Author Topic: Tobolsk/Ipatiev guard arrangement, April-May 1918  (Read 2133 times)

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Tobolsk/Ipatiev guard arrangement, April-May 1918
« on: May 02, 2008, 03:43:36 PM »
A few questions about the arrangement of guards during the IF's separation in April and May of 1918.

1. According to Gilliard, Colonel Kobylinsky was removed from duty on 28 April/11 May. Did he leave immediately?

2. When did Rodionov arrive in Tobolsk? Did his term overlap at all with Kobylinsky's?

3. Rodionov's Red guards from Ekaterinburg began duty in Tobolsk on 3/17 May. Who guarded the imperial children and the suite during the 5 days between Kobylinsky's dismissal and the arrival of Rodionov's Red detachment?

4. What were NAM's impressions of the first Ipatiev guard, composed of Verkh-Isetsk and Makarov factory workers and Red Army soldiers? (I've read some references to Glarner, Ukrainitsev, and Avdayev, but not the general guard.)

5. How did NAM respond/relate to the guard that arrived at the Ipatiev house on 26 April/9 May -- the one primarily made up of Magyar POWs?
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