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X-mas and December traditon!
« on: November 28, 2010, 07:36:48 AM »
Dear fellow members,

Its almost December and in some countries the first snow has already fallen and maybe here and there we can already ici skate.
December is the time, of joy and laughter. The Christian tradition is to remember the birth of Christ, The Saviour. While others only put up a Christmas three. Others pay extra visits towards family and friends, making big dinners, baking Christmas cookies, giving presents.

What does Christmas means to you?

Christmas as a religious festivity:
When I was young (I'm still 28), Christmas meant for me a time of joy, and the Remembrance of the birth of baby Jesus trough my Christian school. The bible was read, we sang Christmas songs, and we went with the whole school to church with our parents, were we performed a play and sang Christian Christmas songs. In the privy atmosphere of my parents house, we did not nothing religious during Christmas. We put up a Christmas tree and other nice things in the living room. For me, Christmas is not religious. Its just a social thing, altough I believe in God. (I'm busy to convert me to Islam). I think that those who say that they are Christians, can always remember the birth of Christ. December is not more special in a religious view then other months.

Christmas presents:
We have not some sort of ritual of receiving or buying Christmas presents. But in December we (Dutch) celebrates Sinterklaas on December 5Th. Sinterklaas is a sort of Santa Claus only typical Dutch. Sinterklaas comes with a boat from Spain (were he lives during the rest of the year, actually he is the bishop of Myra (Turkey), he has many helpers, called Zwarte Pieten, who bring us presents, while Sinterklaas is watching that every presents arrives on the right place and riding on the roofs of houses on his white horse Amerigo. Only the children who were the whole year sweet gets presents (but at the end every child gets something). Bad children, must come with Sinterklaas back to Spain as a punishment.

What do we do during the December month?
During December we pay extra visits to family and friends. Specially the old and those who have not all the riches of the world. We give them presents such as choclate or special baked cookies. Also we give the paperboys some extra money for delivery during the whole year the paper trough heat and rain, cold and hard wind. We listen much to the radio, listening to Christmas songs (Last Christmas, All I want for Christmas...), we watch Christmas movies and specials (Every year we have the Sissi movies with Romy Schneider or the Christmas special of Keeping up all appearance, with Hyacinth).
I also hope that December is cold. So that we can ice skate, with hot choclate and fresh baked cookies. Also I hope always for a lot of snow. So that children can build a snow men. Children laughter is always fun. Also you can visit markets, were you can buy nice things, hear gospel songs, and warming up at a have open fire, with in your hand hot choclate.

And of course, December 31. fireworks.

But now I want to know, what you are all gonna do with the month December????

Already the best wishes for Christmas and Old years Eve and lots of hugs - Teddy.

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Re: X-mas and December traditon!
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2010, 10:08:38 AM »
Always nice to hear of traditions from other countries.

When I was growing up, Christmas was very exciting.  We were somewhat poor so we didn't get many gifts and I don't recall my Mom making a bunch of treats.  But it was still an exciting time nonetheless.  There was more snow than there is now and I remember riding my first bike (with training wheels) in the snow!  When I was a teen I was the one who set up the tree, baked the goodies, decorated.  My Mom, coming from a family that came from Poland and Belarus, didn't really celebrate Christmas and my Dad was very poor and they had no money for Christmas, so I guess that's why it wasn't a big deal to them.  Of course, we went to church and there was always a Christmas play the Sunday before Christmas and sometimes I was involved.  I always looked forward to a bag of goodies that was given out to each child.  In school we put on plays and skits, each class doing something different, and performed in front of parents in the auditorium. 

Now I do lots of baking, and when my kids were young they helped.  My daughter, who is now 15, does some of the baking now.  We will get a tree soon; they are cheap here in Oregon as this is the Christmas tree capital of the world!  You can drive around in the Willamette valley and in rural areas see Christmas tree farms all over.  We used to live only a few miles from one of these farms and it was interesting when they were harvesting the trees as a helicopter was used to move bundles of trees.

Of course we have a special meal and deserts.  There are things I have to make each year otherwise there would be some grumpy people!  It's a fun and magical time and we must remember the real reason for the season.

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Re: X-mas and December traditon!
« Reply #2 on: November 28, 2010, 10:39:06 AM »
I have also always enjoyed hearing about Christmas/Holiday traditions from other countries.

I loved Christmas as a child, and still do. For me, it was the only time that I knew my whole family would be there. I have 7 siblings, meaning that we would all be scattered all over the place any other day of the year. My family never really had any traditions while I was growing up, but when I was  17, my older sister decided to start her own.  She would buy everyone a small ornament to be put on their tree (and of course, our joint tree when we were still all together), and I always made sure hers was the first one to be put on. She also would be the household baker, and make tons of treats for the family.

My brothers, twin sister and I, got the bright idea in our heads when I was  12, that we would have an annual "Christmas Day Snowball Fight" that would start at about 6 in the morning (while it was still dark up here in Western Canada) and wouldn't end until my mom or sister would scream at us to get back inside before we caught pneumonia.

My dad and younger sister would just sit on the couch (or Lazy Boy in my dad's case) and listen to music or watch TV until my mom and sister told them that breakfast was ready.

We're spread out all over the country now, but I still get a small package from my sister every year with a new ornament to put on my tree.