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Alexandra's Song by bluetoria (Ms Christina Croft)
« on: January 14, 2005, 05:19:43 PM »
Since Aligertz had the courage to put her poem on the site, (Olga thread) may I be brave enough - having just returned from the pub! - to write a few lines which I imagine Alix singing to Alexei when he is ill...and then to Nicky when he returns to the A.P. after his abdication. (It was part of a musical which I co-wrote called 'Tsaritsa' but nothing came of it!):

To Alexei:
Close your eyes and let me paint a picture,
A landscape of a season long ago,
Starlit skies, the trees aglow with winter,
St. Petersburg beneath a veil of snow.
From high cathedral spires the bells are ringing,
Sounding through the country near and far,
A thousand voice eloquently singing,
Echoing their prayer, 'God bless the Tsar...God bless the Tsar..."

To Nicky:
Close your eyes & let me paint a picture,
A moment that we shared in years gone by,
An April dawn, the breaking of the winter,
A gentle rain falls from the Coburg sky.
With all my heart I promised my tomorrows,
The day I pledged my word to be your wife,
To share with you your happiness & sorrows,
And with all my soul I gave my are my life etc.

Close your eyes and let me soothe the sadness,
The pain that brings your gentle eyes to tears.
Love prevails, in spite of all this madness,
The love that we have shared through all these years.
And though the battles rage and hope is dying,
Remember who you were & who you are,
Listen close, you'll hear my spirit sighing,
In a fervent prayer, 'God bless the Tsar...You're still the Tsar..."

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