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Re: New Nicholas & Alexandra Video - Mini Series? Part II
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October, 1902 - Tsarskoe Selo

We shift our attention to what begins as a casual meeting between Nicholas, Minister Vyacheslav von Plehve and Grand Duke Konstantine Konstantinovich. Then men are talking about affairs of the state and general life in Russia. The mood is light and they discuss over tea and cigarettes...

Nicholas: Plehve I appreciate your candor. Its obvious that there are a great many things needing to be addressed in Moscow. I feel that I dont visit enough, although in these difficult times my energies are usually required elsewhere.
Plehve: Most certainly your majesty.
Nicholas (smiling): And what of our cultural scene here in Russia KR. Everyone knows that there isn't a single Russian alive who knows the arts the way that you do.
KR: Yes well as you know we all have our calling your majesty. I suppose I was better suited a poet than a soldier.
Nicholas: Speaking of which did I hear correct that you've been corresponding with Tolstoy...Id like to know what sort of man he is.
KR: A very complicated one, but certainly brilliant.
Plehve (while sipping his tea): And controversial too.
Nicholas (amused): Yes, a queer fellow Im sure. Did you gentleman know that the Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich would not allow his wife Ella to read "Anna Karenina"?
Plehve (smiling): Oh my!
KR (chuckling): Precautionary measure only. But thats Grand Duke Serge for you. I shouldn't dare tell him that the novel is now 25 years old and has been read by most every literate person in Russia and beyond.
Nicholas: Yes I would imagine Serge might take offense to you, or anyone, questioning his judgement.
Plehve: I suppose congratulations are in store Grand Duke Konstantine. I hear your translation of "Hamlet" into Russian is complete.
Nicholas: Hear hear!
KR: Thank you gentlemen. Shakespeare ought to be available to all Russians. Not just the multi-lingual among us.
Nicholas: What does Tolstoy think of your writings?
KR: Surprisingly your majesty he's not a fan of Shakespeare
Plehve: I wasnt aware there was such a person.
KR: Yes indeed, he finds the playwright's works to be tedious bordering on repulsive, and that he's not a true dramatist at all.
Nicholas: Well I don't think ill be asking for his opinions on the affairs of state anytime soon then.

All three men share in a hearty laugh followed by a quiet pause. The mood of the discussion is about to change...

KR: Your majesty I hate put a damper on such a lovely conversation but there is something rather unsettling that I must mention.
Nicholas: Go on.
KR: You'll be hearing the official report from others shortly...but it seems the Grand Duke Pavel is convinced to marry the commoner he's been seeing for quite some time.
Nicholas: The divorcee?
Plehve: Yes your majesty her name is Olga Pistohlkors. They are to be married in Livorno in Italy.
Nicholas (pausing, then getting up to pace agitatedly around the room): This is an absolute outrage. Who does the Grand Duke think he is?
KR: Yes your majesty.
Nicholas: Dammit I spoke with Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich just recently and he assured me no such thing would take place!
Plehve: Pavel had given the Grand Duke his word your majesty but he went back on it.
Nicholas (pausing and staring out a window): Thank you Plehve...I dont mean to be rude but could you excuse myself and the Grand Duke for a moment?
Plehve: Of course your majesty
Nicholas: Also, the Dowager Empress is just down the hallway. She's visiting with the Empress and our children. Please inform the sentry outside that I must speak with my mother and to summon her here.
Plehve: Most certainly. Thank you your majesty.

Plehve leaves and we cut quickly to a few minutes later. Mother Marie Feoderovna has entered the room and stands across the desk of her incredulous looking son. KR stands behind her a few feet away. Nicholas's growing embarrassment by the behavior of his relatives and their significant others is boiling over into anger...

