it be
exciting if it could be done on location in exchange for cultural ,historic, exchange...It could actually be magnificent!!! Perhaps the government of Russia would see thisi with vision for what it could be to the historic


Back in 2003 a book on this ball was actually published:

and a copy for sale...

It was always an expensive book and is very hard to find now. It has two volumes one of which has large size reproductions of photos of all the ball participants and a second volume of memoirs of the ball.  The only thing the book(s) really lack are photos of couples as each image is of an individual person.  At the same time as this book was published at least 2 different sets of loose postcards of photos from the book was also published, but these are also hard to get now.

There's a reasonably inexpensive copy of the book for sale on eBay

This title doesn't seem to be available for free download on the internet archive, ( ) but there are a lot of other Romanov books there.


It looks like there is another photo from this 1888 photo session we haven't seen yet.

I do wonder if this is a diamond and ruby tiara.

The Yussupovs / Re: Princess Zenaida Yusupova - discussion and pictures II
« on: December 24, 2014, 04:29:57 PM »
Princess Zenaida looking at the Regente Pearl

Books about the Romanovs and Imperial Russia / Re: Memoirs Recommendations
« on: December 04, 2014, 01:52:20 PM »
Grand Duchess Marie Pavlovna's the younger's memoirs are also a good read - 'things I remember' and 'princess in exile'

Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna's memoirs in 'the last grand duchess' by Ian Vorres (she told her stories to him for this memoir as she was too old to write it herself) are also a very good read. Both books offer good insight into the imperial family.

Marie Feodorovna / Re: Marie Feodorovna--portraits & paintings
« on: August 19, 2014, 02:31:02 AM »
The GD Sergei's and his spouse wedding's sketch is indeed from a newspaper Vsemirnaya Illustratsiya. The description under the photo in that source says the original is not a photo, but just a sketch.

That's interesting. I've always thought the detail and accuracy of this etching makes it rather suspicious that the source was an actual photo. It wasn't uncommon in this period for the source of newspaper images to to be etched from photos.  Ones that were done from sketches on location tend to be rather vague on details, or completely wrong, with costume at least.


Marie Feodorovna / Re: Marie Feodorovna--portraits & paintings
« on: August 18, 2014, 08:43:21 PM »
I recently bought a copy of the 19th May 1883 Issue of the French magazine l'Illustration. It has a lovely etching of Empress Marie Feodorovna in her coronation dress on the cover - a rather scarce illustration that I've only ever seen in one other magazine of the period The Queen, the lady's newspaper.  However what interested me about this particular etching was the information underneath the picture where it states that the engraving was after a photo by M. Bergamsco of St Petersburg.  

(etching in L'illustration)

This leads me to believe that the often stated fact that no photos of MF and Alexander were taken in their coronation robes may be incorrect.  I have always been puzzled by the sheer amount of detail the etcher has given the dress in this engraving - and one other one I think is sourced from the same photo session shown here - and this may answer the question as to why the dress seems so accurate in these images where often the results are very vague in these engravings. I think MF face may have been "prettied" up a bit in the etchings though.

(etching in Le Journal Illustre 3 June 1883)

(MF actual dress in Kremlin - the designs seem somewhat different from Etchings - though I don't really have a good detail photo of this dress)

I'm also inclined think that at least one photo may have been taken of GD Elizabeth and Serge in their wedding outfits based on the quality and sheer amount of detail in this engraving.

(I think the source for this image is a Russian newspaper)

Any thoughts?

Here's my short article (in Russian) on Lyudmila Balyasnaya, nee Prss Lobanova,1st maid-of-honor of GDss Elizaveta Fedorovna. As well as on her husband, ADC of GD Sergei A.

I have much more info on that couple and other members of GDss' suite but of course they can't be all in one article. Hope one day will be a book : )

Even reading this through google translation this is a good article. I'm glad that someone is looking at the retinues and servants of the Romanovs. Its obvious, even only from photos, that some of these people were like family the members of the imperial family (and not just N&A) and they really deserve not to be forgotten - and it would be great to put names to faces in photos as well:) Keep up the good work Svetabel.

Maria Fyodorovna and her sister-in-law Olga Konstantinovna

Lovely photo Ally. A new one for me. Thank you for sharing it

No, but it has other lovely uncommon images, not terribly many (so the best reason to consider buying it is still the chance to have a high-quality book with a large collection of photos) but a few. It might not be possible to post the photos here because of copyright reasons.
Does it have the same pictures as "Nicholas and Alexandra: the Family Albums" ? I have this one, so I wonder if it's necessary to buy "The Romanovs: Love, Power and Tragedy" too.

The two books actually have quite different pictures.  LPT is more of a mixture of formal/informal with a lot of extra documents. N&A the family albums are almost exclusively informal family photos - all from the Beindeinke (spelt wrong I'm sure) albums which are now available online for free - but having said that, its still one of the more iconic Romanov photo books out there. However if I had to own only one of these books I think it would be LPT.

She did an excellent job. Its a good example of how these Photoshopped images end up circling the net as the real thing.

Thank you very much for the link! There are definitely some photos which are new to me - I just have a question. Is this picture real or photoshopped?

That's a photoshop, there is link somehwere on Facebook group on Olga A. to the real photo.

That's interesting. I hadn't realised it was photoshopped. However, the picture always puzzled me. She looks like she is in a wedding dress, however her first wedding was a formal Romanov wedding in court dress wasn't it? and her second one was in wartime and a very simple well known outfit.

I'd love a book which covers court costume for both men and women in depth.  I would need to include things like

* translations of the actual regulations
* when the costume was to be worn and some coverage of various events
* the colours allocated to various ranks and members of the imperial family and their suites
* jewels associated with the dress - eg the various badges for maids and matrons of honour and information on when they were given out from the 18th century onwards. These date to at least Catherine the Great in use in the court.
* Information on court balls and coronations when this dress was seen at its best
* cloth and jewelled kosnicks (Cloth ones typically used for younger ladies and children)
* dressmakers and tailors to the court
* Court photographers - and when they were arranged to take formal photos of the imperial family dressed to be "royal"

This costume - along with the peasant dress it is supposed to somewhat ape are extremely distinctively Russian. I've seen bits of this information all over the place - and chunks of it in Russian that I can't read, but haven't seen it all in one book in english.

What a pity this book is only in Russian...

Emperor Alexander III and Empress Maria Fedorovna. Correspondence.1884-1894 years
(the editors are A.Bokhanov and Y.Kudrina)

You've had a lot of very interesting titles listed here if you can read Russian. I really makes me sorry I can't do so.

A lot of royal and semi-royal biographies commonly leave out quite a bit in the name of discretion and not slandering other people. If you can work out what they have left out the silences can be very revealing. I remember reading a biography of GD Xenia and at the end the author mentioned she had a long term affair in the latter years of her marriage but even in a modern bio declined to actually say the name of who it was. I felt rather cheated though I have seen the name mentioned elsewhere. MP warmth for her brother and father at the expense of anyone else is at times almost disturbing.

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