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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #240 on: March 30, 2016, 12:02:21 PM »
**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Later on that day, Gavriil finds Sam alone sitting on a bench outside the farm...

Gavriil: Hey Mom, is everything okay? You seem upset.
Sam: Me? Oh no, no I'm fine. Don't worry.
Gavriil: You sure? I saw your reaction when that stupid Kirill made his speech. You were as white as a sheet.
Sam: It's... Well... Searches for her words. It's nothing really. Stop worrying about me.
Gavriil: Mom, I'm not a kid okay. If you tell me, I'll understand. Why did that speech make you so mad?
Sam: Hesitates. It wasn't the speech itself. I'm used to all this silliness he said. It was this...
Gavriil: What?
Sam: This salute they all made right after. The Nazi salute. Explains the meaning of it.
Gavriil: Stays silent for a while, reflecting on it. Mom.
Sam: Yes?
Gavriil: About that, the coming war, I mean. I have something really important to tell you.
Sam: I'm all ears.
Gavriil: Since we learned about it, the boys and I have decided that we will join the fight when it breaks out.
Sam: Yes, I remember you talked to me about this.
Gavriil: You're right. Since that, I've been doing some thinking.
Sam: Oh really?
Gavriil: Yes. I've made up my mind. I wanna join the army NOW. So I'll be ready when the times comes.
Sam: Stunned. W-What? Wow, wow...What are you saying?
Gavriil: I'm saying I want to join a military school in September. I wanna be in the Air Force, like Aunt Kole was. I wanna fly like her.
Sam: But.. YOU'RE ELEVEN YEARS OLD! You're way too young, Gavriil.
Gavriil: I'm almost 12 actually. And military cadets schools accept children from 8 to 15. I've done some research online.
Sam: No, that's a no. I won't let you do that. 
Gavriil: But why?
Sam: BECAUSE you're a kid. Kids are supposed to go to normal schools, public schools. Besides you've never been in the army before. You talk about things you know nothing about. And finally, I don't think you're ready for that.
Gavriil: Gets angry. No, it's you. You're the one who's not ready.
Sam: I'm sorry?!
Sam: Don't shout at me. I'm your mother. I know what's best for you.
OTMA arrive right at that point...
Tatiana: We heard someone yelling. Is something wrong?
Gavriil: No. It's just Sam making a fuss about nothing. Goes into the house and slams the door, while Sam looks suddenly terribly hurt.
Olga: Sam? What's up with you?
Sam: Didn't you hear what he just called me...
Maria: No I haven't noticed. What did he say?
Sam: With tears in her eyes. He called me Sam...
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #241 on: March 30, 2016, 07:52:02 PM »
Anastasia:  So, exactly what happened.  What brought this all on?
Sam:  Well.  Explains.  It's just not right.  Children that age should not be thinking about armies and wars, and such.  They should be playing, watching cartoons, eating ice cream.  It's just not right!
Tatiana:  Well, Sam, there isn't really anything we can do about it.  We know the future, we can't change it.
Olga: As Alexei found out the hard way.
Sam:  Yes, but that doesn't change how I feel about this.  I wish...
Maria:  You wish?
Sam:  At this moment, I wish I still had my powers.  I could wipe Gavriil's memory of learning about the war.
Anastasia:  And then what, Sam?  Would you do the same to our kids, even if we didn't ask you to.
Sam:  Well, I...   Truth be told, I hadn't really given it much thought. 
Tatiana:  Well, you should, Sam.  What if we didn't want you to erase our children's memories. 
Olga:  Yes, that would be our decision to make, not yours.
Maria:  With great power, comes great responsibility. 
Sam:  Someone told you about Spider-Man, right?
Maria:  Yeah, it was Kole.
Sam:  Of course, the point is moot.  My powers are gone forever.  Sighs.  The immediate problem is regaining Gavriil's trust.
Tatiana:  What makes you think you've lost it?
Sam:  I just told you he called me "Sam" and not "Mom".
Anastasia:  I don't think he meant that.  He's just upset.
Maria:  Yeah, kids throw tantrums all the time.  He'll cool down.
Sam:  You all think so?
Olga:  Hey, we all have kids of our own, some around Gavriil's age.  Trust us, we know what we're talking about.

