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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #30 on: June 03, 2014, 04:35:10 PM »
Back with Kole and Sam...

Kole:  Are you sure this is the way out?
Sam:  No, I'm not sure of anything.  All these twists and turns.
Kole:  Also, we were both unconscious when we were brought here.
Sam:  Yeah and....   Shhhhh!  Someone's coming.
The two women peek around a corner and see Oleg coming down the hall towards them.
Oleg:  Yoo hoo!  Oh ladies, where are you? Draws a gun.  Don't make this any harder than it should be.
Kole:  Whispering.  He didn't see us.
Sam:  Excellent, we can use that.
Oleg:  Come out, come out, wherever you are!
He walks past where Kole and Sam are hiding.  Sam delivers a blow to the solar plexus and Kole karate chops him.  Oleg drops to the floor, out cold.
Kole:  Picks up the gun.  I guess he didn't count on my military training and your self defense moves.
Sam:  I guess Lothos didn't tell him and his buddy the full truth about us.  
Kole:  Speaking of which...

Soon after, we see Max going slowly another hallway..

Max:  Oleg?  Where are you? Keeps looking for Oleg and thus doesn't see Kole and Sam come up behind him.  They take care of him quickly.
Sam:  Picks up Max's gun.  Now we're both armed.
Kole:  Right.  So what's our next move?
Sam:  You find the way out of here, Kole.  
Kole:  What about you?
Sam:  I'm going to find Lothos.  I have unfinished business with him.
Kole:  Are you sure that's wise, Sam.  
Sam:  Don't worry, Kole.  I may not have my powers anymore, but I have this.  Holds up the gun.  Lothos is as human as we are.
Kole:  Okay, Sam, but be careful.
Sam:  Don't worry, I will.

Soon after, Kole finds her way outside.  She notices a sign on the building ANCHOR MUNITIONS.  She then checks her phone and sees all the missed calls from Alexei.  She phones him.

Alexei:  Voice on phone.  Kole, thank God!  I've been worried sick!
Kole:  Sam and I just escaped.  They had us tied up.  Goes on to describe the escape.
Alexei:  Is she with you?
Kole:  No, she's gone back to deal with Lothos, he's the guy who had us kidnapped
Alexei: Where are you?
Kole:  I'm outside a building called Anchor Munitions.  Apparently that's where Lothos was holding us.
Alexei:  I know the building, it was a munitions factory during the war.  It's been derelict for years.  It's only a few miles outside St. Petersburg.  I'll be there in about twenty minutes.
Kole:  You'll be....  What?
Alexei:  I decided to try and find you myself, Kole.  I got tired of waiting for the police.  
Kole:  Where's Marie.  Surely you didn't bring her with you.
Alexei:  No, I left her with my sisters.  
Kole:  Maybe you should call them.
Alexei:  I will.

Soon after, Anichkov Palace...

Anastasia:  I just heard from Alexei.
Tatiana:  Has he come to his senses and decided to come home?
Anastasia:  No, he had good news.  He got a call from Kole.  Goes on to describe the call.
Nicholas:  I'll call the police and inform them as to where Lothos and his two hired goon can be found.

Meanwhile, Sam is still looking for Lothos, when...

Lothos:  Steps out of the shadows, holding a gun.  Hold it right there, Sam!
Sam:   Holds up her own gun.  I'm armed too, Lothos.  Kole and I took care of your hired thugs.
Lothos:  Well, now, looks like we got ourselves an old fashioned stand off...
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #31 on: June 05, 2014, 12:03:25 PM »
**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Back with AlexeiÖ

The guys have managed to overtake him and are now blocking his car, forcing him to stop
Alexei: Let me pass! Kole and Sam need me.
Ivan K: No way! You are coming home with us right now.
Dimitri M: You canít look for them all by yourself. You donít even know where they are. Let the police do their job.
Ivan S: Be reasonable, donít force us to convince you the hard way.
Alexei: Obviously, your wives didnít tell you. Odd, since I phoned them not too long ago.
Dimitri C-B: What are you talking about? They asked us to bring you home, and thatís what we're doing.
Alexei: Listen, I know where Kole and Sam are.  It's a building called Anchor Munitions. We need to get there quickly.  If you guys want to wait for the police, fine. Iíll go there alone. Donít try to stop me.
Ivan K: But how do you know where they are?
Alexei: I got a call from Kole a few moments ago.  She and Sam were tied up, but they managed to escape.  So will you help me or not?
Dimitri M: Iím coming with you.
Ivan K: I think I can speak for the rest of us when I say us too.
Alexei: Thanks. Do any of you have any guns? I only have one.
Dimitri C-B: We have one in our car. Still not enough, but weíll manage anyway.

