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Whereabouts on 3 June 1916
« on: June 24, 2011, 11:39:01 AM »
Can anyone provide me with information concerning a meeting between the Tsarina and General Brusilov on 3 June 1916 on the eve of his famous offensive?
It is cited in Dr. W. Bruce Lincoln's Passage through Armageddon on page 247, final paragraph.
I thank you in advance for any assistance. You can reach me at
Michael Mahoney

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Re: Whereabouts on 3 June 1916
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2011, 12:49:56 PM »
I believe there may be a mention of it in Alexandra's letters to Nicholas, "Letters of the Tsaritsa to the Tsar: 1914 - 1916"
Author   Alexandra Feodorovna
Publisher   R.M. McBridge & Comp, 1924

or in her diaries. I can't put my hand on either just now, but I believe they are the source.

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Re: Whereabouts on 3 June 1916
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2011, 01:18:54 PM »
I've grabbed the following from the publication: "Letters of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna to Emperor Nicholas II: Book II"
Publication - 1922,
Publisher -  Книгоиздательство слова берлинъ (Book Publishing Word/Speech - Berlin)

No. 276.
Tsarskoje Selo, June 3-rd 1916
My Sweetheart,
Please, change the N. in my yesterday's letter, I made a mistake, it ought to have been 507 only. Fine & sunny & then suddenly clouds. Spent the evening quietly. Ania sat with me, showed photos, & read to me, the children were in the hospital. She proposed to me to go, but I said I was tired from town & wld. remain quietly with her. Had a long letter fr. Irene, Gretchen, Anna Rantzau. My poor Friend Toni's boy has been killed at the war (only 19, my godchild, went in 1914 already as freiwilliger) was an excellent officer it seems already & received the iron cross too sad for words, she adored the boy. Aunt Beatrice also wrote & sends you her love she imagines I am at Livadia, resting.

Now I must get up & dress for the hospital.
I send you & Baby my photos, I took. The water is fr. the black sea, Ania had it filled for you & Baby & sends it with much love the goodies are also for you from her. Please if you settle any thing about Miechen, have it written to Senator Witte or Sturmer, as it concerns the supreme Council & I feel she intends making a mess in going to you behind my back a revenge wh. is ugly.

I had just Professor Rein & a long talk I have told him to ask Sturmer to receive him, to explain all, because really his work ought to be begun as you said, & Alek said you said all was to put off. Would you let him come to you some day, as when you are here you have yet less time. Pouring cats & dogs. Such warm thanks for sweetest letter. How charming the photos are, I have kept one. Goodbye, my Angel Love, God bless you.
I love & kiss you without end.
Yr. very, very Own.

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Re: Whereabouts on 3 June 1916
« Reply #3 on: June 25, 2011, 12:45:31 PM »
For interests sake, here are the letters sent on earlier dates (should the old/new style calendars have been confused)

No. 261.
Tsarskoje Selo, May 19-th 19 16
My own Beloved,
Ever such tender thanks for yr. dear sweet words on the card. Bless you, my Treasure. I miss you 2 quite awfully, therefore am glad to be in our hospital instead of at home. Well, yesterday Vespers in the hospital itself 1/2 an hour, & then sat & talked with all. Spent the evening quietly working.
This morning 9 1/2 to the hospital Church & then to our wounded. Korangozov turned up, Anushevitch, Yedigarov last moment, so have invited him to dinner leaves to-morrow & came only so as to see us, such a dear we were all shy & silent, meeting after 15 months, here it will be better. After luncheon went to Te Deum & cup of chocolate to my lancers' hospital. All the ladies were there, Baranov, Trubnikov & one or 2 old ones, but not one active one, all are in the regiment.
Then to Lianosov hospital to see Silaiev; have told him by your order to go to Sebastopol for a cure at the Rom. Institute, 2-3 weeks; he wanted to return to the regiment, wh. I told him, was absolute folly so by yr. order he will go in a few days.
Its quite essential I find 1 of frost in the night sunny & cold small oakleaves, lilacs not thinking of coming out.
Must quickly send this off, else the man wont catch the train.
Blessings & tenderest kisses, sweet Angel,
fr. yr. very own little Wify.