Marie: Seems that there has been a rash of ill behavior recently in the House of Romanov.
Nicholas: What do they think of me? Am I joke to them KR? Explain to me how such behavior could have ever been permitted while my father was still alive?
KR: Your majesty there is great respect for you among all members of your family and at the court...
Marie (interrupting): Nicky this is not a personal attack. This is a generation of spoilt and ill behaved men doing what they please, and what they would have done under any Emperor.
Nicholas: Well it's unacceptable. The closer the relative who refuses to submit to our family rules, the more severe his punishment should be. Dont you agree Mama?
Marie: I do. But what is it that you have in mind for Pavel and this wife of his?
Nicholas: The moment their marriage becomes official is the moment I will act. The statutes of the imperial family say that morganatic marriages are forbidden and that no marriage contracted without permission is considered real.
Marie: It has been over a decade since the death of the Princess Alexandra. Still I can hear her rolling in her grave...but Nicky there are the children to think about as well.
KR: Your majesties if I may...should you be looking to punish the couple with an act of exile I have in mind two willing foster parents.
Marie: Who do you speak of?
KR: Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich and the Grand Duchess Elisabeth your majesty.
Marie (surprised): You've spoken with them?
KR: Well not exactly about this but in my conversations with Serge its clear that he longs for children. And under the given circumstances Im quite certain that they would both be willing to act in the service and need of their family.
Nicholas: So be it. Alexandra and I will discuss the situation with Serge and Ella in private.
Marie: You have made up your mind then about a suitable punishment for Paul?
Nicholas: They must be taught a lesson and made example of. Otherwise what guarantee is there that Kirill won't do the same thing tomorrow, or that Boris or Sergei Mikhailovich wont do it a day after that? A whole colony of the imperial family will be living in Paris with their semi-legal or illegal wives.
Marie: Dmitri Pavlovich and Maria Pavlovna will no doubt be heartbroken over the departure of their father.
Nicholas: They are old enough to understand and I'll see to it that they do realize and learn from such behavior.
KR: Yes your majesties they will be upset at first like any children would...but they will also be placed in good hands.

Scene fades out...
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Re: New Nicholas & Alexandra Video - Mini Series? Part II
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Another great scene.  In fact, I remember reading about this conversation in Greg King's book, The Court Of The Last Tsar.

However, I have to put on my Nitpicker's hat again and direct your attention to the line below:

Nicholas: Plehve I appreciate your candor. Its obvious that there are a great many things needing to be addressed in Moscow

You got the wrong city.  St. Petersburg was the capital then (Moscow became the capital when Lenin moved it there in 1918).
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Re: New Nicholas & Alexandra Video - Mini Series? Part II
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My nit-picking hat goes on as well.

I think Plehve would address KR as your Imperial Highness, and Nicholas would call him Kostia, not KR, though he might use Konstantin Konstantinovich in the presence of a commoner.

But I did like all this.


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Re: New Nicholas & Alexandra Video - Mini Series? Part II
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Another nitpicking point. I don't think Nicholas would use a sentry to communicate with his mother. I imagine he would be able to ring for an ADC to come to his study, and he would then say something like, ', Ah, Ivan Ivanovich, could you ask Her Imperial Majesty the Dowager Empress if she could spare me a few moments.'


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Re: New Nicholas & Alexandra Video - Mini Series? Part II
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Great story. I'm excited about what's coming next.

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Re: New Nicholas & Alexandra Video - Mini Series? Part II
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Terrific writing dubs and Ann I would call your comments " enrichment"  rather than nitpicking. You never subtract without adding

I can see  Sergei saying the children have practically  been brought up by himself and Ella since thier mother's death already
Lol I can see  Sergei  demanding them! lol 

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Re: New Nicholas & Alexandra Video - Mini Series? Part II
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Much appreciated gang! I'll try to respond to each comment quickly...

Tim) Yes actually that was intentional when I said 'Moscow'. I thought I would change things up a bit since talking about St. Petersburg while in St. Petersburg sounds less interesting. Plehve was Minister of the Interior so his purview would include all of Russia even if his primary residency, and death, were in St. Petersburg. He did graduate from the University of Moscow as well.

Also, funny you mention "Court of the Last Tsar" which I have never read. There has been quite a lot of reading recently and it has been difficult to keep track of all the references and linked sources online. There are so many great books out there but obviously there is a lot of overlap between many of them.

Kalafrana) "Kostia" eh? Interesting...I didn't think of this. Let me ask you however...given the situation in which they were discussing things would Nicholas have been more likely to dispose of formalities when considering Plehve would more or less being taking in here as a friend/advisor. It started off as a very casual conversation...mostly lighthearted between puffs of cigarettes and sips of tea. Was there ever a time Nicholas did away with formalities? I ask this in part because I certainly thought about it too. Part of the reason why I had Nicholas ask Plehve to exit the room and summon the Dowager Empress was because the heated conversation, about family, seemed like a private affair.

I like your edit on the Sentry-ADC discrepancy. My use of "sentry" is just sort of a random "guy in the hallway doing something he is told" kind of person, But yes I ought to be more specific since this is the second time you've had to correct me on that topic.

Stardust) Thanks for your encouragement!