Anichkov PalaceÖ

Maria: Iím going crazy, waiting like that.
Anastasia: Me too. What are the police doing? Do you think they have arrested that Lothos guy yet?
Maria: I have no idea.
Anastasia: Iím going to call them.
Marie: You just did so, not five minutes ago.
Anastasia: I know, but this waiting is unbearable. Phones the police.  Hello, still no news of Kole and Sam? Hangs up. No, no news at all. And the police are getting fed up of me calling.
Maria: Perhaps Alexei wasnít so wrong after all.
Anastasia: What?
Maria: Iím starting to think he was right by going himself in search of Kole and Sam.
Anastasia: No, he was wrong. Heís a father now, his little Marie needs him. He canít just leave like that. Can you imagine either of us doing the same thing?
Maria: No, I canít.
Anastasia: Neither can I.
Maria: Do you think we should call him or the guys? Maybe theyíve got some news.
Anastasia: No. If theyíre already there, itís not a good idea. Imagine calling while theyíre trying to sneak into the building.
Maria: So, I guess we just have to wait patiently here.
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #32 on: June 05, 2014, 04:27:15 PM »
Kole is still waiting outside Anchor Munitions, when Alexei and the guys arrive...

Alexei:  KOLE!  Runs over and gives his wife a big hug.  Thank God, thank God.  I was worried I'd never see you again!
Kole:  I'm fine, Alexei.  I'm safe.  Looks at the rest of the guys.  I see you brought reinforcements.
Alexei:  Actually, they originally wanted to stop me.  Long story.  Looks at the gun in Kole's hand.  Where did you get that?
Kole:  When Sam and I overpowered Lothos's goons, we relieved them of their guns.  Sam took the other one.
Dimitri C-B:  Where is Sam?
Kole:  Still inside.  She said she wanted to deal with Lothos herself.
Ivan S:  How can she be so stupid?  Has she forgotten she doesn't have her powers anymore?
Kole:  Gives him dagger eyes.  I would remind you, Ivan, that Sam and I escaped, WITHOUT any such powers!
Ivan S:  Yeah, yeah, sorry about that, Kole.  It's been a long day.
Kole:  No offense taken.  Why don't we go in and give Sam a hand.
Alexei:  Let's go.

Meanwhile, the stand off between Sam and Lothos continues...

Lothos:  You don't want to hurt me, Sam, I'm the only chance you've got.
Sam:  What do you mean?
Lothos:  Pulls out the Amulet Of Hogthor.  I mean only I know how to work this.  I can take you back to 2011 with me.  Just think, you can see your family and friends again.
Sam:  Just a few moments ago, you were ready to hand Kole and I over to the worst butchers this planet will ever see.  Now you want to help me?
Lothos:  Let's just say, I'll take you back, if certain conditions are met.  
Sam:  Ever watch Judge Judy?
Lothos:  What the hell are you talking about?
Sam:  Great legal show.  When someone tries to pull a fast one on her, she points to her forehead and says:  Does it say 'stupid' up here?  Well, I feel the same way.  No deal, Lothos.
Lothos:  Without me, you'll spend the rest of your life stuck back here.  I wouldn't count on your friend, Castiel, coming to get you.  He has his own issues to deal with now, I doubt he has time for you anymore.
At that point, Kole, Alexei, and the guys burst in.
Kole:  Hold it right there, Lothos!
Alexei:  We have you outnumbered.
Dimitri M:  Give it up, it's over.
Lothos: Realizes he's beaten.  Very well.  Farewell, Samantha Cohen, I hope you enjoy the years to come!  HA! HA! HA!  Before anyone can stop him, he grabs the Amulet Of Hogthor and vanishes.
Ivan K:  Where did he go?
Sam:  Back to my time, 2011.  
Dimitri M:  Well, he got away, but at least Kole and Sam are safe.
All:  Amen!
At that point, police sirens can be heard, getting closer.
Alexei:  Looks like the police finally clued in.  
Kole:  I imagine they'll take care of Lothos's goons.  
Sam:  Can we go home now?
Kole:  I agree, let's blow this joint.
Ivan S:  I'll call our wives and tell them we're on our way back, with Kole and Sam both safe.
Dimitri C-B:  They'll be glad to hear that.

***those of you following the last few seasons of Supernatural will know what I mean about Castiel's issues***
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #33 on: June 07, 2014, 12:11:13 PM »
**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

On the way home...

Ivan S: On the phone with Maria.  Angel, Iíve got good news. That Lothos guy wonít be a problem anymore. His thugs have been arrested.
Maria: Thatís great news. We were so worried about you all. Is everyone okay? What about Sam and Kole?
Ivan S: Everyoneís fine. Weíre on our way back home with both of them. Theyíre doing well, just tired.  Kole is asleep in the car, and Sam is trying very hard not to fall asleep too.
Maria: Itís understandable. Emotions can make you feel exhausted sometimes. And theyíve been through a lot.
Ivan S: Sure. Anyway, we should be home soon. I hope there's some leftovers from dinner, because Iím starving.
Maria: We were so anxious about you that nobody has eaten a bite. I didnít even prepare the meal.  I can bake you something quickly if you want.
Ivan S: Yes, please do, my Angel. I love your cooking.

Anichkov Palace...

