Author Topic: Books about Fighting on the Russian (or Eastern) Front  (Read 2237 times)

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Books about Fighting on the Russian (or Eastern) Front
« on: March 20, 2012, 07:27:35 PM »
The following are a list of books that deal with the fighting on the Russian front and the Russian war effort during WW I:
The Eastern Front Norman Stone one of the best modern books on the subject. A little technical for some people and not everyone likes it but, it gives you the real story.
The World Crises Volume 6 by Winston Churchill a 1930s account of the Russian front. Somewhat dated but it reads well Volume 5 covers the Russian civil war
The Russian Army in WW I Ward Rutherford a "history light" book compared to Stones "history heavy"
Carpathian disaster Geoffery Jukes a short account of the fighting
Blood on the Snow the Carpathian winter War of 1915' graydon A turnstall a account of of Austrian efforts to relief the fortress of Przemysel in early 1915. It could have been written better. This is mainly from the Austrian side. they tried and failed to breakthrough the Russians and took heavy casualties in the process.
A whole Empire Walking Refugees in Russia During WW I Peter Gatrell a fine account of Russian refuges during WW I. If you like TN The Tatania Committee for the relief of War Victims is quite active in this book.
Russias First World War a Social and Economic History Peter Gatrell a fine account of the Russian war effort during WW I and whats going on behind the lines
POWs and the great War captivity on the Eastern front Alan Rachaminov a fine fairly modern account of the Central powers POWs taken prisoner by the Russians
Among Prisoners of War in Russia and Siberia Elsa Brandstorm a older account dealing with central powers prisoners in Russian during WW I by the woman who worked with the red cross to take care of them
The Tsars British squadron Brian perret deals with a British armoured car squadron that fought in Russia during WW I
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Re: Russian Front Books
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2012, 09:01:41 PM »
A Soldiers Notebook 1914-1918 Alekesi a Bruilov the memiors of one of Russia's most successfull generals of the war.
Tannenberg clash of Empires Dennis showalter a good modern account of this critical WW I battle
warland on the eastern Front vejas g livlevicius a fine account of german occupation policies in the East
Biographical Dictionary of WW I Holger h Herwig & Neil M heyman bios of the leading figures of WW I
Tide at Sunrise Denis and Peggy Warner a fine book on the Russo-japanese War which is somewhat O/T

books that i understand are good but I haven't read
The Brusilov offensive Tim Dowling  an account of the most successfull Russian offensive of the war
Breakthrough The Glorice-Tarnow campaign 1915 Richard L Dinardo The 1915 Central powers offensive that drove the Russian army out of Poland
The Romanian Battlefront in WW I Glenn e Torrey on the fighting in Rumania during WW I
osprey publishing has a number of books that deal with the armies,battles ect of WW I and other wars that are short but usefull

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Re: Books about Fighting on the Russian (or Eastern) Front
« Reply #2 on: April 05, 2012, 08:17:36 PM »
I have since read "Breakthrough the Glorice tarnow Campaign 1915 It was good but needs better maps, could have been longer and a little more on the russian side.
The End Of Chivalry Alexis Wrangel Russian cavalry in action in WW I. i glance through this will read it one day note; 2 chapters deals with the 9th HRH Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria's Bug Lancer Regiment (Yes regiment had the man who's assassination started WW I as its honorary Colonel) This unit was brigaded with the 9th kazan Dragoons Maria Ns regiment
WW I Chick lit so to speak:
They fought for the Motherland Russian Soldiers in WW I and the Revolution Laurie Stoff
With the Armies of the Tsar Florence Farnborough British nurse in the russian army in WW I
Women in the First World War Susan R Grayzel
French Women of the First World War Margaret h Darrow
Into the breach: American Women Overseas in WW I Dorothy Scheider

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Re: Books about Fighting on the Russian (or Eastern) Front
« Reply #3 on: April 06, 2012, 06:26:31 AM »
The Russian Origins of the First World War by Sean McMeekin (The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press 2011). A somewhat heavy handed effort principally dealing with policy matters with a decidely anti-Russian slant (Sazonov and Krivoshein portrayed as unprincipled bad guys who, because of the age old Russian desire to control the Dardenelles, precipitated the War by secretly mobilizing Russian troops early). However, there is an interesting discussion of the Russo-Turkish Front and the Russian efforts in North Persia, which is rarely discussed much less analysed. McMeekin has taught in a Turkish University and is sympathetic to the "Sick Man of Europe".  An interesting and different take on the accepted wisdom of the origins of WWI with some relevance to modern times given the results of the Sykes-Picot Agreement partitioning the Ottoman Empire.

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