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Re: Alexandra and her Health Part 2
« Reply #495 on: February 10, 2018, 11:51:23 PM »
In the list of the search of Ipatev House on the Ap main site, i found out that in IH were found 2 homeopathic remedies: ignatia & aconitum
Since i am personally interested in homeopathy & use it myself to treat me, i thought it was interesting to talk a bit about it - i didn't find anything specifical in the thread so here i am.

From the web & my personal books (sorry for the rought translation)

IGNATIA: people who need ignatia are emotionally unstable; often introvert & lonely, usually close into themselves and think again and again to real or imaginary insults but didn't want to move other's pity and feel insulted if that happens. Get easily nervous, but often don't show their bad emotions. They like contradict other, but don't want others to contradict them. Exagerrate events & are unable to bear phisical pain and usually feel exhausted.
Unstable mood: from cry to laugh without reason.
They are often unders stress (real or not), depressed, isolated, laconic, they suffer from insomnia and are ipersesitive. They generally suffer from headaches, anxiety, panic attacks, phisical pains (expecially in legs and arms and heart), feeling of too fast palpitations and a psycosomatic cough.

This seems to me a good portrait of Alix in her last months. Of course, most people don't believe in homepathy, but i think this could be a nice discussion.

ACONITUM: For peolpe with anxiety, nervousness and fear of Death. They suffer from headaches even if they could seem healthy and strong. Their posing is rigid, they have trouble breathing. They usually suffer from varius phisical pains because they always are defensive towards the whole world.

What do you think?

I think this is very interesting. It seems to me that back then people could pretty much self-medicate with anything they wanted. So different from today when everything is regulated. I wonder if some of these medicines caused some of her illnesses rather than helped her.