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Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« on: April 22, 2014, 04:50:21 PM »
We're back!
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2014, 05:07:47 PM »
Anichkov Palace, everyone is sitting down to dinner, when Alexei and Kole arriving, with little Marie.

Anastasia:  Hey, what brings you two by?
Alexei:  We heard Mashka was cooking tonight.  
Kole:  We can't miss one of her meals.
Maria:  That's why I cooked enough for you two as well.
Alexei and Kole join in.  The meal is a success.


Alexei:  I noticed that Sam didn't join us.  Where is she?
Olga:  Where she's been for the past month, holed up in her room.  
Kole:  She's eating, I hope.
Tatiana:  Yes, but she prefers to eat alone.
Anastasia:  She's been like this ever since we got back from that trip into space.
Alexei:  She's okay, I hope.
Tatiana:  Physically, yes, she's fine.  Believe me, I've checked.  We think the problem is more mental.
Maria:  Well, she did have all those amazing powers, and now she doesn't.  Must be quite an adjustment to make.
Kole:  Can I talk to her?
Tatiana:  Sure, you can try.  
Kole:  Right.  Heads upstairs.

Sam in lying on her bed, facing the far wall of her room, when Kole knocks and enters.

Kole:  There you are.
Sam:  I'd rather be alone, Kole.
Kole:  So they've told me.  However, unlike them, I can relate to your situation.  
Sam:  How so?  You never had powers like I did.
Kole:  No, but I know what it's like to be suddenly cut off from your own time.  That I CAN relate to.
Sam:  Kole...
Kole:  No, hear me out.  I've been where you are now, Sam.  Trapped decades before I was even born.  You know what it was like for me.  However, I found some wonderful people who took me in, gave me a home.  I have no regrets, Sam.  I met my wonderful husband here, and now we have our beautiful daughter.  I made a life for myself here, Sam, and there is no reason why you can't do that same.
Sam:  Yeah, but it's strange.  I used to be able to go back to 2011 whenever I wanted to, now I can't.  
Kole:  For good reason.  Since you lost your powers, you would have been vulnerable to your enemies in that time.  Heck they almost killed you, that is why Castiel brought you back here.  I know you must miss your family, Sam, but I'm also sure they're happy that you're safe.
Sam:  So...
Kole:  I'm saying that there are people here that love and care about you, Sam.  Don't shut them out now.  You have some adjusting to do, and they're the ones that can help you, like they helped me.
Sam:  Kole, you've given me something to seriously think about.
Kole:  Good.
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #2 on: April 22, 2014, 05:37:49 PM »
**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

The next day, in the kitchen...

Anastasia: Iím so bored today. I really have to find something to do.
Maria: Like what?
Anastasia: Like another Prank War. Itíll be so much fun.
Maria: You mean with Sam? Under the present circumstances, I don't think that would be appropriate.
Anastasia: Nah. Not with Sam, for the reason you just gave.  
Maria:  Well, who is your victim this time?
Anastasia: HmmmÖ Letís see.
Maria: Or maybe you could check on your children instead?
Anastasia: I just did. And Ivan is taking care of them. So coast is clear for fun. Sees Dmitri M passing in the corridor.  I think I just found the perfect victim.
Maria: No, you mean Dmitri? Tanya will kill you, thatís sure.
Anastasia: Thatís precisely the point, Mashka. So are you going to help me, like in the old times?
Maria: No, sorry. I prefer to stay alive, if you know what I mean. Besides, I have the lunch to prepare, so I canít. This time youíre on your own, Nastya.
Anastasia: Donít tell me youíre afraid of the Governess?
Tatiana: Walks in. Someone said my name?
Anastasia: Did the Goddess say something?
Tatiana: If I were a Goddess, I would not do that. Hits Anastasia on the arm.
Anastasia: hey, that wasnít funny at all.
Tatiana: Oh Iím sorry, I didnít want to hit you so hard, let me examine you.
Anastasia: Laughing so hard. I got you! It didnít hurt a bit.
Tatiana: Hey itís not funny, I was worried about you!
Anastasia: Now you got nothing to worry about, Dr Malama.
Tatiana: Still I want to examine you.
Anastasia: Running from the kitchen. Youíre not going to.  Ever!
Tatiana and Maria look at one another sighing.
Maria: Sheís so making a fuss.
Tatiana: Yeah. Even though years have passed, still the same Imp.

LaterÖThe Imp is spying on Dmitri Malama whoís going to enter in his room. He enters in his room and is going to sit at his desk to surf a little on his computer. ButÖ

Dmitri M. WAAAAAAAAAAH! Whatís the hell is that?
Anastasia: Hidden and smiling. Now you can say you just got punked.
Hearing Dmitri shouting, everyone goes to his room.
Tatiana: Whatís going on, Dmitri?
Dmitri M: Look! My computer, My desk, My chair. Everything is cardboard!
Maria: Thinking. Nice start, Nastya, nice start.
Dmitri M: Angry.  I know exactly who did that.  Iím going to make her pay!
Tatiana: Look, DmitriÖ
Dmitri M: Donít try to stop me.
Tatiana: ListenÖ
Dmitri M: No! I donít want to! Iíll find her right now and IíllÖ
Tatiana: LET ME SPEAK! If youíre going on the war path, then weíll be two.
Dmitri M: stunned. YouíreÖ Youíre going with me?
Tatiana: Yeah, itís time someone teaches a lesson to the Prankster.
Anastasia: Still hidden.  Weíll see about that!  She goes away before someone sees her. At last, a little fun. Everything has been awfully quiet. The palace will be lively the new few days.