Meanwhile, Kole has found Gavriil...

Kole:  Gavriil, what's wrong?
Gavriil:  Oh, hi Aunt Kole.  I had a fight with Sa...  I mean, Mom. 
Kole:  What about?
Gavriil:  I told her I wanted to be an air force pilot, like you were.
Kole:  You do?  Since when?
Gavriil: Since I found out about that war we're going to be in.
Kole:  Gavriil, that's years away.
Gavriil:  Yes, but it's still coming.  And...
Kole:  Yes.
Gavriil:  I want to to go Mars, like you and Uncle Alexei did.
Kole:  I see.  Gavriil, you know that can't be done.  Humans are not supposed to go into space for decades to come.
Gavriil:  But you and Uncle Alexei did.
Kole:  Yes, but that was a secret, remember.  Only we in the family know about it.  No one else can.
Gavriil:  Why not?
Kole:  Because it's history, Gavriil.  Like the war that's coming, and we can't mess with that. Still...
Gavriil:  What is it, Aunt Kole?
Kole:  Just an idea I have.  Raises her voice.  Hey, Castiel, you there?
Castiel:  Appears, holding two spacesuits, one child size.  Here you are.
Gavriil:  Where did he come from?
Kole:  Castiel's an Angel, Gavriil.  He has lots of powers.
Gavriil:  Like my Mom used to have?
Castiel:  Yes.  You could say that your adopted mother and I are old friends.  Holds out the space suits.  You'll need these.
Kole:  Takes the big space suit and hands the smaller one to Gavriil.  Here, let me help you into this.  Helps Gavriil into his space suit and then dons hers. We're ready, Castiel.
Castiel:  Let's go.  All vanish.

Utopia Planetia, Mars...

Gavriil:  Is this...
Kole:  Yes, this is Mars. 
Gavriil:  And these suits...
Kole:  It's so we can breath the air.
Gavriil:  Points to Castiel.  He doesn't have a suit.
Castiel: I'm an Angel.  I don't need one.  You two look around, I'll wait here.
For the next hour, Kole shows Gavriil around, including the cave where Alexei hid the rock with RUSSIAN EXPEDITION TO MARS, SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER, 1928. CREW: ALEXEI NICHOLAIEVICH ROMANOV AND HIS WIFE, KATERINA FEODOROVNA. WE GOT HERE FIRST! carved on it.
Gavriil:  This is so cool, Aunt Kole.

Back at the farm a short time later, Castiel, Kole, and Gavriil reappear.  Castiel waves his hand and the space suits disappear.

Kole:  Thanks, Castiel. 
Castiel:  Tell Samantha Cohen that she owes me one.  Vanishes.
Kole: Gavriil, I think you need to go talk to your mother now.
Gavriil: Okay, Aunt Kole.  Runs off...
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #242 on: April 17, 2016, 12:27:01 PM »
**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Gavriil: Sees Sam still sitting on the bench. Mom! Hey Mom! Rushes over to her. Mom, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I...
Sam: Smiles and hugs him. It's okay. No need to explain. Let's draw a line under our stupid fight.
Gavriil: Grins back at her. You're the best, you know that? Anyway, I bet you dollars to doughnuts you will never guessed where I just went to!
Sam: Racks her brain. I don't know. In town? To the pix? 
Gavriil: Shakes his head. Nope. I went to... Makes a pause to keep her in suspense. MARS! 
Sam: Looks at him and breaks into laughter. Yeah and I have this bridge to sell in Brooklyn. 
Gavriil: It's the exact truth. Ask Aunt Kole if you don't believe me. There was this man, an Angel, and a friend of yours...
Sam: Realization hits her. Castiel.
Gavriil: Yes, that name. Describes what happened. He said you owed him one now.
Sam: Oh, I have no doubt about that. Someday he'll come back and ask me to lend him a hand in return.
Gavriil: If that means going to an adventure, I want in.
Sam: Don't even think about it. It's a no. Castiel's adventures are usually downright dangerous.
Gavriil: All the more reason for me to tag along. Who would protect you if I'm not there?
Sam: Laughs. I'm an adult, I can take care of myself, thank you very much.
Gavriil: Pretends to go along with her. Alright..If you say so. To himself. No matter what you say, Mom, when Castiel asks for your help, I'll be there.
Sam: How about going for a walk in town before dinner?
Gavriil: Sure thing. By the way..
Sam: Yes?
Gavriil: I suppose you don't think better of my military school idea?
Sam: Stops and looks intently at him. You really wanna go there, don't you.
Gavriil: Yes, me and Dimitri. Alexander isn't that interested.
Sam: Gavriil, I already told you my answer. I don't want you to...
Gavriil: Please Mom...
Sam: Sighs. Well I can't make you any promises but I'll have a think about it. When I'm ready I'll let you know about my decision. Do we have a deal.
Gavriil: Absolutely.
Sam: Good. Let's take that walk now...

