Author Topic: Cossack Identify Uniform +/- @1881 Picture. Yr help requested!  (Read 15018 times)

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Re: Cossack Identify Uniform +/- @1881 Picture. Yr help requested!
« Reply #30 on: July 02, 2017, 04:37:57 PM »

So several years ago I posted this photo asking for help to identify my Great Grandmother's Godfather. I received help but did not completely agree on the timeline of the photo with my helpers. I also could not independently confirm the identity of the person with other photos or information on the internet.

Now several years later, this photo (I believe it is the same photo) is being promoted as definitively this historical person. It is being used by the family for a plaque and in news articles.

If it is verifiably correct I wish to know and have it confirmed by the family and or documents or other pictures. I am seeking information about my family and this could help me.

If it is not the correct person, the family should know.

Thoughts, ideas, help?

My original posts are here.

The memorial plaque:…/ob-ustanovke-memorialnoy-doski-slavnom…/

The news article:…/kazachiy_rod_tolmachevykh_iz_novo…