Anastasia: Theyíre here! Theyíre here! I hear their cars! Rushes to the front door and almost knocks over Olga on the way.
Olga: Hey, be careful!
Anastasia: Rushes outside.  Sam!  Iím so glad youíre fine!  Hugs Sam.
Sam: NastyaÖ please. CanítÖbreathe.
Anastasia: Oh Iím sorry. Lets go.
Sam: Thanks, IÖ
Tatiana: Comes out of the palace.  Sam! Oh weíve been worried sick! Hugs her tight.
Sam: TatianaÖNot you tooÖ.Do youÖ wish toÖ asphyxiate me?
Maria: Joins the group.  Sam!
Sam: Please, donít doÖMaria hugs her too. ..that!
Olga: Sam, weíre only doing this because weíre so happy to see you again. Whereís Kole? I donít see her.
Alexei: Sheís sleeping in the car. Donít wake her up, sheís exhausted.
Sam: I am too. I think Iím going right to bed.
Alexei:  Kole and I, weíre going back to our apartment. I just have to pick up Marie, and then weíre leaving.
Maria: You donít want to eat a little before you go? Iíve cooked something for you all.
Alexei: No, sorry, Iím not hungry, and itís getting late. Thanks anyway.

After Alexei has left...

Nicholas: Is that Lothos really gone? The police said theyíve arrested only his goons, Oleg and Max. So where is he?
Dimitri M: He has gone back to his time, 2011.
Nicholas: But how?
Ivan K; Sam said he had an amulet. I donít remember its name. It allowed him to track down his enemies, no matter where or when they were.   When he saw that he had lost, he used this amulet to return to the future.
Dimitri C-B: Good riddance!
Nicholas: I wouldnít be so sure if I were you. Even though heís returned to his own time, he still has this amulet. So that means he can come back here whenever he wants.
Ivan S: If he does, weíll be ready for him.
Dimitri M: And Iím sure Hitler will think twice before making any more deals with him. Heís probably thinking that Lothos pulled a fast one on him.
Ivan S: Good luck to Lothos if he ever wants to go to Germany now.  
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #34 on: June 07, 2014, 04:31:00 PM »
Alexei and Kole arrive home...

Alexei:  Kole?  Wake up.
Kole:  In a sleepy voice.  Alexei?  Where are we?
Alexei:  Home.  I dropped Sam off at the palace and picked up Marie.
Kole:  I must have slept through it all.
Alexei:  Well, you did have an exhausting time.  I decided it was best to let you sleep.  You can greet everyone at a later time.
They get out of the car, Alexei holding Marie.
Kole:  Is Marie okay?
Alexei:  She's fine.  She's asleep herself.
Kole:  Thank God she's too young to realize what happened.
Alexei:  I agree.  Are you hungry, Kole?
Kole:  No, just tired.  If it's okay, I'm going straight to bed.  See you later.

Anichkov Palace, the next day...

Anastasia:  Knocking on Sam's door.  Sam?  Are you awake?
Sam:  Yes. Come in.
Anastasia:  Enters the room and sees Sam sitting on her bed.  Sam, are you okay?  You missed breakfast and it's lunch time.  Tatiana is getting ready to come up and give you a medical examination.
Sam:  Smiles.  Tell the doc that I'm fine.  I'm just a little upset over what Lothos said, before he left.
Anastasia:  You mean that bit where he said he hoped you liked the years ahead.  The guys filled us in on what went down.
Sam:  Yeah, that's it.  He just had to rub it in my face that I didn't have my powers anymore.  It's the only victory he could have over me, that son of a bitch!
Anastasia:  Sam, we're here for you if you need us.  We owe you so much, after all the help you've given us over the years.
Sam:  I know, and I appreciate it.
Anastasia:  I even tried to help you, when you were in that coma.
Sam:  You did?  How so?
Anastasia:  I figured that perhaps someone in the future could help you.  However, when I tried to go there myself, I couldn't.  Neither could my sisters.
Sam:  Nastya, the powers you and your sisters had came from my powers, and were thus linked to them.  When my powers were eliminated, so were all of yours.
Anastasia:  Yeah, we figured as much.  Still, we miss being able to conjure up movies from the future and visiting your Sanctuary, where you have all those cool animals.  What's going to happen to that, by the way.
Sam:  I imagine my family will take over looking after it.  
Anastasia:  That's good to know.
Sam:  Maybe they'll put Gharman in charge of it.
Anastasia:  Who's Gharman?
Sam:  My son.  He's my first born child.  He's the only boy.
Anastasia:  That's right.  Sometimes I forget you have four children.
Sam:  I can say that myself, considering how often I've seen them.   Falls silent.
Anastasia:  Hey, if...
Sam:  If it's okay, Imp, I'd rather not talk about this right now.
Anastasia:  That's okay, Sam, I understand.
Sam:  You said it was lunch time.  Why don't we go down and eat.
Anastasia:  Right, let's go.  Oh, and Tatiana will still want to examine you.  Just agree and make her happy.
Sam: I will.  

Back with Alexei and Kole...

Alexei:  Kole, you're finally up.
Kole:  What do you mean?  What time is it?
Alexei:  Lunch time.
Kole:  What!?  I've never slept in that late.
Alexei:  You've never been kidnapped before either.
Kole:  That's true.  
Alexei:  I figure we'll have lunch and then go over to the palace.  Tatiana might want to examine you.
Kole:  Alexei, I'm fine.
Alexei:  Yeah, but you know the Governess.  Just agree to the examination to appease her.
Kole:  Okay.
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #35 on: June 10, 2014, 11:18:47 AM »
**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Anichkov Palace, later that day...