Dmitri M and Tatiana are searching everywhere in the Palace.

Dmitri M: Where is she?
Tatiana: I guess she heard us and she went into hiding.
Dmitri M: She doesnít have to worry; we ARE going to find her.
They go outside and suddenly as they walk out the door, a huge pile of snow from the roof falls on them. Theyíre all white and covered with snow from head to foot.  They look at each other : IMP!
Tatiana: ANASTASIA NICOLAIEVNA, You are so going to get it!
Dmitri M: Yeah, youíre so dead.
Anastasia: From the roof. Try to! I dare you.
Dmitri M: Picks up snow from the ground and throws a snowball at her.  Donít say it twice.
Snowball hits Anastasia in the head.
Tatiana: Not laughing anymore, are we?
Anastasia: I havenít said my last word.
Tatiana/Dmitri M: Us neither.
Anastasia just runs away laughing out loud.
Tatiana: Now letís go back to the house before we catch a cold.
As they go inside the house, Tatiana looks at Dmitri, she tries so hard not to laugh.
Dmitri M: What is it?
Tatiana: Bursts out laughing.  You look like a snow man! Even your eyebrows are white, that makes you look so funny.
Dmitri M: Laughing too.   I must say youíre the most beautiful snowwoman Iíve ever met.
Tatiana: And youíre the most dashing Prince of Snow Iíve ever seen.
Dmitri M: Making a very exaggerated curtsey. Iím so glad to hear that.

Anastasia enters in Olgaís room. Olgaís holding little Alice...

Anastasia: Hey Olga! Can you please put down that daughter of yours and go with me. I need your help right now! Itís a case of extreme emergency.
Olga: Itís about that prank war of yours, isnít it? Why donít you go fetch Mashka instead?
Anastasia: She doesnít want to. Afraid of the Governess.
Olga: You shouldnít have targeted Tanyaís DmitriÖ Now she will hang you if she can.
Anastasia: Iím not afraid of the danger! The question is, are you scared of her? I do need a partner more than ever now theyíre both against me.
Olga: Me? Scared of her? Are you kidding? Come on, letís go beat them.  Dmitri, can you hold baby for a few minutes? I need to help Nastya. I will be right back.
Dmitri C-B:  Oh my! Youíre going on the prank war too?
Olga: Yeah, Iím so in on it.
 Dmitri C-B: Right, Iíll take care of Alice while youíll be on the front. He takes Alice in his arms. Come on, baby, letís go see your brother and sister in the playroom.
Olga: OK. Now. Imp, whatís your plan?
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #3 on: April 23, 2014, 11:08:34 AM »
Tsarskoe Selo, Alexander Palace....

Nicholas:  Looks up as Alexandra enters the study.  What's going on?
Alexandra:  I just got off the phone with Anichkov Palace.  Apparently, Anastasia has started another prank war.
Nicholas:  Surely not with Sam, considering her present state.
Alexandra:  No, this time it's with Tatiana and her Dimitri.
Nicholas:  What?
Alexandra:  Yes, and it seems Tatiana can give as good as she gets.
Nicholas:  Smiles.  Even though they're grown women, sometimes their childhood comes through.
Alexandra:  Maybe they're making up for lost time, Nicky.  All the years we sheltered them from the world.
Nicholas:  That could be it.  Slowly gets up.
Alexandra:  Concerned.  Nicky, are you okay?
Nicholas:  I'm fine, Alix, just showing my age.  After all, I'm turning sixty this year.  Hard to believe..
Alexandra:  Hard to believe what?
Nicholas:  That it's been ten years since the war ended and the world changed forever.
Alexandra:  Those changes were good for us, Nicky.
Nicholas:  Yes, that's true here in Russia.  However, we know that other countries aren't so lucky.  Germany is slowly falling into chaos, and look at what's happening in Italy with that Mussolini fellow stirring things up.
Alexandra:  I know, Nicky, but we can't change it, we can only accept and prepare for what's to come.
Nicholas:  Sighs.  Yes, I know.

Anichkov Palace...

Sam emerges from her room.
Maria:  Wow, you're out!
Sam:  Yeah, I am.  Kole was right, it's time for me to stop feeling sorry for myself and start living again.
Maria:  Well, you better be careful.
Sam:  How so?
Maria:  I guess you don't know this yet, but Anastasia started a new Prank War against Tatiana and her Dimitri.
Sam:  Yikes, I'll be sure to keep my head down!

Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Alexei:  Hey, Kole, the next time we go to Anichkov, we better keep our heads down.
Kole:  Why?
Alexei: Because.  Explains about the new Prank War.
Kole:  I'll keep that in mind.  I don't want my hair full of pie again!
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #4 on: April 23, 2014, 04:33:20 PM »
**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Later, dinnertime at Anichkov PalaceÖ

While Anastasia is not looking, Dmitri M puts something on her plate among the salad.  Itís a spice.
She eats her salad while Dmitri M and Tatiana look on, preparing themselves to enjoy the show.