Later, as Sam brings Tatiana and her Dimitri up to date about Little Dimitri's wish...

Tatiana: What? Our son too?
Sam: Yep. Gavriil and him. They both want to attend a military school in September.
Tatiana: This is out of the question of course. Dimitri is way too young to think of that.
Dimitri M: Hey honey, can we discuss it first before making any decision.
Tatiana: I'm sorry?
Dimitri M: Lighten up, Tanya. I honestly don't see why you get all worked up about their idea.
Tatiana: Because they're just kids. They shouldn't be in the army.
Dimitri M: I was a cadet in the Imperial Cavalry when I was about their age. And Shakh-Bagov too, in the Grenadiers Corps. Not to mention Alexei himself. He was appointed corporal in the infantry when he was not even thirteen.
Tatiana: That was a different time, we were under the Old Empire. Everything was backward. The New Empire abolished this "child-soldier" silliness.
Dimitri M: I don't think it was silly. It taught me a sense of duty and discipline. At the end of the day it did me good. Besides it's not like our son would go the front. A military school is more like a boarding school, aside from the fact the pupils are part of the army, and thus have military training. It's not big deal really. I went through this, and I told you, it was a positive experience. Ask the other Dimitri, he will tell you the same thing.
Sam: Interrupts. I have to say, I'm like Tatiana, I'm not over-keen on our kid's idea. I want my Gavriil to have a normal childhood, happy and carefree, before the Hell of World War II.  When that time comes he will enroll in the army. Not before.
Dimitri M: I hear you, but haven't you forgotten something? Gavriil is meant to play an important role in that coming war, and perhaps his wish of joining a military school is the first step of it. In that case you can't prevent him from doing so. Otherwise you will risk messing up with history. You'd better go with the flow, Sam.
Sam: Caught off guard. Well, from this perspective... You could be right... Maybe it's in the cards.
Tatiana: Thoughtfully. It could be... And Dimitri, what you said about Gavriil may apply to our son as well. Perhaps we should give the go-ahead to him about that military school.
Dimitri M: Nods. Yes.
At that point Sam's mobile beeps. 
Sam: Ah that means I got a new letter in the MMB. Let me take a look at it. Begins to read the message:




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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #243 on: April 18, 2016, 04:38:07 AM »
Sam:  Oh my God!
Tatiana:  Sam, what is it?  What's wrong?
Sam:  My....  My father is dead.  Shows Tatiana the message.
Tatiana:  Oh, Sam, I am so sorry. 
Sam:  Pulls out her magic key.  I have to go back to 2011 now.  Tell the others...
Tatiana:  Of course I'll tell them, Sam.  You go look after your family.
Sam:  Opens a closet door.  Come on, Gavriil.
Gavriil:  I'm right here, Mom, I'll be there for you.
Sam:  Smiles despite the situation.  I know you will.  Let's go.  Tatiana, tell the others we'll meet them back in Russia later.  Sam and Gavriil head through the door and vanish to San Francisco of 2011.
Dimitri M:  Poor Sam. 
Tatiana:  I know.  Come on, Dimitri, we must tell the others right away.

And so...

