Author Topic: help identifying Imperial Russian Navy emblems and uniform  (Read 4363 times)

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Does the coat of arms on the Imperial Russian Navy emblem on this cigarette case indicate the division or something of these junior officers? do the monograms or anything else indicate anything other than several junior officers?  Or can anyone tell me anything about the uniform worn by the woman in the photo?


or if you can't access them there, maybe here:

Thanks for any help

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Re: help identifying Imperial Russian Navy emblems and uniform
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2013, 04:53:55 PM »
The emblem is a slightly modified graduation badge of the Naval Corps in Petersburg.
The woman wears an overcoat of her husband/boyfriend/brother's. Saying by the medals, he was not a young officer: one had to serve at least 10 years to earn all these.
The images are too small to try identifying the names - due to the script writing, they have to be deciphered letter by letter.