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Films About Lenin
« on: May 28, 2009, 07:08:53 PM »
The great revolutionary leader and Russian statesmen V.I. Lenin is the subject of several inspirational Russian films. They include:

Mark Donskoi's A Mother's Heart about the childhood and youth of Lenin with emphasis on the devotion of his mother.

Sergei Yutkevich's Lenin in Poland about Lenin's exile in Austrian-ruled Cracow from 1912-14.

Sergei Yutkevich's Stories About Lenin, a two-part film about Lenin hiding in Finland after the end of dual power in July 1917 and his last days in the village of Gorky in 1923.

Lev Kulidzhanov's Blue Notebook about Lenin set in the period following the July Days of 1917 when Lenin took refuge in Razliv outside Petrograd, before escaping to Finland in August 1917.

Other films include "Lenin in October" and "Lenin in 1918" by Mikhail Romm, "Lenin in Paris" by Sergei Yutkevich, "A Mother's Devotion" and "Nadezhda" by Mark Donskoi, and "Sixth of July" by Karasik.
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