Nicholas:  What a terrible thing to happen. 
Alexandra:  I can understand Sam wanting to go back to her family.
Maria:  Do you think she'll be okay?
Anastasia:  Yeah, she's had a lot happen in her life, you don't think...
Olga:  Don't think what, Nastya?
Anastasia:  That this might make her fall off the wagon.
Kole:  I don't think so, Anastasia.
Anastasia:  Are you sure, Kole?
Kole:  Yeah, I am.  Because she has Gavriil.  She knows what will happen if she starts drinking again.
Maria:  They'll take him away from her.
Kole:  That's right, they will.
Tatiana:  Well, I suppose there is nothing we can do until Sam returns.
Anastasia:  We can buy a sympathy card, all sign it, and then send it to her through her magic mailbox.  We'll do that when we get back to Russia.
Nicholas:  Speaking of which, we're going back tomorrow.  I was going to tell everyone at dinner, but with this happening.
Alexandra:  We understand, Nicky, we understand.

And so, the gang bids a farewell to Vlad and Natalia and heads home to Russia.  The next day, Kole is on the roof of her and Alexei's apartment building.

Kole:  Castiel!  You get you Angel butt down here now!
Castiel:   Appears.  What is it?
Kole:  You know damned well what it is.  Sam's father.  You knew this was going to happen, right?
Castiel:  Yes, I did.  There was nothing I could do about it, it was out of my hands.
Kole:  And you didn't think to warn her.
Castiel:  What good would that have done?  If it's any comfort, her father is in Heaven.  He made it.
Kole:  Somehow, I don't think Sam and her family will find that comforting.  It doesn't lessen their loss.
Castiel:  Sorry, but once again, it was out of my hands.  Vanishes.
Kole:  Yeah, thanks for nothing.

Later, at Sam's apartment...

Anastasia:  Well, we've all signed the sympathy card.  Sticks it into the Magic Mail Box.
Maria:  I wish we could do more for them.
Tatiana:  Me too, Mashka, but right now all we can do is lend support from here.
Olga:  I hope it will be enough...
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

2011, San Francisco, Golden Gate Park, three days after Ronen's death. Sam is leaning on the parapet of a little bridge in the middle of the park.  Lost in her thoughts, is absently gazing into the water when
Gavriil arrives...

Gavriil: Mom?
Sam: Mmm?
Gavriil: Insistent. Mom?
Sam: Glances at him. What?
Gavriil: It's time. Everyone is waiting for us.
Sam: Time for what?
Gavriil: With a queer look on his face. You know. The burial ceremony.
Sam: Looks like she hasn't understood a word of it. The burial, you said. Of whom?
Gavriil: But Mom... You know who.
Sam: Absent-minded. I do?
Gavriil: But yes, it's... Stares at her. Mom, are you sure everything's okay.
Sam: With a far-off look. Mmm. Yes, of course. Why wouldn't it be.
Gavriil doesn't answer and silently studies Sam's face.
After a pause...
Gavriil: Mom.
Sam: Yes?
Gavriil: They're all waiting for us.
Sam: I'm coming.
The two of them slowly walk away...

At church just before the funeral, Gavriil takes Gharman aside...

Gavriil: Mom's not in her normal state, Gharman.
Gharman: I've noticed. Something's up. 
Gavriil: It's like she doesn't even realize Grandpa is dead. I don't like the look of it, Gharman. It promises nothing good...

Back in 1930, in Russia, Anichkov Palace...

Alexei: Any news from Sam?
Maria: Not from her personally. We received a quick note from Gavriil thanking us on Sam's behalf.
Kole: I don't know why, but there's something about it that sends me strange vibes.
Nicholas: What do you mean?
Kole: I can't explain. It's like a voice in my mind telling me Sam is in trouble.
Alexandra: I hear the same thing, Kole. The two of them look at each other.
Olga: Unfair. Why don't WE hear anything. 
Anastasia: Not everyone have psychic abilities, Olga.
Olga: Tell me about it.
Dimitri C-B: Ahem! Keep with the topic at hand. Sam needs our help. Do we all agree on this?
Maria: Yes.
Ivan S: Obviously.
Ivan K: Ditto.
Anastasia: Like Ivan said.
Tatiana: And I second that.
Olga: And I third that.
Alexei: And I fourth that.
The rest of the group agrees as well.
Dimitri C-B: Good. So any suggestions as to how we can effectively support her.
Dimitri M: What about Castiel.
Kole: I doubt he'll want to be on board. He's done already a lot for us. Asking him to teleport us to 2011 will be seen like overstepping to him.
Dimitri M: Mumbles. Right. So much for this idea.
Alexandra: What other options do we have?
Alexei: Not much, I'm afraid. Other than writing another letter to Sam. I don't see what else we can do...