Dmitri M: ImpÖ
Anastasia: Eating the spice. What?
Tatiana: No nothing. Itís just you look to like this food a lot. Whatís its name?
Tatiana:   Iíve just remember its name. Itís called Trinidad Moruga Scorpion. One of the hottest peppers in the world. Do you really believe that?
Ivan K: Gives her a glass of cold water. Here you are, Nastya.
They both rush to the kitchen looking for some more water.
Dmitri M: It was so much fun.
Tatiana: I agree. Revenge is so cool.
They both laugh and so does everyone at the table, except Olga whoís looking at them smirking.
Olga: Thinking. Enjoy it when you still can, the Imp is sure to strike back.
Ivan and Anastasia come back from the kitchen. Anastasia looks better.
Maria:  You look better, Imp.
Anastasia:  Yeah, and now the fun begins.
Tatiana: As she is eating her own salad.  WhÖ What is that thing in MY salad? She looks more closely at it. NO! ANASTASIA, THIS TIME ITíS OFFICIAL, IíM GOING TO KILL YOU!
Anastasia: Playing innocent. Whatís wrong dear sister?
Anastasia: Examines it. Iím afraid itís indeed a snail. I wonder how it got there.
Maria: I can assure the salad was clean when I prepared it.
Dmitri M: Honey, itís just a snail. Take it off and you can eat your salad. Donít let the Imp push your buttons down.
Olga: Itís not slime, itís mucus. Do you know what mucus is?
Olga: Itís a viscid slippery secretion that is Ö
Tatiana: SHUT UP!
Olga: Do you think mucus adds flavor to the salad? Just curious.
Tatiana: IÖ IÖ
Olga: But Iím sure if you put some salt on it, you wonít feel the taste of itÖ
Tatiana: Looks green. I think Iím going be sick.  If youíll excuse me, IÖRushes to the bathroom.
Dmitri M: Honey, are you ill? Tatiana, wait!  Follows her.
Dmitri C-B: It was you Nastya, wasnít it?
Anastasia: no, not me. Well, to tell the truth, not me alone.
Ivan S: You had help?
Dmitri C-B: Oh, I see. Smiles to his wife.
Olga: Smiles back. Funny when you think that Dr. Malama can bear doing operations, yet a snail makes her ill.
Anastasia: Well, what you said would have made anyone sick.
Maria: Ditto.  Iím not hungry anymore.
Ivan K: I am. This whole peppers and snail story opened my appetite.
Ivan S: Me too. What about you Dmitri?
Dmitri C-B: Yeah, as long as thereís no snail in my food.
Olga: Hey, I wouldnít do that to my own husband.
Dmitri C-B: I know. I wasnít thinking of you. Looks at Anastasia.
Anastasia: Don't look at me.
Ivan S: Thatís good for you cause youíll be in trouble otherwise.
Anastasia: I didnít say I didnít prank you.
Ivan S: What? Anxiously examines his salad.
Anastasia: I was kidding, thereís nothing in your plate either. And Ivan mine, donít ask, you already know the answer.
Ivan K: I said nothing. I know my Comrade Imp too well. You would not do that to me.
Anastasia: Itís true. I wouldnít.
Maria: Nastya, you didnít say anything about me. Does it mean THERE IS something in my plate?
Anastasia: Youíre afraid, arenít you? No there isnít. I just pranked Tatiana. By the way, where is she? Still in the bathroom?
Olga: Iím gonna check on her.
Maria: But thereís already her Dmitri.
Olga: I know. Still I want to make sure sheís fine.

Later, Alexandra calls Tatiana...

Alexandra: Are you okay, Tatiana? Maria told me you were not feeling well during dinner.
Tatiana: Iím fine, Mama. I was a little sick, but now Iím much better.
Alexandra: A little? According to Mashka, it wasnít a littleÖ
Tatiana:  Iím fine now. So letís forget it.
Alexandra: Was it really because of that little snail you saw on your plate?
Tatiana: So Mashka told you that too. Hearing her mother laughing on the phone.  Mama, are you making fun of me?
Alexandra: Sorry, but itís kind of funny though. It was just a snail.
Tatiana: Well, I didnít feel sick before Olga opened her mouth. Apparently Maria skipped that part of the story.
Alexandra: What did she say?
Tatiana: She made quite a speech about mucus and its taste. I begged her to shut up, but she didnít want to listen.
Alexandra: What about that spice story with Anastasia? It was a bit cruel to put it on her plate.
Tatiana: Yes, I know, but seeing the look on her face, it was priceless! Iím sure now she would think twice before doing any more pranks.
Alexandra: Sure. If you donít count the snail.
Tatiana: Okay, you got a point. She will NEVER stop.  Sighs.  Nastya just may have ruined escargot for me.
Alexandra:  What?
Tatiana:  Nothing.  Just commenting on how sneaky the Imp can be.
Alexandra: You know how your sister is. Sheís just canít help it.
Tatiana: By the way, what do you think of taking a cup of tea together?
Alexandra: Itís a great idea. When?
Tatiana: How about tomorrow after my shift?
Alexandra: Itís perfect.