BlessOTMA) Yes "enrichment" indeed. I never looked at this thing as my project by something created by the AP group. Obviously I'm the one taking the lead here but I think that's the case with many projects. You just need a consistent motivator and others will do their part! I'm happy to accept any and all constructive criticism...the more the merrier :-)

Also I have to look more into Serge's enthusiasm with regards to Dmitri and Maria the Younger. Don't know much of that background or why Ella was more reluctant than he. I would have assumed the opposite. Given Sergei's homosexuality I would have thought she longed for children that has wasn't apt to produce.

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Re: New Nicholas & Alexandra Video - Mini Series? Part II
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For future reference, you should think of sentries as being on guard duty outside the palace, and penetrating no further than the guardroom. I would assume that the interior of the palace was strictly officer territory. ADCs would frequently eat with the family, particularly with Nicholas, and could be summoned from the ADCs' room (think comfortable den with newspapers and magazines, plus samovar) by ringing a bell.

Hope that helps


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Re: New Nicholas & Alexandra Video - Mini Series? Part II
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On a related point, I think we need to think in terms of degrees of formality. I would guess that Nicholas was only completely informal with members of his family, and when there was no one else there.

Years ago, when I was in the University Officer Training Corps, one of the first things we were taught was not to use first names on duty. It was 'Mr X' or 'Miss Y', especially in front of other ranks. So I'm assuming that even in informal discussions with non-family members, Nicholas would do something similar.

Also remember that use of given name alone is much more intimate in Russian than in English. Nice example in the last few days from the obituary of a gentleman who for many years acted as a Foreign Office interpreter between British and Russian politicians. When Kosygin visited Britain in the 1960s he was apparently not at all pleased when the then Prime Minister Harold Wilson tried calling him Alexei!


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Re: New Nicholas & Alexandra Video - Mini Series? Part II
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 I have to say I think Sergei would be thrilled to have  guardianship of Paul's children. He would not let that chance go by. He loved them from the start, even brought  Dimitry to back to life just after his birth! Then he went on to treat them like Ella, and all things he loved,  be in total  control of  all aspects of thier life. I'm not sure Ella even wanted children...even if she did, her input would not be asked for in the case of Paul's. All Sergei required from her was simple and complete obedience. Not a situation to inspire warm emotions. And as  Marie the younger tells us , there were none...until she was older and tellingly, after Sergei 's assassination and his dominance was removed. Ella was  angry with Paul over the marriage. It could have been  because his  children  then came fully  into her life...lord knows  And  if Ella  did want children, but Sergei  could not  do his part, it would be hard to see him then lavish loving attention on someone else's children.  So any number of things could influence the situation. 

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Re: New Nicholas & Alexandra Video - Mini Series? Part II
« Reply #25 on: August 23, 2012, 12:19:29 PM »
Yeah it all sounds rather complicated. Not something I will likely be getting into with much depth considering how much else there is to cover...but certainly interesting. Thanks BlessOTMA!
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Re: New Nicholas & Alexandra Video - Mini Series? Part II
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I thought I would unpick the nit re "great many things needing to be addressed in Moscow." I thought the reference to Moscow was fine there,  since , beyond edubs' reasons, the subjects of Tolstoy and GD Serge Alexandrovich were soon to come up, and they both had some connection to Moscow, most especially Serge of course.
Rodney G.

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Re: New Nicholas & Alexandra Video - Mini Series? Part II
« Reply #27 on: August 27, 2012, 03:25:16 PM »
OK, quite a long scene here as it is in several different parts. Will probably be quite a bit of editing needed so please feel free to chime in...

November, 1903 - Skierniewice, Poland

Tragedy strikes again. Next scene begins with Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig shown with his lovely daughter the Princess Elisabeth of Hesse riding in carriage from the train station heading towards the Imperial hunting lodge in Skierniewice. They are shown arriving and greeted warmly by Nicholas and Alexandra. 'Uncle Ernie' quickly turns his attention kneeling down and wrapping his arms around his four little nieces while offering up sweet gestures and affectionate words. Moments later the little ones with their cousin Ella are shown running into the palace excitedly while accompanied by nannies who have made the trip with the both royal families. Princess Elisabeth of Hesse is six months older than her cousin Olga Nikolaevna who has just turned eight. Tatiana is 6 1/2, Marie 4 1/2 and young toddler Anastasia, Ella's personal favorite, is now 2 1/2.