Back in 2011, Ronen and Hadassah's house, after the funeral...

Gharman: Sees Sam taking some coffee and then nervously pacing back and forth the kitchen. Uh Mom, this is like what, your eighth cup of coffee today? Are you sure this is really helping.
Sam: Aggressively. It's none of your business, Gharman.
Gharman: Astonished by her tone. Mom, I was just saying...
Sam: Cuts it short. What? You'd prefer if I drink alcohol instead? 
Gharman: Uh no, of course...
Sam: Then shut up and let me be. Puts down her cup and takes her coat. It's stuffy in here. I'm going out for a walk.
Gavriil: Gets up. I'm going with you.
Sam: Oh no you don't. Exits, leaving the others all dumbfounded by her behavior.
Gavriil: Whoa. Something is definitely wrong.
Gharman: You said it, bro...

Sam is alone, walking in San Francisco streets. She suddenly takes from her pocket the message Hadassah wrote to her, and forces herself to re-read it calmly...

Sam: Aloud. "SAM, YOUR FATHER HAD A RUPTURED ANEURYSM... THEY TOOK HIM TO THE HOSPITAL, BUT IT WAS TOO LATE... HE DIED IN THE AMBULANCE WITHOUT REGAINING CONSCIOUSNESS...". Pauses. Okay, Sam, accept it. Your dad is. Takes a deep breath. Dead. Stops walking. DEAD?! No, I can't, I can't accept that. It can't be true. It can't be true. Breaks into sobs. Dad, dad... Where are you?...

Unnoticed by San, everything around starts spinning and gradually fades away. She suddenly lifts her head and finds herself in the Misty Field...

Sam: Looks around. Dad is it you? Are you here?
Ronen's figure materializes in front of her.
Ronen: I'm here, Sam.
Sam: Oh Dad. Tries to hug him but her arms meet emptiness.
Ronen: Smiles. Sam, you can't. I'm not corporeal anymore.
Sam: So it's true. It wasn't just a bad dream. I tried to persuade myself it was.
Ronen: Don't be sad, daughter. I may have gone off to the Afterlife, but that doesn't mean everything is over now. My spirit will be with you always.
Sam: Gloomily. Will it.
Ronen: Yes. You won't see me with your eyes though, but you will always feel my presence by your side, every time you need me. That's a promise.
Sam: Thank you, dad. 
Ronen: Now you must go. Your children are worried about you. And the rest of your family in Russia is too...
Ronen's form disappears and Sam finds herself back in San Francisco streets...
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #245 on: May 01, 2016, 04:51:25 PM »
Back in 1930's Russia, Castiel appears in Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Kole:  Startled.  Geez, don't you ever knock!?
Castiel:  Well, that would be kind of pointless, don't you think?
Kole:  Yeah, I guess so.  What do you want now?
Castiel:  I just wanted to say that I considered what you said.  
Kole:  And?
Castiel:  I arranged it for Sam to have a visit from her father.
Kole:  In the Misty Field?
Castiel:  Yes.
Kole:  Well, it's good to see that you listened to me.
Castiel:  Well, Sam is a friend, after all.  Back when she was a witch, she did help me out a few times.  I figured I owed her one.  Vanishes.
Kole:  Oh, okay.
Alexei:  Comes into the room.  Who were you talking to just now?
Kole: Castiel was here again.  Tells him what Castiel said.
Alexei:  Well, that was nice of him.
Kole:  Yeah, it was.  Heads to the phone.  I'm going to call the others about this.