Dmitri C-B: Olga, can we talk for a minute?
Olga: Of course, whatís it all about?
Dmitri C-B: Iíve been thinking a lot recently.  You know, about Alexei and Kole, itís nice they have an apartment. Just them and little Marie.  I like the idea.
Olga: Me too. Having some privacy when youíre married is important, and this palace is already crowded.
Dmitri C-B: Iíve been thinking of that. Thatís why itíd be nice for us to have our own house.
Olga: Dmitri, we already have one.  Anichkov Palace is a lovely place and all of our family is here. Besides, do you really want to separate the children from their cousins? They would be heartbroken if we move.
Dmitri C: Look, we wonít be far. Weíll choose an apartment close to the palace so that the kids will be able to see their cousins every day. Theyíll stay in the same school, and weíll visit the others any time we want, so itíll be exactly the same as if we were still living here.
Olga: I still donít understand why you want to leave.  Living here has never been a problem for you before.
Dmitri C-B: Yes, but donít you think itíd be nice to be just the five of us?
Olga:  NO! Leaves the room.
Dmitri C-B Runs after her. Olga, Iím sorry, I didnít want to upset you. Olga!  She doesnít answer.  Oh my, this isnít good.
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
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Alexei and Kole are having a private dinner of their own at their apartment...

Kole:  Did you hear the latest on the Prank War?
Alexei:  No, I haven't.  What's happened?
Kole:  Well.  Fills him in on the spice and snail incidents.
Alexei:  Yikes.  I guess Tatiana won't be wanting escargot anytime soon.
Kole:  I like escargot myself.
Alexei:  You do.  Well, then, we should go to that new French Restaurant that just opened a few blocks from here.  Jacques's Bistro, I believe it's called.
Kole:  I'd love it.
Alexei:  It's a date then.
A knock is heard at the door.
Kole:  I wonder who that could be.  Gets up and answers the door.  Sam is there.  Sam!
Sam:  Can I come in?
Kole:  Sure, you don't even have to ask.  Steps aside and Sam enters.
Alexei:  Hey, Sam, what brings you here?
Sam:  One, I wanted to get out of the line of fire of the Prank War.
Alexei:  Understandable.
Sam:  Two, I wanted to thank Kole here.
Kole:  So you've taken my advice.
Sam:  Yeah, I realized that you were right.  I have to get out and start living again.  Okay, I may not have my powers anymore, but I still have my life.
Kole:  Now, that's more like it.
Sam:  Do either of you mind if I stay here a little while.
Alexei:  Of course not, Sam.  
Kole:  I'll set a plate for you.

Anichkov Palace...

Maria:  What's got Olga so worked up?
Tatiana:  I don't know, she won't discuss it.
Anastasia:  Maybe we should put the Prank War on hold until we find out.
Tatiana:  Agreed, Imp, but let me tell you that you're NOT off the hook for that snail thing.  
Anastasia:  Okay, I consider myself duly warned.  Now, let's go find Olga.

***Jacques's Bistro gets its inspiration from the 1970's and 80's sitcom, Three's Company.  In that show, the character of Jack Tripper, opens a restaurant called Jack's Bistro, hence the name here, with Jacques being the French version of Jack.***
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #6 on: April 24, 2014, 12:11:06 AM »
**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

And so...

Anastasia: Hey, Olga, what's going on?   What's got you all worked up?
Olga: Itís Dmitri, heís talking crazy. He wants us to move out of the palace.  
Tatiana: Why does your Dmitri want to leave the palace? It wasnít a problem for him before.
Olga: Thatís what I told him. However, if itís not a problem for him now, itís still one for me.  I donít want to leave here.  Yes, we're all married and have our own families, but we're sisters!  We've always stuck together, through good times and bad.  When everything went to Hell in 1917, we stayed together.  We stayed together then, we're staying together now.
Maria: So why donít you explain him that you would  rather stay here?
Olga: He wonít listen to me, heís so stubborn sometimes.
Anastasia: Reminds me of someone we all know.  Looks at Olga.
Maria: Olga, try to talk to him anyway,  Nastya, you know what, sometimes itís better if you donít speak at all. Youíre not helping right now.
Anastasia: But I only said Ö
Maria: Thatís the problem.  
Anastasia:  Okay, geez.
Olga: Right, Iíll try to talk to him when he comes back.


Dmitri M: Whatís going on? You seem rather down.
Dmitri C-B: Olga is pretty mad at me. Weíve just had an argument.
Dmitri M: What was the problem?
Dmitri C-B: Dude, I donít really want to talk about that.
Dmitri M: I understand. Anyway, the guys and I are planning to go into town today. Do you want to join us?
Dmitri C-B: Yeah,  I need to clear my head.

Later, the guys have gone out, picking up Alexei along the way...

Dmitri C-B: This bowling party did me good! Now letís get a drink. Iím thirsty.
Ivan K: I donít think that's a good idea.  Remember last time we overindulged.  Our wives will have our heads if we do it again.
Alexei:  Besides, aren't you in enough trouble with Olga already?
Dmitri C-B: Last time we drank a little too much.  This time weíll be careful.
Ivan S: Okay, but only a few drinks and then we go home.
Alexei: Guys, Iím not sureÖ
Dmitri M: Come on, it wonít hurt you.
Alexei: Reluctantly.  All right, but I'm sticking to Pepsi, if no one minds.