Maria: Before Olga and Dimitri move to their new apartment, why donít we all go out to a restaurant to celebrate Kole and Samís return?
Anastasia: Iím down with that.
Ivan S: You can count us in too.
Maria: And what are the Big Pair saying?
Tatiana: Itís a good idea, you can add us to the list.
Maria: Alexei recommended me Jacquesís Bistro, he went there with Kole a few weeks ago.  From what he told me, the food is excellent.
Dimitri M: Iíve never been to a French restaurant before, so itíll be the first time for me.
Olga: What about the children?
Maria: The oldest can come with us, and Iíll call a babysitter for the babies.
Anastasia: I imagine Uncle Misha would be up for the chance to babysit his younger nieces and nephews.
Maria:  I'll call him and ask.
Tatiana: Sounds a good plan. Are Kole and Alexei coming too?
Maria: I sent them a sms and they said yes. Now, I just have to call Papa and Mama to ask them too.

Alexander Palace...

Nicholas: I just got off the phone with Mashka. They want to organize a family reunion at a French restaurant, Jacquesís Bistro. Itís near Alexei and Koleís building. She asked me if we wanted to come. What do you think of it?
Alexandra: Great idea. Tell her that itís okay for us.
Nicholas: Very well, Iíll call her back.
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #36 on: June 10, 2014, 05:22:57 PM »
Later, at the restaurant...

Kole:  While I appreciate this, it really wasn't necessary.  
Sam:  I agree.
Maria:  Nonsense.  We're really glad to have the two of you back safely.
Anastasia:  We had to celebrate it.  You two may not have been born related to us, but you're family all the same.
Both Kole and Sam are touched.
Tatiana:  I must say, the food here is excellent.
Alexei:  I told you it was good.
Olga is silent.
Tatiana:  Olga, are you okay?
Olga: I'm fine.  It just occurred to me that moving day is two days away.
Dimitri C-B:  You're not having second thoughts, I hope.
Olga:  No, but it is a big step for me.  However, I'm committed to this move.
Nicholas:  I remember the time you all moved out the Alexander Palace.
Sam:  Oh yeah, Nicky, I remember too.  You kept phoning us every five minutes, asking if we're okay.
Nicholas:  Well, it was the first time my daughters had moved away from home.
Alexandra:  Nicky, we had to let them go sometime.
Nicholas:  I know, but it's never easy to let go.
Tatiana:  I know, and we feel the same way about Olga.  However, she won't be too far away from us.
Kole:  She'll just be too floors above Alexei and I.   You still see us all the time, you'll still see them.
Tatiana:  That does give me comfort.

Moving Day...

Dimitri C-B:  Okay, back up the truck!
You hear the 'beep, beep, beep,' of a truck backing up.
Alexei:  Me and the rest of the guys are ready to help you start loading your stuff into the truck.
Dimitri C-B:  Right, let's get to work.
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #37 on: June 13, 2014, 12:02:00 PM »
**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Anastasia: Olga, where do want me to put these boxes? Tell me quickly, they're very heavy.
Maria: And this dress, do you want to bring it too?
Tatiana: From the corridor.  OLGA! I packed all your icons.  However, I donít have enough cartons for your books. What should I do?
Olga: Donít speak all at once! Nastya, put them in the truck.
Anastasia: Canít. These things weigh a ton, I canít go that far with them.
Olga: Then ask one of the guys. Mashka, what dress are you talking about?
Maria: Holds up the dress in question. This one.
Olga: Ah yes, this one, I'll take it with me.  Hears Tatiana calling her.   Iím coming, Tanya.
Little Alexander:  Enters.  Mama, I canít find my pair of shoes.  I found only one shoe, and not the other.
Olga: Iíll see to that later, darling.
Little Alexander: But Mama...
Olga: Please, Alexander, I'm very busy.
Little Victoria: Itís fine, Aunt Olga, Iíll take care of it.
Olga: Thanks, Victoria, youíre a true angel.  Goes into the hallway.  So, what have you told me, Tatiana?

In the courtyard...

Anastasia: Comrade Ivan, I need your help. Can you come over here?
Ivan K: Right away, Comrade Imp. What is it?
Anastasia: I canít carry this stuff to the truck. Now weíre two, weíll get it there.
Ivan K: No, itís too heavy for you. Iíll do it myself.   Takes the boxes.  Wow! What did Olga put in? Stones?
Anastasia: I thought the same thing.

After all is done and the Chakh-Bagov family has moved to their apartment...

Dimitri C-B: Iím so tired, but Iím happy that we finally have our own home.
Olga: Iím glad too, but it feels so empty now, without the others.
Dimitri C-B: Oh, donít worry about that, it wonít last. Besides, remember that Alexei and Kole are very close. And tomorrow we're expected at Anichkov for the lunch.
Olga: Thatís perfect. I...  The doorbell rings.
Dimitri C-B:  Grins Let me guess. Itís one of your sisters, for sure. Opens the door and sees Tatiana. Oh Tatiana, what a surprise!
Tatiana: I was bored without Olga, so I decided to see how things were going for you all. I hope you donít mind.
Olga: Not at all, come in.
Dimitri C-B:  Laughing up his sleeve.  We didnít expect your visit at all.
Olga: Donít go on about it, Dimitri. Tatiana, donít listen to him. He just finds it funny that we sisters canít get enough of each other. Before the guys left, he even bet with them which of you who would be the first to come.
Tatiana: Dimitri, on which did you bet?
Dimitri C-B: On you.  The other Dimitri and both Ivan's each owe me ten rubles.  
Olga: Iíll make some tea, as Iím sure the Little Pair wonít be long to get here.
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #38 on: June 13, 2014, 05:50:17 PM »
Soon Alexei and Kole stop by...