Anichkov Palace...

Maria:  Hey, everyone, Kole just called.  Informs them of what Kole told her.
Anastasia:  So, Castiel set up a visit from Sam's father.  
Maria:  Yeah, he did.
Tatiana:  Well, at least it gave them a chance to properly say good-bye.
Olga:  I hope that helps Sam with her grief.  I mean we got to see our relatives in the Misty Field.
Maria: And I got those visits from Little Tatiana's birth mother, when she gave me her blessing to raise her daughter.  
At that point, Nicholas and Alexandra enter the room with grim faces.
Olga:  Mama, Papa?  What is it?
Nicholas:  Holds up a newspaper.  I think you all ought to see this.  He puts the newspaper down and they all read it:


Yes, we are back folks.  After a complete housecleaning, in which all the previous staff, who worked for the disgraced Prince Kirill have been fired, we are back and better than ever.  

For our fans, you're favourite paper has risen from the dead!

Anastasia:  Great, the Let's Get The Romanovs rag is back.  
Tatiana:  Well, all we can hope is that, with Kirill's cronies gone, it will not be so bad.
Olga:  Ever the optimist, Governess.
Maria:  Well, the Constitution does allow free press now.  I guess we're going to have to take the good with the bad.

Alexei and Kole's apartment, Kole is on the phone with Maria...

Kole:  You're joking!
Maria:  I'm afraid not, Kole.
Kole:  The paper that tried to out me as an alien invader from Mars is back?  How can that be?
Maria:  Apparently, they fired all the staff that worked for Kirill and are claiming that they are, in their own words, "better than ever".  
Kole:  Yeah, and I have this bridge in Brooklyn for sale.
Maria:  Well, we're just going to have to wait and see.
Kole:  Yeah, I guess so.  Thanks, Maria, for the heads up.  Ends the call.
Alexei:  So, the National Intruder is back.
Kole:  Yeah, it is.  Shakes her head.  These tabloids are like vampires, you need the stake to keep them dead.  No offense to Sam's friends, of course.
Alexei:  Speaking of Sam, should we tell her about this?
Kole:  No, not right now.  She has enough to deal with at the moment.  We'll wait until she gets back.
Alexei:  Good idea...
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #246 on: June 17, 2016, 12:03:53 AM »
A few days later, at Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Alexei:  What's all that you have there, Kole?
Kole:  At her laptop, surrounded by books.  I've decided to transfer our family tree to computer.  Might make it easier in the future.
Alexei:  Kole, have you any idea what you're taking on here?
Kole:  Yeah, I know.  All those names, Nicholas, Alexander, how do you keep track?
Alexei: Laughs.  I know.
At that point, OTMA come in with more books.
Tatiana:  Here you go, Kole?
Olga:  That should be all of it.
Maria:  All we can find that, is.
Anastasia:  The farther back you go, the harder the information is to find.
Kole:  Given Russia's history, I'm not surprised.  I did find something interesting though.
Alexei:  Yes, what is it?
Kole:  Well, there is the question if Catherine The Great's son, Paul, came from her husband.  She had a few lovers.
Tatiana:  Kole, everyone knows that.
Kole:  Yeah, but it's the implications that get me.  If this is true, then none of you are real Romanovs
Olga:  Well, there is really no proof either way.
Kole:  I guess.  Still, it is interesting, isn't it.
Alexei:  I guess so.  For more than a century our family could have been claiming a title that never belonged to them.
Tatiana:  Well, Catherine was still the mother, right.  That counted for something.
Kole:  Yeah, I guess it would.  Mind you, I don't suppose it matter much now.
Anastasia:  Still, I would rather than the National Intruder not get a hold of this.
Maria:  Yeah, they say that they're a different paper now, but I'll believe it when I see it.
All agree. 
At that point, the phone rings and Kole answers it.
Kole:  Hello?  Who?  What?  Okay, I'll tell them.
Alexei:  What is it, Kole?
Kole:  Someone wants to talk to you all.  You won't believe who it is?
Maria:  Well, don't keep us in suspense, Kole?  Who it is?
Kole:  Victoria Melita AKA "Ducky".
All are astonished that the wife of their enemy, Kirill, is on the line...