A couple of hours laterÖ

Dmitri C-B: Hic... See! We drank only one bo...bottle of vodka. Our wives wÖwonÖwonítÖ even noticeÖ
Dmitri M:  GivÖ give me the keys, IÖIíll hicÖ drive!
Dmitri C-B: No way! Itís m... me and nÖno one else! Itís hicÖ my car!
Dmitri M: YouÖ youíreÖ youíreÖ hicÖ drunk! You c-c-canítÖ drive!
Dmitri C-B: Ss-soÖss-soÖ are you! And hicÖyou c-c-canít dri-ve either!
Ivan S: Guys, guys, I drank very little, Iíll drive.
Dmitri M: HicÖOkay!  They get in the car and Ivan S starts driving.
Alexei: To the Ivan's. I donít want be the Dmitri's when Olga and Tatiana find out about this.  At least you two were careful.  However, those two drank almost the whole bottle between them.  They're really going to be in the doghouse when they get home.
Ivan K: Yeah, they'll probably have to emigrate to avoid the wrath of their wives.
Alexei: Guys, we canít let Olga and Tatiana see them like that. Letís stay out an hour or two more before going home.  Perhaps we can find a diner and get some hot coffee into those two.  That might help.
Ivan K: Okay, youíre right. Letís do that.
Ivan S: Yeah, itís better for everyone if they donít get caught.
Alexei: I'll text Kole that Iíll be out later than expected.
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #7 on: April 24, 2014, 01:02:09 AM »
Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Kole:  Gets Alexei's text.  Uh oh!
Sam:  What is it, Kole?
Kole:  I just got a text from Alexei.  Seems the Dimitri's overindulged themselves again.  Fills Sam in on the details.
Sam:  I thought they learned their lesson after they got drunk during that reunion with their war buddies.  Their wives gave them the Arctic chill after that.
Kole:  Well, the Ivan's were careful, so they're okay.  However, the two D's are not so lucky.  Alexei says their going to try and get some hot coffee into the two of them before they go home.
Sam:  That might help.  Mind you, there was a time when I could use my powers to cure them, but those days are over.
Kole:  I know.   However, they're just going to have to be cured the old fashioned way.  How does that saying go:  Actions have consequences.
Sam:  Smiles.  Something Olga has heard more times than she care to remember.    How about Alexei, is he okay?
Kole:  He just had Pepsi.  Remember that time he got drunk after I lost our first baby,
Sam:  Yeah, I remember.  I also remember the hangover he had.
Kole:  Well, that was enough to convince him that alcohol wasn't for him.  He hasn't touched a drop since.
Sam:  At least someone learned from their past mistake.

Later, at Anichkov Palace...

Tatiana:  Where are the guys?  They should have been back ages ago.
Maria:  I hope they weren't in an accident.
Anastasia:  No, we'd have heard something if they were.
Olga: Then where are they?  Dimitri can't avoid me forever. We ARE going to have to talk about this moving out business.
They hear the car pull up.
Anastasia:  That must be them now.

The guys have come in when the ladies see them.  Thanks to come coffee, both Dimitri's are now more sober.

Olga:  Where have you all been?  It's been hours!
Dimitri C-B:  Uh, we had some trouble.
Alexei:  Under his breath.  We sure did.
Ivan S:  Our car broke down.  We had to take to the garage to get fixed.
Maria:  And you didn't think to text or call us.
Ivan S:  We forgot.
Ivan K:  We were so busy with the car we lost track of time.
Anastasia:  Well, you still should have called us.
Ivan K:  You're right, Comrade Imp, we should have.  Sorry.
Alexei:  Glances at his watch.  Well, look at the time, I better be going.  He heads out the door, passing Sam as she returns home.
Sam:  What's going on?
Tatiana:  The guys just told us they've been having some car trouble.  That's why they're late.
Sam:  Knows the truth, but goes along.  Well, I guess these things happen.  I'm off to bed now.  Goes upstairs.
Ivan S:  So, are we forgiven?
Maria:  Yeah, you are, this time.  However, should it happen again, PLEASE call us.
Dimitri M:  We will, promise.
The guys all sigh in relief, knowing their off the hook.
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #8 on: April 24, 2014, 04:32:31 PM »
**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

The next day...

Tatiana: Dmitri, I've thought about that snail incident, and you know what?
Dmitri M: No, but go ahead.
Tatiana: I have strong suspicions that someone helped the Imp. It was physically impossible for her to put that thing in my plate. She was in the kitchen at that moment and couldn't be in two places at once.
Dmitri M: Maybe she put it before dinner.
Tatiana:  Impossible. Remember what Mashka said, the salad was clean when she prepared it.  You would have to be the Invisible Woman if you wanna play with food in HER kitchen.  The salad stays in that room until it's served with dinner.
Dmitri M: So somebody put the snail while we were eating.
Tatiana: The best time to do so was while Nastya was in the kitchen screaming for water. We were all laughing; we didnít pay very much attention to our plates.
Dmitri M: But who did that?
Tatiana: Who do you think? Itís quite obvious. Who were sitting next to me?
Dmitri M: I was at your right, but I know it wasnít me, and the one at your left was...
Dmitri M/ Tatiana: OLGA!