Kole:   We just came to see how you two were settling in.
Alexei:  Yeah, and...  Sees Tatiana.  Oh no.
Dimitri C-B:  To Alexei.  Pay up!
Alexei:  You just cost me ten rubles, sis.  Hands the money over.
Dimitri C-B:  I'll collect from the rest of the guys at the palace tomorrow.
Tatiana:  Alexei, you bet on it too?
Alexei:  Yeah, and I should have known that the other half of the Big Pair would be the first to visit.
Dimitri C-B:  Glad to do business with you.  Laughs.
Olga:  Oh, Dimitri, you're impossible at times.   Gestures around.  So, how do you all like it.
Kole:  It's a nice apartment.  Of course, we've all been here before, back when Anya and the others were here.  
Tatiana:  However, I'm sure you two will put your own touches on it, once you're settled in.
Kole:  Also, we....  Stops and begins to sway slightly.
Alexei:  Kole, are you okay?
Kole:  I'm fine.  Just a slight dizzy spell.
Tatiana:  Goes into Doctor Mode.  I think you should come to the Center and let me examine you.
Kole:  Tatiana, I'm fine.  Really.
Tatiana:  Who's the doctor here.  You or me?
Kole:  Sees that she better not argue.  Okay, okay, I'll come.
Alexei:  I'll come too.
Tatiana:  Sorry about this, Olga, but duty calls.
Olga: I understand.  I'm sure it's nothing.
Tatiana:  I hope so too.  

At the Center...

Tatiana:  Irina, take Kole to Examination Room One.  I'll be there in a few moments.
Irina:  Okay, Dr. Malama.  To Kole.  Come with me, please.
Kole:  Really, this is just too much.
Tatiana:  Kole!
Kole:  I'm going, I'm going!  Follows Irina down the hall.
Alexei:  What is it, Tatiana?  Could it be something to do with the kidnapping?
Tatiana:  I'll let you know when I find out.

Back at Olga and Dimitri's, the Little Pair and Sam have arrived...

Anastasia:  I thought Tatiana was here.  Where is she?
Olga:  Kole had some kind of dizzy spell.  Tatiana took her to the Center.  Alexei went with them.
Maria:  Oh no, I hope Kole will be okay.  Could the kidnapping have something to do with it.
Anastasia:  I don't know.  Turns to Sam.  How are you feeling?
Sam:  I'm fine.  Whatever is affecting Kole is not affecting me.
Olga:  Then I wonder what it can be.

Later, back at the Center, Tatiana has finished her examination of Kole...

Kole:  Well?  Did the kidnapping cause this?
Tatiana:  No, Kole, the kidnapping had nothing to do with your dizzy spell.
Kole:  Then what is it?  Nothing bad, I hope.
Tatiana:  Smiling.  Nothing of the sort.  In nine months, Marie is going to have a brother or a sister.
Kole:  You mean...
Tatiana:  Yes, Kole, you're pregnant again.  Of course, it's still very early on.
Kole:  I  must tell Alexei.  I just hope he doesn't faint again.
Tatiana:  If he does, that's where I come in.
Kole:  If you want to tell the others now, Tatiana, you have my permission.
Tatiana:  I will.  I'm sure they'll be happy at the good news.

And so...

Alexei:  You're pregnant again!?
Kole:  Yes, I am.  Looks at Alexei.
Alexei:  What?
Kole:  I was worried you'd faint again at the news.
Alexei:  Well, I'm okay.  Where's Tatiana?
Kole:  She's phoning the others.  I hope you don't mind, I said it was okay.
Alexei:  No, I don't mind.  Hugs Kole.  This is wonderful!
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Alexander Palace...

Nicholas: Alix! Alix! Iíve got some great news. Youíll be overjoyed when you hear it.
Alexandra: Comes in. Whatís going on?
Nicholas: I was on the phone with Tatiana and she told me...  Oh this is wonderful!   Kole is pregnant. Alexei is going to be a father again.
Alexandra: This is fantastic news, Iím thrilled!  Has Tanya informed the others too?
Nicholas: She did. And as an aside, Maria, Nastya, and Sam are currently at Olga and Dimitriís. And Tatiana was there too, before she took Kole to the Center.
Alexandra: It was easy to guess that they wouldnít be able to resist the temptation to see their sister. Poor Dimitri, he moved out for nothing.  
Nicholas: It doesnít seem to bother him much. He finds it very amusing.  Apparently he and the guys, including Alexei, bet on which would be the first to go see Olga.
Alexandra: Even Alexei?
Nicholas: Yes. And Iíll let you figure it out who was the first.
Alexandra: Trust me, without difficulty I can imagine who. Pauses. Iím so happy for Alexei. It brings me memories of long ago, when he was still a hemophiliac.  Back then, he never had a chance to have a normal life for himself. Look at him now. Heís cured, this horrible illness has disappeared for good, and he is happily married to Kole. I couldnít ask for more.

