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Lilly's daughter Odette told me she and the servants of the house and employees of the firm lived in fear of MP, who was cold, demanding and insisted upon being addressed most formally at all times as if still "At Court" in Petersburg. "It was difficult to live with her," Odette recalls. "Very formal. There were no embraces, there was just a reverence, and you did it every day - "Bonjour, Votre Altesse' and "Bon soir, Votre Altesse'. You had to live with that."

I recommend the biography of MP to you on the main AP website

This is very interesting. She comes across as so different in her books. I wonder if they have been massaged a bit by her editor or if she was simply unable to express any warmth - rather like Alexandra - even if that was not what she really felt.

MP's memoirs were one of the first Romanov autobiographies I ever read. Even now I can still remember how good they were to read. She seemed to have a very good recall with interesting details thrown in and a willingness to look at both the positive and negative of Royal existence. I think she got thrown out of the royal bubble after her first marriage broke apart. She seemed to be willing to confront the fact that royal training left little practical skills for making a living and gave it a genuine go do better and what was probably her third of fourth attempt to re-invent herself (not any easy thing to do for anyone and harder as you get older).

I had the impression she was bitter about how the Imperial family treated her father and never truly appreciated what Ella and Serge did for them - but maybe she simply saw them as part of the "system" that tore her family apart. At any rate, along with Vorres memoir of GD Olga and GD Alexander's memoirs I think hers are still among the most accessible and informative of the Romanov memoirs today.

The Imperial Family / Re: Weddings of the Romanovs
« on: March 08, 2014, 04:42:18 PM »
Thank you Svetabel both of these are new for me.

Marie Feodorovna / Re: Marie Feodorovna--portraits & paintings
« on: October 03, 2013, 09:39:24 PM »

Marie Feodorovna / Re: Marie Feodorovna--portraits & paintings
« on: October 03, 2013, 05:57:57 PM »
katmaxoz, you mentioned the book on MF I, can you specify please what book was that?

Empress Maria Fiodorovna - (no specific author) Albris Publishers, St Petersburg,   2006 ISBN: 5-88810-071-4

and a copy for sale here

Marie Feodorovna / Re: Marie Feodorovna--portraits & paintings
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Don't think the portrait is that good. Minny looked sad and forlorn in the picture.

I think it might have been done mostly from photos, but its one of the few formal paintings of her in full court dress you can find. At least one other one was painted in the 1880s but I've never seen the painted version, only prints.

though having said that you can see the painted version on the wall in a painting done of the red salon in the winter palace (look at page 122 of "moscow, splendors of the romanovs".)

Marie Feodorovna / Re: Marie Feodorovna--portraits & paintings
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Earlier in this thread it was posted a portrait of Marie Feodorovna painted by Emil' Vizel. But later the image was removed. Do anyone know anything about this painting? Where is it now?

Dear colleagues! Maybe someone saw this portrait somewhere? I really need any information about it.

According to a book on MF I have this portrait is painted by E. Wiesel in 1905 and is in the Pavlovsk Museums. I hope this helps.

Thanks for that photo, Katmaxoz : )  Thatís new for me as a photo, but it seems like it became a basis for a portrait made of her (if I recall it right?)

I think it was. There's a few different versions of this photo which has turned up in the last few years. I suspect there is a full length one that was taken and used for her formal painted portrait done at the same time....bu the photo hasn't surfaced yet..

A new version of the c1881 photo of MF in court dress that surfaced on eBay recently.

This photo also included Alicky & Miechen.

Is that Alexandra standing immediately to the left of OA & MF?

This is the full version of that photo, although not very good quality;,_St._Petersburg,_Er%C3%B6ffnung_der_Parlamente.jpg

There are two images of the full court from this session from the same angle. One shows everyone except Nicholas and his immediate family standing and the next one is the one you have linked to.  There's also a third photo which shows the arrival of Nicholas, Alexandra and Marie though its hard to find good quality versions of the full set.

Before Nicholas arrival:

Nicholas and Alexandra arrival

During speach - this is the image the crop came from though the crop was done by someone else

Olga is on the left hand side of the image - there are a number of photos around showing the ladies in this image in the dresses they wear here including Olga.

I think these were taken for the 1906 Duma which is the last time we saw all the royal ladies in court dress on display.

Olga in the same dress and jewels standing behind her mother at the 1906 Duma

I've never seen a photo of this dress before and there's a good chance it hasn't survived though a surprising number of imperial court dresses still survive.

Grand duchess Olga in court dress. This is a full length version of the image which has floated around for years with the secondary photo insert on the right hand side of the picture.  I was very pleased to finally find this image.

Hello if anybody has vol.1 please pm me.
I can exchange it for youssoupoff .or maybe other ?

I recently found volume 1 on for $150.00 - It took quite some time for it to come up but its worth putting these books in abe if you are looking for a copy.

Interesting topic I now know which biographies im going to buy next. I hardly know anything about nicholas's sisters

I've always had the impression that neither one of them were extravagant.  Despite growing up in a palace their parents ensured they lived a "simple" life in rather spartan and small quarters.  Olga never seemed to care much about physical possessions unless they had some sentimental association or bought back memories of people she cared about and Xenia seemed much the same though she took far more care with her appearance and seemed to place a higher value on her imperial past.  Olga's biographies are interesting though I thought Xenia's seemed more whitewashed for some reason.

Is this imperial stamp you were talking about on the back of this photo of Ella?

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