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Re: Czarina of Russia???
« Reply #45 on: February 19, 2012, 02:41:57 AM »
IMO Anastasia was the least intelligent, or least educated. Perhaps by the time she came along she suffered the Marie Antoinette syndrome of her parents just being too preoccupied. Anastasia especially never was allowed to grow into herself; by the time she was maturing she was already imprisoned with her family and as a result there was no longer anyone around who could write about her emerging adult personality.
It appears that there are a very small few of Russian rulers who actually did it right, Nicholas was definitely not one of those rulers.
Perhaps Tatiana gives off the impression that she would be a good Empress because of how regal she appears in photos and in memoirs about her. But history was against anyone who ruled Russia if they were still going to hang onto the idea of autocracy.

Selencia, I think you have picked up on something really important here. It is a rare family who can throw up someone with leadership qualities when its' own are found wanting. It usually follows that because they are all so tightly enmeshed their thought processes are alike. Book learning alone would be unlikely to cut through these internalized views unless the student was given the opportunity to impliment and discuss new ideas with those removed from the family "box," and as this seems not to have been encouraged, each emerging young mind would have been little more, intellectually, than a clone of an older sibling, who, in turn, were clones of the parents. This model establishes a false "If we all believe it, it must be right" mind set and discourages challenge and creates difficulties with separation.