We have several quick scenes showing the girls frolicking around with their relatives and nannies; Picnics out in the meadow, walks through the forest trail where Ella holds the hands and helps to guide her littlest cousins Marie and Anastasia, hide and seek is played. We also see Ella rather impressively riding on a white horse she has taken to while her cousins are shown riding and/or feeding their ponies. Meanwhile Nicholas and Ernie get an early start one morning and head out into the forest on a hunt for moose and stag. Walking through the chilly early morning fog the two men begin a brief discussion...

GD Ernest: I hope I don't let you down Nicky...I'm quite excited to be joining you on this hunt. Just hope I might shoot straight.
Nicholas (smiling): Aim and fire Ernie, your adrenaline will take care of the rest...but just make sure the barrel is pointed toward the animal and not me and the others.
GD Ernest (giggling): An excellent way to spend the day and I am grateful that you and Alix have invited us to Poland.
Nicholas: Of course, don't mention it. In a perfect world we'd be seeing each other every couple of months.
GD Ernest: Indeed!
Nicholas: How are Prince Andre and Princess Alice getting on since the wedding?
GD Ernest: Quite famously from what I gather. They are such a young couple but so very full of life.
Nicholas: I was struck by how beautiful the Princess has become. Very much a woman at such a tender age.
GD Ernest: Yes, eighteen, hard to believe. Seems like yesterday she was a little girl struggling with her hearing issues. Now married to a handsome young prince and ready to start a family of her own.

A couple of members of the hunting party then draw Nicholas and Ernie's attention. Whispering from ahead...

Hunter #1: Your majesty it appears there is a gathering up ahead in the clearing that we are approaching.
Hunter #2 (excitedly): Three bull moose among them, maybe four!
Nicholas: Ah, well here we go Ernie! Time to focus now.

The two men move ahead quickly and quietly as the scene cuts away.

Later on in the evening we are shown several killed moose carcases piled up along side of the lodge and we catch up with the adults inside. Dinner has ended and the men and women are mingling over drinks and lively conversation. Meanwhile the children are being put to bed. Head nanny of the Imperial Family Margaretta Eagar is shown tucking in the children having already been given goodnight kisses from their mother and father. In a separate room Miss Wilson, personal nanny to Princess Ella, is showing her to bed. The exhausted child doses off quickly and we see the woman giving her a kiss on the cheek followed by the words, "sweet dreams my darling baby".

The next morning we are shown a quick exchange between Miss Wilson and Mrs. Eagar...

Miss Wilson: The princess has a sore throat.
Mrs. Eagar: Oh dear, is she alright?
Miss Wilson: She didn't want to get out of bed which is very much unlike her.
Mrs. Eagar: Might I fetch the doctor and check in on her with you?
Miss Wilson: Please do.

The doctor is then shown taking Ella's temperature. By now her father Ernie and the Imperial Couple have entered the room to be by her side...

Doctor: Well your majesties it registers normal. The change in food when one travels often causes some symptoms. It's likely that something has disagreed with her, but she's a healthy child and I wouldn't be the least bit alarmed.

Ernie is shown by his daughter's side cheering her up. The others mill about the room and Nicholas & Alexandra take the doctor and the two aforementioned nannies aside...

Doctor: I understand you have plans today your majesties?
Alexandra: We were supposed to head to the theater this evening. But the child's ill condition has me worried.
Doctor: Oh your majesty I really can assure you that there is little chance of this being anything more than a mild illness. I shouldn't think you'd be compelled to change your plans for the day.
Alexandra: Very well, thank you doctor. Mrs. Eager please see to it that my little ones are occupied with plenty of activities. I don't want them bothering the little one or contracting what she has.
Mrs. Eager: Of course your majesty.
Nicholas: Thank you ladies, we will be in reach at all times.

The scene cuts away from the bedroom and we pick things back up a few hours later where Mrs. Eagar has just come back for a ride with OTMA. She immediately checks in with Ms. Wilson...

Ms. Wilson: Welcome back madame.
Mrs. Eagar: Oh thank you...I was hoping just to check in on the status of the princess.
Ms. Wilson: Oh! my baby is ever so much better, she has had no return of the sickness for a couple of hours and is sleeping quietly.

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Re: New Nicholas & Alexandra Video - Mini Series? Part II
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Miss Wilson reenters the room where Ella is sleeping and Mrs. Eagar turns to walk back down the hall and into the room where her charges are playing. She notices the court doctor having just left from a conversation in an adjacent room. He spots the nanny and greets her with a grave look on his face...

