Author Topic: 800 Children sent to the Urals in 1918 - The Story of the Children's Ark  (Read 26870 times)

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Re: 800 Children sent to the Urals in 1918 - The Story of the Children's Ark
« Reply #15 on: February 01, 2010, 08:17:08 PM »
Thank you for sharing your Grandmother's story Svetlana. Actual eyewitness stories post 1917 are very rare due to the necessity for silence by the survivors, the passing corridors of time and a child's innocent dismissal of grandma's stories! :) It is such a priviledge for us therefore to be able to share these insights with you.  Your generosity is greatly appreciately.
Kind Regards,

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Re: 800 Children sent on Summer Vacation to the Urals in 1918
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My gradmother Maria Alexandrovna Monfred was one of the children... Oh my God... she told me this amazing story... One of my daughter's name is Alexandra Maria. God bless the Americans who saved my grandma and other children.
Svetlana Strain
Atlanta USA
Dear Svetlana,
I was glad to learn that your grandmother was the participant of the Odyssey of Petrograd children.
I am also the descendant of the two former colonists rescued by the American Red Cross.
I have been studying this story for many years and I am the author of the documentary book on this subject.
I have quite a lot of contacts with the descendants of those children, and I will be glad to have more information about your grandmother. Maybe you have some documents and photos in your family archives?
To learn more about the story you can visit our site I hope you will find the name of your grandmother in the list.
Have you ANY questions, please don’t hesitate to write to me.

With best regards,
Olga Molkina (the author of the book “NAD NAMI KRASNY KREST”)