Tenderly I clasp you to my breast with endless love.

No. 262.
Tsarskoje Selo, May 20 19 16
My own Beloved,
Ever such tender thanks for yr. dear card I received upon my return from the hospital. I do wish it wld. get really warm at the Headquarters to-day its better.
I have a long report with Rostovtzev & then Shvedov, so fear I shall again not have time to go out. I placed a candle for you my Sweetheart at Znamenia, Yedlgarov was very dear, kept him for 2 hours & he told us a lot of interesting things. Dear me, how difficult & hard it is for them in that terrible heat, & the wretched horses suffer awfully & never any rest.
We bid him goodbye this morning at the hospital, Raftopolo & Shah Bagov also were there; I photographed them all. I send you 3 photos.
I took in April when you were here. Its so nice being with them all & I feel the loneliness less than here in my rooms.
Botkin was an hour with me & has still not yet finished all about Livadia & Yalta hospitals, to-morrow morning he will continue his report.
Irina lunched with us.
How do you spend your evenings ? Always reading, poor wee One ? But Tiny must be a consolation & bring life into your solitude, I am sure.
Happily I keep alright, so can get about more, this fresh weather keeps me up. Sweetest of Sweets, dearly beloved One, I cover you with tender, burning kisses.
od bless & protect you & help you in all your undertakings.
Ever yr. very

The girlies all kiss you very fondly; they have gone out driving with
Irina. Bow to Igor fr. me; speak to him about his sister Tatiana.

No. 263.
Tsarskoje Selo, May 21-st 1916
Sweetheart beloved,
I cover you with kisses & thank endlessly for precious letter. Yes, Lovy, its true what you say when apart one doubly realises that one has not sufficiently appreciated the many marks of love, wh. one has taken as natural & usual. Now every caress is a double treat & terribly longed for when not to be had.
I send you & Baby each a pansy.
Dear, can you give the enclosed paper over to Frederiksy poor Mlle Petersen has really nothing to live upon her old Aunt left her 50.000 that means 2000 a year for lodging, food & clothes if she could have got 2000 yearly fr. you, Katia Ozerov says it
would be a Godsend.
Can you have it done as an exception they did behave too badly sending her off without a penny & nowhere to live life so expensive now.
What is the news about the English naval battle awfully anxious to know whether Georgi was out too on the New Zealand & wh. English ships were sunk.
Maries & Babys trains have been sent for to Pskov. Olga says she has much work now, many wounded again.
Sorry, you have again such a lot to do.
Were in hospital operation.
Zizi lunched, now Mekk comes with report; so must end.
Blessings & very tenderest kisses, sweet Angel, fr. yr. very, very.

No. 264.
Tsarskoje Selo, May 22-d. 1916
My own Sweetheart,
From all my loving heart I send you thanks for yr. beloved letter   how I love all you write! Me too longs for Huzy's fond caresses and soft, warm kisses !
Its warm, grey and trying to rain. We were in Church, then Isa and Nastinka lunched. After my letter we go to the big palace and at 2 to the Cross Procession i. e. to the Te Deum; one has brought the miraculous Image of St. Nicolas fr. Kolpino. Yesterday we spent the evening cosily in the hospital. The big girls cleaned instruments with the help of Shah Bagov and Raftopolo, the little ones chattered till 10. I sat working and later made puzzles alltogether forgot the time and sat till 12, the Pss. G. also busy
with puzzle. Its more cosy than at home now. I am sorry to bother you again with a letter fr. Mme Sukhomlinova. The other paper is fr. one of the wounded who returns to the war, but is anxious to know about his decoration.
Silaiev leaves to-day. We took chocolate with them yesterday his brother and wife (hideous) too, Shah Bagov and Raftopolo too. Shuvaiev comes after Betsy Sh,
Always heaps to do.
Heart bleeds to think of all the losses at sea all those lives done for
oh such a tragedy!
Now must end. Goodbye, my one and all.
Blessing and kisses without end, Nicky mine fr. yr. very, very own

One says Kitchener comes the 28-th here or to the Headquarters.

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Re: Whereabouts on 3 June 1916
« Reply #4 on: June 26, 2011, 12:30:16 PM »
But, no mention of a meeting with General Brusilov.....