Olga is sitting reading a book, when Tatiana walks in.
Tatiana: Has one hand behind her back. Ha, there you are, my dear sister, I was looking for you.
Olga: No really?
Tatiana: Indeed.
Olga: Notices that Tatiana is keeping one hand behind her back.  What are you hiding behind your back? A gift for me?
Tatiana: Yes, it is. I baked it just for you.
Olga: How sweet. Any particular reason for this?
Tatiana: Just wanted to show you.  Throws the pie in Olgaís face. That Iím not a fool.  I know you put that snail in my salad.  Also, this is also for your stupid speech right after.
Tatiana runs off with Olga hot on her heels.
Tatiana: Yeah, yeah! If you want to catch me, talk less and run faster. Youíre as fast as a snail.
Olga:  YOUíLL SEE HOW A SNAIL CAN RUN FAST! Sprints and is about to catch up, but Tatiana escapes and rushes up the stairs.
Tatiana: From the top of the stairs. Olga, I love your make-up, but I have to say that you put on a little too much of it.  What an unusual idea to use pie as a make-up.  However, you look perfect with it.
Olga: Starts up the stairs. YOUíRE DEAD!
Tatiana: You couldnít be more beautiful.  As for myself, I prefer to stick to more traditional ways.  Sees Olga is closing in.  Iíd love to continue this sisterly conversation, but I donít want to risk my life. So if you donít mind, Iím going to retire to my room. Rushes into her room and closes the door.
Tatiana: From the other side of the door. This is already a revenge. MINE!
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
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Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Alexei:  Looks up as Kole enters the room. How's Marie?
Kole:  Sits down next to him.  Finally asleep.  
Alexei:  Good.  So, what's up with Sam?  I notice that the two of you have been talking a lot lately.
Kole:  Oh, that's because I can relate to her.  I've been where she is now.
Alexei:  You mean trapped in the past, cut off from your own time.
Kole:  Nods.   Yeah, I know how that felt.  Of course, it wasn't exactly the same.  When I got back here, I was here to stay.  
Alexei:  Where as upon Sam could travel back and forth at will.
Kole:  Yes, and now she can't.  I supposed that's the big difference.  Sam has to get used to the fact that this is now her time, not 2011.
Alexei:  Well, that's possible.  You made the adjustment.
Kole:  That's exactly what I told her.  
Alexei:  Looks like you made an impact, since Sam has finally left her bedroom.
Kole:  I know.  Let's hope it stays that way.

Tsarskoe Selo...

Alexandra:  It's nice to have tea with you, Tatiana.
Tatiana:  Yes, it is, Mama.  Besides, it's safer for me here right now.
Alexandra:  How so?
Tatiana:  Well.  Explains about the pie incident.
Alexandra:  Oh, Tanya, you didn't.
Tatiana:  I did.  You should have seen Olga's face, Mama!  Laughs.
Alexandra:  Laughs, despite herself.  Yes, I can see that now.  It's nice..
Tatiana:  What is, Mama?
Alexandra:  That the four of you can have such fun now, enjoying life.  Makes me regret keeping all of you hidden away from the world for so long.
Tatiana:  Mama. that was a different time.  
Alexandra:  I know.  So, how are things going to work out between you and Olga now.
Tatiana:  Oh, I'm sure we'll be fine.  
Alexandra:  Good, because I'm sure your father would not want another pie accidentally in his face...
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Back at Anichkov Palace...

Olga: We need to talk about that moving out thing.
Dmitri C-B: Olga, I know you donít like this idea, but...
Olga: Dimitri, I donít want to be separated from my sisters. We four always lived together, although, right now,  Iíd gladly strangle Tatiana if I get the chance.
Dmitri C-B: Why do you want to do that?
Olga: Because of a divergence of opinions on makeup.
Dmitri C-B: Puzzled. Huh?
Olga: Forget it, itís not important.
Dmitri C-B:  Olga, this idea means a lot to me. However, I donít want you to be heartbroken.  If you really want to stay here, I'll drop it.
Olga: It means that much to you?  Dimitri, if you donít want me to be unhappy, then I don't want you to be. If this is so important to you, I will give it some serious thought. Although, Iíd prefer it if we stayed here.

The next dayÖ

Olga: Maria, can you take care of the children for a few hours?
Maria: No problem. What have you got planned?
Olga:  Dimitri and I are going into town to see some apartments.
Maria: I thought you didnít want to move out?
Olga: I still donít,  but I love Dimitri, and this idea means so much to him. Notices that Maria remains silent. Whatís wrong?
Maria: Nothing. Iím fine.
Olga: Mashka, I know you better than that. I can see youíre upset. However, nothing is settled. I havenít made up my mind yet.
Maria: Sighs. Olga?
Olga: Yes?
Maria: Please take your time before making any decision, okay?
Olga: I will.

A short time later...

