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Mansion of General-Governor, residence of GD Sergei Alexandrovitch

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I was wondering if anyone can tell us about Sergei and Ella's home in Moscow (not Illynskoie but the place they lived in town).

They had two residences-the Governor-General's Palace, which was situated midway down the Tverskaya between the Kremlin and Petrovsky Palace, and the Nicholas Palace in the Kremlin.  Serge spent a lot of money redecorating rooms in the GG Palace on taking up office in 1891; they seem to have moved freely between the two, but in 1905 had moved into the Kremlin permenantly owing to security concerns.

Greg King

Is the former Governor General's palace now the Mayor's office?

Sergei and Ella were also allowed by the Tsar to use the Neskuchny Sad (The Alexandra Palace) which is now the Academy of Sciences.  It is just south of Gorky Park and had large gardens surrounding it.  I don't believe the palace or the gardens are open to the public.  Once Sergei was given the right to live here, Muscovites were no longer able to visit the gardens.  Grand Duchess Marie Pavlovna mentions the palace in her autobiography "The Education of a Princess".  When radicals made it dangerous, Sergei and Ella moved back to the Kremlin.  Its a pretty little palace.  I have a picture of it on a collection of Moscow Palaces.


--- Quote ---Is the former Governor General's palace now the Mayor's office?

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I think it's nominally the same building, but some rather odd things happened to it in the Soviet era - it was moved back by a couple of inches and they put some extra storeys on top...



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