The following day, after school has let out, the children are playing in a park nearby, when Sam arrives in her car.

Sam: Sorry that Iím late. Itís time to go home now.
Little Dimitri: Aunt Sam, can Gacha come and play with us for the rest of the afternoon, please?
Sam: Who is Gacha? A boy from your school?
Little Alexander: No, we met him in the park. We like him, heís fun.  His full name is Gavriil, by the way.
Little Victoria: Can he come, please?
Sam: Why not? Where is he?
Little Elizabeth: Heís behind this tree.
Sam: Come here, Gacha, you donít need to hide. Iím not going to eat you.
After some hesitation, Gavriil decides to show himself. When Sam sees him, she has a sudden burst of emotion.
Sam: Oh, my God, youÖ
Little Alexandra: Whatís the matter, Aunt Sam?
Sam: Strangely upset.  No, nothing. Nice to meet you, Gacha.
Gavriil:   Hi!
Sam: Okay, children, weíre leaving now. Do you want to come too, Gacha?
Gavriil: Yep, Iíd love too. They say you live in a palace, is that true?
Sam: It is. Youíll see it for yourself.  However, first, you need to ask your mom if you can go.
Gavriil: I donít need to. She doesnít care.
Sam: Really? Anyway, I have to ask her.
Gavriil: Sheís not here, sheís working. Give me your mobile, Iíll call her. Moves away a little further with the phone.
A short time later...
Gavriil: Comes back. She said sheís okay with it.
Sam: Thatís great. Can I have my phone back now, please?
Gavriil reluctantly gives it back.
Sam: Thinking to herself. That kid is really strange.

Anichkov Palace...

The adults are watching the children playing outside.

Maria: Notices that Sam looks moved. Whatís up with you, Sam? You look like you saw a ghost.
Sam: Itís this boy, Gacha. He reminds me of my son, Gharman. I guess itís because I miss my children so much that I see them in every child I meet.  And since I know about Koleís pregnancy, itís worse. Donít get me wrong, Iím very happy for her and Alexei.  However, when I think  Iíll never see my own children again, itís hard.
Anastasia: Itís normal that you miss them, Sam. Iíd be heartbroken too if I were in your position. Remember, however,  that youíre not alone. You still have a family here, you still have us.
Sam: Thanks for your comforting words, Nastya. Looks at her watch. Oh, itís almost dinnerís time.   Gachaís mom must be waiting for him. Iíd better drive him home now.

The next day...

Anastasia: Has someone seen my golden bracelet? I could have sworn I put it on this table yesterday.
Olga: I didnít see it. Knowing you, itís very likely you put it somewhere else and forgot where.
Anastasia: I could have sworn...
Tatiana: Olga may be right, since your bracelet is not here. Iíll search upstairs and you, downstairs.
One hour later...
Tatiana: I looked into every corner. Nothing. What about you?
Anastasia: Nothing either. And I asked the children, they said they didnít take it. Itís like my bracelet has vanished in the air.
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
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Sam comes into the room...
Sam:  What's going on?
Anastasia: My gold bracelet has disappeared.
Tatiana:  Nastya and I have looked everywhere.  We can't find it.
Sam:  Well, I haven't seen it.
Anastasia:  Maybe I left it at Alexei and Kole's.  Sam, are you planning on visiting them today?
Sam:  Yes, I was going to congratulate Kole on her new pregnancy.
Anastasia:  Could you take a look for my bracelet over there?
Sam:  Sure, no problem.

Later, at Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Kole:  Will you stop hovering over me, Alexei, I'm fine.
Alexei:  Sorry, Kole, it's just that...  Well, after you lost that first baby...
Kole:  Alexei, that's not going to happen again.  I had Marie without any problems, remember.  
Alexei:  You're right, Kole.  I'm being silly.
A knock is heard at the door.  Kole answers it.
Kole:  Sam, what brings you here?
Sam:  I came to congratulate you, Kole, on the happy news of your pregnancy.  Also, Anastasia asked me to come over and see if she left her gold bracelet here.  She can't find it.
Alexei:  I don't think so, but let's take a look around.
Kole:  Well, it doesn't seem to be here.
Sam:  Yeah, I guess not.  Sits down.  Congratulations, Kole.
Kole:  Thank you.  What's been going on at the palace?
Sam: Oh, did you hear, the children made a new friend.
Alexei:  Really?  Who is it?
Sam:  A child named Gavriil.
Kole:  Gav.....  Looks at Alexei.
Alexei:  It's the Russian form of "Gabriel".
Kole:  Oh.  
Sam:  I had a little meltdown because of him.
Kole:  Why?
Sam:  Because he reminded me of my son, Gharman.  Gavriil is much younger, of course, but there is a resemblance.
Kole:  Are you sure you're okay, Sam?
Sam:  Well, Kole, truth be told, I was never much of a mother to my kids.  I was always in some other place or time.  I guess I took it for granted that, no matter what, I could always go back to them when I wanted to.
Kole:  I see, and now you can't.
Sam:  Yeah, that's it.  I guess you really never know what you have until it's gone.  Gets up.  Well, I better be getting back.  I'll have to tell Anastasia that her bracelet is not here.  See you both later.
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

A few days later, in Olga and Dimitriís apartment, while Olga is visiting Anichkov, the guys are talking...