San Francisco, 2011...

Sam: So, Gavriil, are you ready to go back to 1930?
Gavriil:  Yeah, Mom, I am.  What about you?  Are you okay now?
Sam:  Yes, I am. Tells Gavriil about her visit with her father.
Gavriil:  So, you saw Grandpa in that Misty Field?
Sam:  Yes, I did.  And believe me, it helped a lot.  So, are you ready to go back?
Gavriil:  Yes, I am.
Sam: Right, we'll go say good-bye to everyone here, and then we'll go.
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #247 on: July 12, 2016, 08:35:20 AM »
Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Olga:  On the phone with Ducky.  What on Earth do you want?
Ducky:  Voice.  Olga, please, I know you may not trust me..
Olga:  Damn straight I don't, considering what your husband has done.
Ducky:  That's why I want to talk to you all.  Please, give me a chance.
Olga:  Looks at the others.  Okay, where do you want to meet?
Ducky:  Alexander Palace, tomorrow morning.
Olga:  Okay, Ducky, we'll all be there.  Hangs up.
Tatiana:  Well?
Olga:  She wants to meet us at Alexander Palace.
Maria:  Why?
Olga:  She didn't say.
Anastasia:  Well, I have to admit, I am curious.  All agree.
Olga:  Okay, we'll see where this goes.

The next morning, everyone is at Alexander Palace, in Nicholas's study, waiting for Ducky...

Alexandra:  Well, Nicky, I have to say,  I'm not too thrilled about this.  I mean she did leave my brother for Kirill, after all.
Nicholas:  I know.  Still, I want to know what this is all about.  Ducky went to Germany with Kirill.  Why is she back in Russia now?
Kole:  Yeah, Alexei told me about how Ducky was married to your brother.
Alexandra:  Yes, and she caused quite the scandal when she left him for Kirill.  Mind you, scandal was par for the course in the days of the Old Empire.  
Nicholas:  Yes, a lot of stuff like that happened back then.  
At that point, Ducky is shown into the room.
Nicholas:  Hello, Ducky.  Interesting to see you again.
Ducky:  Thank you all for agreeing to see me.  I know none of you have a reason to trust me.
Alexandra:  That goes without saying, Ducky.  Considering what your husband is currently doing and the company he's keeping.
Ducky:  Alix, that's why I'm here.  I've....  I've taken the kids and left Kirill.
Nicholas:  Left him?  Where are your kids?
Ducky:  In a St. Petersburg hotel.  I talked to Prime Minister Kerensky, before contacting all of you.  He agreed to have a police guard placed on the kids, in case...
Alexei:  In case Kirill tried to take them back.
Ducky:  Yes, that's it.
Nicholas:  Ducky, what is going on?
Ducky:  Well, as you all know, Kirill and I went to Germany.  I knew that he had assumed leadership of the Children Of The Empire.  However, I tried to keep out of it myself.  I focused on our kids.
Alexandra:  And..
Ducky:  Well, we had barely settled in Germany, than Kirill starting meeting that man, that evil, horrible little man..
Nicholas: Adolf Hitler.  Yes, we know of him.
Ducky: At first I tried to brush it all.  However, I would hear them talking.  The things they talked about...  Killing people because they were Jewish.  My God, is that true?
Nicholas:  Yes, it is.  They consider Jews the lowest life form on Earth, and want to wipe them out.  And that is that they intend to do, when they take power, both in Germany and Russia.
Ducky: Visibly shaken.  I knew it.  I tried to convince myself that I'd misheard them, but I didn't really believe it.  That's when I made my decision.
Tatiana:  To leave Kirill.
Ducky:  Yes.
Anastasia:  And so you came to us.
Ducky:  Because I wanted you all to know that I wanted no part in all that.  Yes, I knew that Kirill wanted to restore the old Empire.  However, I never dreamed he would go to such lengths.  Please, you have to believe me.
Nicholas:  We believe you, Ducky.  
Ducky:  Thank you.  
At that point, Kerensky arrives.
Kerensky:  Hello everyone.
Nicholas:  To Kerensky.  What brings you here?  Did Ducky ask you to come?
Kerensky:  Actually, yes.  Turns to Ducky.  I just wanted you to know that I've accepted your request for asylum for you and your kids.
Ducky:  Thank you.
Kerensky: I have a police escort waiting outside.  They'll take you and your kids to a safe house.
Ducky:  Thank you.
Nicholas: Well, I certainly didn't see this coming.

