Author Topic: Bessie Blount: The King's Mistress by Elizabeth Norton  (Read 2766 times)

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Bessie Blount: The King's Mistress by Elizabeth Norton
« on: March 25, 2012, 08:07:55 PM »
This biography provides an interesting account of an often overlooked figure at Henry VIII's court - and of the broader sweep of Tudor court politics!

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Re: Bessie Blount: The King's Mistress by Elizabeth Norton
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2012, 10:42:14 PM »
That novel seems very interesting - I think I'll be looking into it! I don't know much about Bessie Blount besides the fact that she was the mother of Henry Fitzroy, so it'll be great to actually read about her. I wonder how much someone can actually discover about her to write a biography - I mean, one could say that regarding plenty of the figures people have written biographies for already, but one of the only reasons Bessie was notable at court was for birthing the king's child. I guess I'll just have to buy the book myself to find out, won't I?

On another topic, I also have to wonder how Katharine of Aragon felt about Bessie. She knew her husband had mistresses, and much of the court did as well, but to publicly acknowledge another woman's son as his own would probably be painful for his wife. Of course it was painful when he eventually made the knowledge known that he wished for an annulment - regardless of the fact that they called it, "the king's great matter," to keep it on the down low, many still knew what was happening - and wanted to replace her with Anne Boleyn, but none of that was exactly happening yet. While most of the court was aware of his mistresses and such, there's a difference between simply guessing or hearing a rumour, and actually knowing - and I'm wondering how Katharine felt when suddenly, there are no more rumours on the matter of Bessie Blount and her pregnancy, but knowledge about her status as the king's mistress and mother to his bastard. Even if I knew my husband had a mistress - or several - it would hurt more for me if everyone else knew about it too, simply because people will start judging you as a wife and as a person when they know your husband prefers the company of others (even if just for a brief time).
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