Anastasia: Maria, whatís wrong? You seem very upset.
Maria: Itís Olga. She talks about moving out.
Tatiana: I thought she told us she didnít want to.
Maria: I guess she's changed her mind.  She said she hasn't made up her mind yet. However, she and Dimitri are in town to look at apartments.
Anastasia: How can she do that to us? We have always been together, no matter what happened. I canít imagine the palace without her.  They don't call us OTMA for nothing.
Maria: Sam, what can we do? There has to be a way to stop her.
Sam: Iím as upset as you all, but sheís a grown up, married woman. Even if I still had my powers, I would not interfere. The choice is hers to make.
Anastasia: Maybe we can speak to her, try to make her see reason.
Tatiana: I canít believe sheís thinking of moving out. She didnít even mention it to me.
Sam: With that pie incident, you were avoiding her, remember?
Tatiana: Okay, you got a point. However, Iím still very angry at her for that stupid idea.
Maria: I understand how you feel, but if we want to convince her to stay, weíll have to talk to her VERY quietly. Otherwise, sheíll get angry too and things will only get worse.
Anastasia: I donít see how things could be worse. Olga is talking about moving out, remember?
Sam: Mashkaís right. If you want Olga to change her mind, donít shout at her or you can be sure she WILL move out.
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
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Anastasia: Tanya, I think we should suspend the Prank War until this is sorted out.
Tatiana:  I agree, Nastya, this is serious.  We're talking about a family member close to us leaving.
Sam:   Well, I must point out that Alexei moved out.  None of you had a problem with that.
Maria:  That was different, Sam.  Don't get me wrong, we love our brother.   However, he wasn't....  I mean....
Sam:  He's not part of OTMA.
Maria:  That's it.  We're the four sisters, the Big Pair and the Little Pair, we've always been together, always.
Sam:  I understand.  However, as I said, we can talk to Olga about this, but the choice ultimately is hers.

Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Alexei:  What's that you're reading there?
Kole:  I letter from Vlad and Natalia.  
They think of the two former servants from Anichkov Palace, who had fallen in love, gotten married, and then, with their respective families, had emigrated to Canada to make a new start.
Alexei:  How are they doing in Canada?
Kole:  Great, they settled in Saskatchewan.  There is a large Russian ťmigrť community there, and they fit right in.
Alexei:  That's good to hear.  Speaking of moving, I just got a text from Nastya.  Apparently, Olga and her Dimitri are out looking at apartments.
Kole:  Are they really going to move out?
Alexei:  No one is sure, Kole, at least not yet.
Kole:  How are the others taking it.
Alexei:  Not good.  The four of them have always been together, Kole, since they were little.  Having Olga leave would be like losing a limb.
Kole:  Well, from what you've just said, nothing is decided just yet.
Alexei:  Yeah, they're going to talk to Olga about this.   Hopefully, whatever choice she makes, it will be the right one.

***Vlad and Natalia are two minor characters from the original Days.  Since I have no further plans for these two, I've sent them off to my country, Canada.***
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #12 on: April 27, 2014, 12:18:01 PM »
Meanwhile, Olga gets back to Anichkov Palace....

Tatiana:  Well?
Olga:  Sorry, but the jury is still out.
Anastasia:  Well, Olga, I hope you make the right choice.
Maria:  Nastya...
Anastasia:  What?  I'm not saying anything.
Olga:  This is so hard.
Sam:  We need to take time to clear our heads.  I was thinking...
Maria:  Thinking of what?
Sam:  Actually, I was kicking this idea around before I had to go back to 2011. Then I was in that coma all that time.
Tatiana:  Don't remind us.
Sam:  Anyway, I was thinking we should go on a camping trip.
Anastasia:  All of us?
Sam:  No, this will be a women only trip.
Maria:  Sounds fun.
Anastasia:  Sure, why not.
Tatiana:  I'm sure I can get time off from the Center.  Turns to Olga.  Olga?
Olga:  Well, okay.  What about the children?
Maria:  The guys, plus Mama and Papa, can watch them.
Anastasia:  What about Kole?
Sam:  I'll call her and ask if she wants to come.

Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Kole:  On the phone.  Sure, I'm in.
Alexei:  What's going on?
Kole:  Hangs up.  That was Sam, she proposed a camping trip.
Alexei:  Hey, sounds good.  I'll...
Kole:  Not so fast, Alexei.  This trip will be for women only.  No men.
Alexei:  None?
Kole:  Nope.   Of course, if you don't want me to go..
Alexei:  No, you deserve a break, Kole.  I can watch Marie until you get back.
Kole:  Great.  I'll call Sam back and tell her.

Tsarskoe Selo...

Alexandra:  Nicky, I have news.
Nicholas:  What is it?
Alexandra:  Apparently, our four daughters, Kole, and Sam are going on a women only camping trip.
Nicholas:  Don't worry, Alix, they can look after themselves.
Alexandra:  That's just it, Nicky, I'm not worried.  Strange how that is.
Nicholas:  Nothing strange about it, Sunny.  It just shows that you've accepted that they're all grown up.
Alexandra:  Yes, I guess that's true.  I hope they have a nice trip.   They would like us to help out with the children while they're gone.
Nicholas:  Of course, I would be happy to spend time with our grandchildren.
Alexandra:  I'll call Anichkov Palace back and let them know...
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
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A couple of days later, the women have left on their trip.  At Anichkov Palace...

