Author Topic: Question: What would Alexandra have thought of Adolf Hitler?  (Read 16465 times)

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Re: Question: What would Alexandra have thought of Adolf Hitler?
« Reply #45 on: February 18, 2017, 12:25:55 PM »
You make an interesting point earlier about AF and her sympathy and support of the American Russian-Jew, who returned to fight. Similar accounts of NII exist, and are often referenced as evidence against his anti semitism.

However, many modern thinkers are missing is an important 'element' of anti-semitism prior to WWII, which was that it was a socio-political prejudice of sorts. Individuals and societies as a whole, felt "ill at ease" with large communities of Jews, whether they were rural peasants, or part of the educated bourgeosie, as they felt they were growing in influence, and capital, and threatened the status quo.  A lot of this had to do with Christianity, and the assumption that as Jews, they could not share common interests. So I guess what I mean here is that the key thing was ‘Jewish communities’ and influence. As such, an anti semite, such as AF, could easily make an exception, and recognise a Jew favourably, especially if an individual did not represent any of those supposed threats (aka: they were not political, overtly religious, aka orthodox, and assimilated). To quote the antisemite role model for Hitler. Karl Lueger “I decide who is  Jew”.

A lot of people try to discount the antisemitism of NII and AF, but the evidence is pretty clear, and we must remember that this was very normal (well, not pogroms, they were widely condemned in Western Europe), but prejudice against Jews was very common. I personally assume most figures in Europe held them, but also that they probably had cordial relations, or even friendships, 1:1 with the many Jews that lived throughout Europe. Sadly it was this dynamic that Hitler, using populism, was able to take advantage of.