Later, at Anichkov Palace...

Anastasia:  Well, that was interesting.
Maria:  Understatement of the year, Nastya.
Tatiana: Still, I can understand why Ducky did this.  I mean who would want to raise their kids around the likes of Hitler and his cronies.
Olga:  Still, I don't imagine Kirill is going to be too thrilled about this.
At that point, the closet door opens and Sam and Gavriil emerge.
Sam:  To everyone.  Well, what's been going on here...
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #248 on: October 28, 2016, 12:15:35 PM »
This is a one off birthday special entry...

October 28th, 2071, orbit of Mars...

Kole:  Looks down on Mars, in which her shuttle is orbiting.  Well, Alexei, there it is, the Mars One Colony.  What do you think?
Alexei:  It's impressive, Kole.  I see why you wanted to be here for your birthday.
Kole:  Yeah, and I'm sure my parents appreciate the more than two months they'll get to spend with Marie and Amanda while we're gone.   Holds up the time key.  These keys are great, aren't they.
Alexei:  Yeah, they are.  And the best part is that they can return us to 1930 on the same day we left.  So, as far as my family and Sam are concerned, we will only be gone a day.
Kole:  Smiling.  Confusing is it.  Puts the key away and opens a communication the surface of Mars.  This is Major Kathryn Munro, requesting permission to land.
Voice:  Permission granted, Major Munro, welcome to Mars.

Soon the shuttle has landed and Kole and Alexei have been shown into the main colony area.  They meet the colony leader, Dr. Benjamin Driscoll..

Driscoll:  Major Munro, I hope you had a good flight out from Earth.
Kole:  I did, and please call me Kole.  Gestures to Alexei.  This is my husband, Alexei Romanov.
Driscoll:  Romanov?  Any relation to the Russian Royal Family?
Alexei:  Uh, yeah, I'm a distant relative, you might say.
Kole:  So, what is this about a rock you people found not too long ago?
Driscoll:  Yeah, you did mention something about it when you first asked to come here.  Come on, I'll show it to you.


Kole:  So that's the mysterious rock.  Winks at Alexei, who winks back.
Driscoll:  Yes, it is.  Of course, we think it's a hoax, it must be.  A flight to Mars was just not possible in 1928.
Kole:  No, I guess it wasn't.  Winks at Alexei again.
Driscoll:  The odd things is one of those names, Alexei Romanov.  Turns to Alexei.  It's the same as yours.  Looks at Kole.  Isn't Katerina the Russian version of Kathryn?
Kole:  Yes, it is.  Amazing coincident, isn't it.
Driscoll:  Yeah, it is.  It must be.
Kole:  So, is that buggy ready?
Driscoll:  Yes, it is.  Follow me.

Later, Alexei and Kole are out in a surface buggy, visiting Utopia Planetia, where they had landed in 1928.

Alexei:  Well, here we are again.
Kole:  Yeah, only more than a century later.
Alexei:  Smiles.  Poor Mr. Driscoll.  He'll never know how close to the truth he really is.
Kole:  I know.  However, you know we can't tell him the truth.
Alexei: I know.  Reaches into his pocket and pulls out a piece of paper.
Kole:  What's that?
Alexei:  Your birthday present.  Hands the paper to Kole.
Kole: After reading the paper. You bought me a star?
Alexei:  Yes, I did.  Points to the sky.  There it is, in the Constellation of Scorpio.
Kole:  Of course, since I'm a Scorpio, being born on October 28th.  I love it, Alexei.
Alexei:  I knew you would.  Happy Birthday, Kole.  I love you.
Kole:  I love you, Alexei.
Under the Martian sky, that includes the star named for Kole, the two of them kiss...
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