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I've always found the "youngest daughter stays home" arrangement common in the Victorian era fascinating (if a little puzzling), and the compromise of sorts that Queen Victoria and Beatrice came to on the latter's marriage to Henry of Battenberg even more interesting.  Did Beatrice ever express regret in later life that she and Henry were not permitted their own residence? 

Did Henry not join the British Navy (as his brother Louis did) because he'd previously served in the Prussian Army?  I'd think that this would have been a logical choice for Henry, even though it would have meant that he probably wouldn't have lived with his family full-time.  Still, it would have avoided the boredom that drove him to fight in the Ashanti War...

The Windsors / Re: Queen Victoria & hemophilia
« on: April 04, 2007, 04:19:22 PM »
I've heard that the disease could have resulted from Edward of Kent's sperm being mutated with the hemophilia gene, as he was in his fifties when Victoria was conceived.  It's a very interest royal mystery, to say the least.

The Windsors / Re: Queen Victoria's Daughters-in-law
« on: April 03, 2007, 09:51:33 PM »
I've always thought that Helena of Albany was an interesting character, but can find little written about her.  I've read Charlotte Zeepvat's book about Leopold, and some assorted books on Victoria and her family.  From what I've read, I gather that her family was very learned and very loving, and that Helena had few suitors other than Leopold.  Was this because of the surplus of daughters in the family?

I know that she and Leopold had a happy (although brief) marriage, but I haven't read much about her life as a widow, raising her children.  Were there any charities that she supported?  Did she have any male companions after Leopold?  Was she close to Leopold's siblings at all?  What were her attitudes about World War I, her former country, and her adopted country?

Thanks in advance for any information!

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