Alexei:  Well, I hope they have fun.
Ivan S:  Me too.
Dimitri C-B is quiet.
Dimitri M:  Hey Dimitri, you okay?
Dimitri C-B:  It's this whole moving out thing.  Why is Olga fighting me on it?
Alexei:  Because that would separate her from her three sisters.
Dimitri C-B:  And?
Alexei:  And that's it.  You have to remember that, growing up, all of us were kept sheltered from the world.  Lacking any real friends, my sisters turned to each other.  That's why they became closer to each other than most siblings are.
Ivan S:  Family bonds like that can be hard to break.
Alexei:  Exactly.  Even though things are different now, that sisterly bond remains.
Dimitri C-B:  Sometimes I forget how shielding you all were in the old Empire.  
Alexei:  Well, for me, it's understandable,  since I was so ill.  
Ivan K:  We should all count ourselves lucky.  In the old days, none of our wives would have been permitted to marry us, because we weren't royalty.
Alexei:  Just as Kole would not have been permitted to marry me for the same reason.
Dimitri M:  Thankfully, Russia's come a long way since that time.
Alexei:  Yes, it has.  However, to get back to my point, The bond my sisters have was formed in that time, and it looks like that is one thing that might not be possible to leave behind.

In the woods, OTMA, Kole, and Sam have set up camp.  The Big Pair are in one tent, the Little Pair in another, Kole and Sam are in the third...

Kole:  This is perfect.  
Maria:  I agree.
Tatiana:  Sits down by the fire they've built.  Well, all the medical supplies are in order.
Anastasia:  Tatiana, we're here to have fun.  Relax.
Olga:  Just the doctor in her, right Tanya.
Tatiana:  You can never be too careful, Olga.  Remember that road trip we took a few years ago, when you fractured your wrist.
Olga:  Yeah, I know.  I remember how stubborn I was.
Anastasia:  In mock shock.  You, stubborn, Olga?  No way!
Olga:  Keep it up, Nastya, just keep it up!
Sam is silent.
Maria:  Sam, are you okay?
Sam:  I'm fine.  It's just...
Kole:  Just what?
Sam:  I still miss my powers, however, maybe it's time I told you all the truth.  I lost them because of my pride and arrogance.
Tatiana:  How so?
Sam:  The reason I had to go back to 2011 was because some Vampire Hunters were attacking Mystic Falls.
Anastasia:  Where your vampire friends live.  The ones that inspired those Vampire Diaries novels.
Sam:  Yes, that's it.  Anyway, when I got there, I, along with my friends were able to drive them off.  However...
Maria:  Yes?
Sam:  I got it into my head that I could take on every Vampire Hunter I could find.  I turned myself into a one women vigilante force.
Tatiana:  And you began to hunt them down.
Sam:  Yeah, I did.  In so doing, I made myself Public Enemy No. 1 for every Vampire Hunter on the planet.  My family and friends tried to warn me, but I wouldn't listen, I was too stubborn.
Maria:  Sounds like someone we know.  Glances at Olga.
Sam:  Yeah, I guess that's true.  Anyway, you all know what happened next.  The Vampire Hunters laid a trap for me in that building, but I didn't see it until too late.  In no time, they were all over me.  I realize then that I probably wasn't going to get out of it alive, so I decided to take as many of them with me as a could.  I channeled all my powers into one big surge and...
Anastasia:  Boom!
Sam:  That's it.  As you all know, I survived, but my powers were gone forever.  I don't remember much after that.
Tatiana:  I can answer that.  Castiel found you, realized you were now powerless, and brought you back to this time to keep you safe.  You were in a coma for almost a year.
Kole:  Until you woke up on my space shuttle.
Sam:  I guess a lesson was learned, don't let pride and arrogance blind you to reason.  If I had listened, I would still have my powers.  However, I made my bed, now I must sleep in it.
All are silent, absorbing Sam's words..
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #14 on: April 30, 2014, 05:16:45 PM »
Later, everyone is asleep, except Kole, who is outside, looking up at the stars.  Maria joins her...

Maria:  Can't sleep?
Kole:  No, I just wanted to look at the night sky.  Amazing how many stars you can see once you're away from the city lights.  Begins pointing some out.  That's Polaris, the north star.  There's Altar, there's Cygnus, there's Deneb.
Maria:  That is lots of stars.  I can see why you became an astronaut, Kole.
Kole:  Yeah.  I was happy to take all of you into space.
Maria:  That was so cool.  
Kole:  Of course, we can't tell anyone.  Humanity is not supposed to go into space for a few decades yet.
Maria:  Still, it was fun.
Kole:  Yes, it was.  Perhaps...
Maria:  Yes?
Kole:  I might take the shuttle up again someday.  Maybe even fly it to Mars this time.
Maria:  Mars!?
Kole:  Yeah, it's in range of my shuttle.  
Maria:  I wonder what Mars is like?
Kole:  Well, contrary to what many in this time say, Maria, it's uninhabited.  No Martians wanting to shoot death rays, waiting to take over Earth.
Maria:  Like in War Of The Worlds.
Kole:  Yep.  Smiles.  I'm still grateful you arranged for me to meet H.G. Wells.
Maria:  Hey, no problem.  Yawns.  Well, I'm heading back to bed.
Kole:  Me too.
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