Ivan K: So how is it like, now that you donít live at Anichkov anymore?
Dimitri M: Laughs. Yeah, now that our wives visit Olga and you all of the time? Did moving out really make a difference?
Dimitri C-B: It did. And youíre exaggerating, they donít spend all their time with us. Okay, the first day...
Ivan S: They spent a LOT of time here at your apartment.
Dimitri C-B: Yeah, that's true. However, it was understandable and I was okay with it. I didnít want to break up OTMA, just have more privacy for my family. And theyíre not annoying, they understand that we need some space, so theyíre not here all the time. Itís the same for Alexei and Kole.

Anichkov Palace...

Maria: The children would like very much for Gavriil to come back. Can you arrange that?
Sam: Sure, Iíll phone his mom. He called her with my mobile to ask if he could go to Anichkov with us, so her number is saved on my phone. Checks out her mobile. Oh no!
Maria: What?
Sam: I donít believe it! Look, thereís no number, he never called his mother. He fooled me.
Maria: Takes a look. Yeah, youíre right. This is odd.
Sam: I think I know why he didnít call her.
Maria: Itís because she wouldnít have allowed him to come here.
Sam: Absolutely. Now I understand why he didnít want to give me back my phone. He was afraid I would uncover the truth.
Maria: So what are you going to do?
Sam: Fortunately, I know where he lives.  I dropped him off in front of his house the other day. Iíll have a talk with his mother and explain everything to her.
Maria: Iím coming with you.

Sometime later...

Sam: Here we are, itís this house. Knocks on the door.
Woman: Opens the door. Yes?
Sam: Hello, my name is Samantha Cohen and this is Maria Skorokhodov. Is Gavriil here?
Woman: Gavriil? Who is Gavriil?
Maria: Surprised.  Isnít he your son?   I donít understand.
Sam: I donít understand either. He told me he lived here.
Woman: I live alone, I have no children.  Iíve never heard of this Gavriil.
Sam: I guess itís a mistake then. Our apologies, Maíam.

As Sam and Maria head back to the car...

Sam: Iím certain this is the house he showed me.
Maria: If youíre sure about it, then we have a big problem.
Sam: Yes, Iím positive. I didnít enter, I just dropped him off in front of it and left. Oh boy, Iíve been completely had by this kid.
Maria: Like all of us. Remains silent for a while. The bracelet!
Sam: Sorry?
Maria: Nastyaís bracelet, remember? Do you think he stole it?
Sam: No, impossible.
Maria: Why? After all, you searched everywhere and found nothing. AND Gavriil went to the palace the same day the bracelet disappeared.
Sam: Well, maybe. However, we donít have enough proof to say he is the thief.  Iím very concerned about him, he lied to us  all. Why? Suppose he ran away from his real home, or something like that?
Maria: It may be better to call the police just to check.
Sam: Okay.  Before that, however, weíll go to the park where I met him, to see if heís there. And I wonít mention the bracelet to the police, not until weíre sure it has been stolen.

At the park...

Maria: No sign of him here.
Sam: Letís go back to Anichkov then.
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
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When Maria and Sam get back to Anichov, they fill the others in...

Tatiana:  That's odd.  Why would Gavriil lie to us about where he lives?
Maria:  I don't know, but he did.
Anastasia:  I wonder where the little thief is?
Olga: Nastya!  What a thing to say.
Sam:  Olga is right, Imp.  We have no idea that he took your bracelet.
Anastasia:  Well, it's one heck of a coincidence that the day he visits, it disappears.  
Maria:  Nastya, you may be right.  However, if what I think is right, I might have an idea why Gavriil took your bracelet.
Anastasia:  Which is?
Maria:  He's going to trade it for food.
Anastasia:  You mean...
Maria:  Yes, I think he might be homeless.
Anastasia:  Ah man, if that's the case, I take back what I just said.
Sam:  I agree with Mashka.  
Olga:  How can we find out for sure?
Tatiana:  The Center has contact with a few social workers.  I can ask them to look into this.
Maria:  Good idea, Tanya.  If you don't mind, I'll help with that.  
Sam:  I'll help too.  There is just something about Gavriil I can't put my finger on.  I'd like to get to the bottom of it.


Olga:  Well, I better be getting home.
Tatiana:  Funny..
Olga:  What is?
Tatiana:  Hearing you say that, because I still think Anichkov Palace as your home.
Olga:  I know it's going to take getting used to, Tanya, but we'll always be the Big Pair, no matter what.
Tatiana:  Smiles.  I know.

Later, we see Kole at McDonald's wolfing down a Big Mac meal, when Alexei comes in...

Alexei:  There you are.
Kole:  Sorry, but I got a huge hunger craving for a Big Mac meal.  Ah, the joy of being pregnant.  Where's Marie?
Alexei:  I left here with Olga and her Dimitri.  Good to have them as neighbours.
Kole:  It sure is.
Alexei:  Olga just told me something interesting about that Gavriil boy.  Fills Kole in.
Kole:  So he's homeless?
Alexei:  Mashka thinks so.  It would explain so much.  They're going to look into it.
Kole: Well, I hope they find out.  Now, can you pass me those French Fries...
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Later, back at Anichkov...