Doctor: Hello madame.
Mrs. Eagar (smiling): Oh hello doctor. I must thank and congratulate you for the improvement in the little princess's condition.
Doctor: Improvement?
Mrs. Eagar: Well yes of course. Miss Wilson and I just spoke...I understand her temperature spiked but has gone back down and she's now sleeping quietly.
Doctor: I'm sorry but looks can be deceiving...this child is dying from failure of the heart.
Mrs. Eagar (staggered): I don't...I don't understand. What do you mean? She must be fine, it was only a sore throat and a fever. Active children like this get rundown quickly and recover quite rapidly.
Doctor: This is often the case.
Mrs. Eagar: You said so yourself earlier that this was nothing to be alarmed by!
Doctor: I'm sorry to say that I was wrong. A sore throat and fever are not alarming by themselves but this little one's heart has been failing from hour to hour.
Mrs. Eagar: Oh my God! There must be something that can be done...?
Doctor: I'm working on it. I must get back to the child now.
Mrs. Eagar: I'll go and tell the Grand Duke and Empress.
Doctor: Madame...tell them gently.

Mrs. Eagar races down the hallway in a panic. We are then shown her accompanied by Alexandra and Ernie who burst in through the bedroom doors into the child's bedroom. The doctor who was sitting idly by Ella's side quickly confronts her alarmed father...

Doctor: Your majesties.
GD Ernie: What this I'm hearing. Mrs. Eagar tells me that Ella's illness has grown more serious.
Doctor: It is true. I'm not certain what it is that we are looking at just yet. The sore throat has disappeared but the fever has returned.
Alexandra: So the child is sick. This is nothing bed rest, time and medicine cannot cure?
Doctor: Possibly your majesty, but the danger is from the heart. Her beats are barely perceptible.

Ernie goes over to check the pulse of his still sleeping child...

GD Ernie: It feels fine to me.

Alexandra goes over and does the same...

Alexandra (smiling): Doctor I appreciate you erring on the side of caution but is all of this alarm really necessary?
Doctor: It comes and goes your majesties. Very difficult to tell what is wrong. With your permission I would like to send to Warsaw for a second opinion.
Alexandra (turning to her brother): Ernie?
GD Ernie: I can't imagine this being anything more than a touch of the flu. I know my daughter and this is not the first time she's been ill you know.
Doctor: I understand your majesty, but just to be safe I would like another doctor's opinion.
GD Ernie: Very well...I certainly won't leave anything to chance when it comes to my daughter's health.
Doctor: Thank you both. You will be in town tonight at a play I understand?
Alexandra: Yes, please send telegrams informing us of the child's condition and if there is any change for the better or worse, won't you doctor?
Doctor: Of course your majesties. Please try to enjoy yourselves this evening. The princess is in good hands here.

Alexandra again calls over Mrs. Eagar and Miss Wilson...

Alexandra: We must be leaving shortly. Nicholas is finishing up with a meeting. You understand what I told the doctor about keep us informed?
Nanny's (together): Yes your majesty.
Alexandra: Please don't worry ladies. Princess Ella is a perfectly healthy child. I imagine by morning we'll see much improvement in her condition. If not, then and only then should we begin to worry.

Ernie is shown kissing his daughter on the forehead and wishing her a good night sleep as the couple exits the room. We cut quickly to another scene showing the Tsar, Empress and Ernie, having arrived home from their evening at the theater, looking in on Elisabeth. She appears weak but was in good spirits as she spoke brightly to her father, aunt and uncle…

Elisabeth: I’m just tired and don’t feel very well.
GD Ernest: Well darling it sounds to me like you need just one more night of good rest and then all will be better.
Alexandra: Yes the girls were telling me how much they’ve missed their big cousin the last two days. I know how much they’re looking forward to another picnic and game of hide & seek in the wood.
Elisabeth: Auntie Alix and uncle Nicky do you think you could come to Hesse for a visit soon too? I really want to show little Anastasie my doll collection and I have a special one picked out just for her!
Nicholas: That would be delightful darling, we’ll see to it…but for now I order you as the Tsar of all the Russias to get some sleep and be well rested for playtime in the morning!
Elisabeth (giggling): Yes uncle Nicky.
GD Ernest (showering her with kisses): Goodnight my little angel.
Elisabeth: Goodnight papa, goodnight everybody!

