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Did Victoria ever find out about her illegitimate half-sister? What happend to her half-sister?


--- Quote --- I wish there would be a book that compiled all the correspondence between the Hesses and the Queen - many extracts of letters from dear Ella and Victoria are in "Grand Duchess Elizabeth" by Hugo Mager, and "Louis and Victoria" by Richard Hough - as well as those from dear Alix in a Lifelong Passion, and the letters from the Queen herself.
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Dear Elisa,

There is another wonderful book : "Advice to a Grand-Daughter : Letters from Queen Victoria to Princess Victoria of Hesse", edited by Richard Hough. I warmly recommend it !


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Do you mean Princess Feodora of Leiningen, Countess of Hohenlohe Langenburg?
She and her brother Karl were the children from the first marriage of Queen Victoria's mother, Viktoria of Kent.
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No, I don't mean Feodora.

Victoria's father had an illegitimate child in 1789 with an actress, Adelaide Dubus.

All the Hesse children seem to have been close not only to Victoria but also to various aunts & uncles. Ernst wrote of his Aunt Louise that she was one of the most beautiful creatures he'd ever seen, even into old age. Victoria lived with some of her older aunts in the Aunt Heap at Kensington Palace after she was widowed, I believe. Ella wrote lovely letters to her dear Grandmama, though not as many as Victoria. Leopold visited a great deal and was a great favorite (see Charlotte Zeepvat's bio of him) and his death cast a bit of a pall over Victoria's wedding. All the children were devastated. Beatrice spent a lot of time with them (Victoria even toying with trying to change British law to perhaps allow Beatrice to marry her widowed brother-in-law) and of course achieved a closer relation with Victoria as sister-in-law. The Edinburgh's were very fond of Louis Battenberg as her served with Alfred, but I don't know how the Hessians saw them, especially when Ernest & Victoria Melita's marriage began to fail. While Vicky was very close to Alix and Irene would marry her son Henry, she could often be quite tart when referring to some of them, especially when Ella spurned William's advances. They did visit Berlin a good deal though before Alice's death. I can't really think of anything with Helena or Arthur.

Can anyone tell me third and fourth words of Victoria's handwriting? I  understand other words after much huh  ??? but two words defeat me !!!!



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