Tatiana: I made several phone calls to the social services and police, and I have some interesting information.
Maria: Go ahead.
Tatiana: In their files, they have a Gavriil Baranov. His description matches our Gavriilís,  aged ten, dark hair, green eyes.
Sam: What did they tell you about him?
Tatiana: Heís an orphan. He got away three months ago from one of the orphanages here in St. Petersburg.  I told the police where you met him, and thanks to that info, theyíre confident theyíll find him soon.
Sam: This little guy must be resourceful for having managed to survive on his own so far.
Tatiana: Apparently, itís not the first time he's run away. And heís also known to the police for shoplifting and theft.
Maria: So, I guess he is indeed our thief.
Tatiana: Iím afraid so.
Sam: You were right, Maria, he did it for food. What will happen to him once theyíve found him?
Tatiana: He will be sent back to his orphanage.
Maria: So you didnít mention the bracelet to the police?
Tatiana: I didnít, although Iím convinced he stole it.  The police will let us know when they have found Gavriil.
Sam: Hastily leaves the room. Sorry, Iíve got a phone call to make.

Alexander Palace courtyard...

Alexandra: Nicky, are you ready? We...  Sees Sam.  Hello, Sam. What brings you here?
Sam: I need to talk to both of you. I hope I haven't come at a bad time.
Alexandra: Not at all. We were about to go to Olga and Dimitriís, theyíre expecting us for tea. However we have a few minutes to talk. What is it about?
Sam: Fills them in on Gavriilís story. If he ran away several times from his orphanage, it means that he must be awfully unhappy there.
Alexandra: Poor boy. Thief or not, I pity him.
Sam: It might sound a little hasty, but...
Nicholas: What?
Sam: Iím thinking of maybe..   Er...  Becoming a foster parent for Gavriil, once the police find him.   Silence falls.  I called a social service agency, but theyíre reluctant. They say Gavriil is a difficult child and the previous cases of foster care with him ended in disaster.
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
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Alexandra:  Uh, Sam, aren't you jumping the gun here.
Nicholas:  I agree, you barely know this boy.  What's the rush?
Sam:  Sits down.  OTMA have their children, Alexei and Kole have Marie, and they're now expecting their second child.   What do I have?
Alexandra:  You have your own children, Sam.  You've told us about them.
Sam:  Yeah, but they're all nearly a century in the future from now, a future I can no longer reach.  And even if I did find a way to get back to 2011, there is another problem.  I have enemies there.
Nicholas:  Like that Lothos fellow.
Sam:  Yeah, and he's not the only one.  Thanks to my pride and arrogance, I probably made an enemy of every Vampire Hunter on the planet.  In the old days, that would not have been a problem, but with my powers gone, it would be like having a bulls-eye target painted on my back.  How can I be a good mother, when I'd be constantly looking over my shoulder.  Besides...
Alexandra:  Yes...
Sam:  Even before everything went to Hell for me, I was never much of a mother.  I was always gallivanting off to this place or this time, to fight this monster or this villain.  My family must have had the patience of Job, watching my children while they hoped I would finally settle down.  Of course, I never did.  I always took it for granted that option would always be there.  I always....  Bursts into tear.  Oh God, how could I have been so stupid!
Alexandra: Begins comforting Sam.  Sam, don't cry.  We'll help you any way we can.

Soon, at Olga and Dimitri's...

Olga: On the phone.  Yes, Papa, we understand.  Hangs up.
Dimitri C-B:  What's going on?
Olga:  Mama and Papa can't make it. Explains why.
Dimitri C-B:  I can totally understand.
Olga:  I'm going to call my sisters and Alexei.  We need a meeting about this.

Later, at Anichkov Palace, OTMAA and their respective siblings are talking...

Maria:  Poor Sam.  I know how I'd feel if I were permanently separated from my children.
Anastasia:  I say that if she wants to be foster mom to Gavriil, we should support that.
Tatiana:  That's if the police can find him.
Olga:  I'm sure they will.
Alexei:  Stands up.  I don't have to say how much we all owe Sam for what she's done for us over the years.  Especially me.  I might not even be alive now, had Sam not cured me when she temporarily had those God powers.  Looks at Kole, who is holding Marie.  I would not have my beautiful wife and daughter, without Sam.  I owe her, we all owe her.
Kole:  I would not have you, Alexei, or Marie, without her.  We have got to help her.
Alexei:  Then let's try to make this happen for her.

Meanwhile, Nicholas is on the phone with Prime Minister Kerensky...

Kerensky:  Over the phone.  I must say this is an unusual request.
Nicholas:  I know, but can you help us.
Kerensky:  If it were anyone else, I'd say no.  However, I know what Sam has done for your family over the years.  I'd be glad to help.
Nicholas:  That's good.
Kerensky:  I'll pull a few strings with the police.  Should they find this Gavriil, they'll bring him to Anichkov Palace, instead of taking him back to the orphanage.  Hopefully, Sam can take it from there.
Nicholas:  That is good news.  Thank you.
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