We cut quickly to each of the nanny’s as their majesties have now exited Ella’s bedroom. They are folding clothes and blankets while speaking to one another…

Miss Wilson: Lord I am exhausted.
Mrs. Eagar: You have been tending to the little one around the clock, no wonder. Don’t you think it’s time you get some rest?
Miss Wilson: I don’t want to leave her. I think the doctor was exaggerating her condition earlier but I’m sill concerned. Ever since her parents divorced this little one has been like a child to me.
Mrs. Eagar: You’re no good to a sick little girl if you yourself are unable to stand…let me stay the night with her. I’m going to do some reading for a couple of hours and then I imagine I’ll pass out in the chair over there (points across the room).
Miss Wilson: I wouldn’t want to impose upon you Margaretta. After all you have your own little charges to tend to, I have just this one.
Mrs. Eagar: Oh think nothing of it. It’s really not a burden. Perhaps tomorrow you can watch over my charges for a little while and I’ll then catch up on some sleep then.
Miss Wilson: Certainly madame, and thank you. You are most kind.
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Re: New Nicholas & Alexandra Video - Mini Series? Part II
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The two nanny’s part ways and Mrs. Eagar sits down aside the sleeping Ella. We flash forward several minutes hearing nothing but the ticking of the clock before suddenly from across the hallway a pair of screams starts up. Eagar quickly puts her book down and races over to the bedroom of Anastasia and Marie. The two young children are standing on their beds and terribly alarmed...

Mrs. Eagar: My goodness! What on earth is wrong?
Marie (through sobs): A bad man just came into the room!
Mrs. Eagar: Who was this man?
Marie: I don’t know!
Mrs. Eagar: Did he come in the door and then leave?
Marie: Yes he went to Ella’s room.
Anastasia: Bad man!
Mrs. Eagar: Oh my dears. I think you just saw the good servant man who helps princess Ella. Or maybe you saw a shadow?
Marie: No!
Mrs. Eagar: OK let me see now.

Eagar walks up and adjusts the position of the light that she believes could have been responsible for creating a humanlike shadow that scared the children...

Mrs. Eagar: See girls, when I move the light you can see all kinds of shadows. Some of them look a little scary. Marie are you and Anastasia sure what you saw was real?
Anastasia (pointing over toward the curtain): He’s there!

Eagar picks up Anastasia in her one arms while holding a candle in the other and walks over to he curtain…

Mrs. Eagar: See little one, there is no man over here. Everything is OK now.

Hearing the commotion the court doctor enters the room and sits down next to Marie in an attempt to sooth the child. Anastasia still weeping with fright buries her head in the nanny’s neck and asks to be held, refusing to return to bed. The doctor is unable to calm down Marie but lights a candle to place on a table next to her bed before leaving the room. Mrs. Eagar then attempts to console her once more...

Mrs. Eagar: A strange doctor has come to help Doctor H. to make Ella quite well. Maybe he came to your door by mistake, or you might have heard him speak. But there is no one in the room now.
Marie: No he was not a doctor. He didn’t speak. He’s an awful man!

Just then Marie jumps up and Anastasia turns her attention to something across the room…

Marie: Oh no! He’s gone into cousin Ella’s room!
Anastasia: Oh, poor cousin Ella! Poor princess Elisabeth!
Mrs. Eagar: My goodness girls, I don’t see anything…who is there?

Both girls turned their heads away and fortunately Anastasia falls asleep shortly thereafter. Marie on the other hand grips her nanny tightly and continues to tremble in her arms before she took finally succumbs to exhaustion and sleeps quietly. A few hours later Eagar returns to Ella’s room who is weary and coming in and out of consciousness. The second doctor explains to the following to the nanny…

Warsaw Doctor: The little child is no better.
Mrs. Eagar: Oh dear.
Warsaw Doctor: She has paralysis of the heart. I’ve given her many injections of caffeine and camphor but to no avail. I fear it’s all just a matter of time.

Mrs. Eagar stares at the doctor, he eyes welling up in tears. Just then Elisabeth sits up and begins shouting “I’m dying, I’m dying…oh God.” Miss Wilson coaxes her to lie down again but not before Ella explains that she must telegram her mama to come, and to do so “immediately.” Racing upstairs Eagar retrieves the Grand Duke and Alexandra who come at once. Ella was slowly slipping away but she had just enough energy to ask that her little cousin “Anastasia” be brought into the room. Ella fixates on her for a few moments before closing her eyes. Anastasia could be heard crying out, “poor cousin Ella…poor princess Elisabeth!”.
Once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right...