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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #45 on: June 22, 2014, 05:35:28 PM »
The next day, Kole and Sam are at McDonald's, having lunch...

Sam:  I guess you heard about my little meltdown yesterday.
Kole:  Yes, I did,  However, I can't blame you.  This must be harder for you than we thought.
Sam: Yeah, it is.  
Kole:  Sam, you must know that we're doing everything we can to help you.
SamL  Huh?
Kole:  I mean you getting foster care for Gavriil.  You've helped us many times in the past, so now we're helping you.

Anichkov Palace...

Maria:  Hey, have you all heard.  Papa asked Kerensky to pull some strings in regards to Gavriil.
Anastasia:  How so?
Maria:  If the police find them, they'll bring him here, instead of back to the orphanage.
Tatiana:  That sounds like a good idea.  When he gets here, I can give him a medical check up and see if he's okay.
Anastasia:  I wonder what happened to his parents?  I've tried doing research, but I keep coming up empty.
Tatiana:  Don't forget, Nastya, that when Gavriil was born, the revolution was still going on.  It's possible that the records of his parents were lost.
Maria:  So we may never know what happened to them.
Tatiana:  Yes, that's possible.
Maria:  Well, I just hope we can give him a nice home here.
Anastasia:  Assuming the police can find him, that is.
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Later, in one of the streets of St. Petersburg, two truckers are working...

Man # 1: The workday is over. Finally.
Man #2: Yeah. This day seemed to take forever. They get back into their delivery truck and start to back up, when suddenly in the rear view mirror,  they see a young boy
Man #1: Stop the truck! STOP IT!
The driver brakes, but it's too late.  The truck hits the boy.

Anichkov Palace, the phone rings...

Sam: Answers it. Hello?
Policeman:  Voice on phone.  This is the St. Petersburg Police.  We were asked to call you if we found a certain boy?
Sam:  I guess you've found Gavriil?
Policeman:  Yes, but Iím afraid I have bad news. He's at the Tatiana Malama Medical Center. He was hit by a truck and is in serious condition. Thanks to the wanted notices we issued, the hospital recognized him and called us at once.
Sam: Oh my God!  Weíre coming immediately. Thanks for calling. Hangs up.
Ivan S: Whatís going on? Something to do with Gavriil?
Sam: The police informed me that he is at the Center. He had an accident.  He was hit by a truck and from what they told me, itís serious.
Ivan S: Why didnít Tatiana tell us?
Sam: Sheís not at the Center today. Itís her day off.
Ivan S: I forgot about that. Iíll tell Maria and then we'll go over.  Iíll leave it to Maria to inform everyone.

Soon, at the Center...

Irina: You canít see Gavriil at the moment. Heís still in the operating room.
Sam: Tell us more about his condition. Is he still critical?
Irina: No, heís not.  And all I can tell you for now is that he was hit on the head.  Fortunately the vehicle wasnít going very fast. Youíll know more after the operation.
Ivan S: On the head? How serious is it? Please tell us.
Irina: I canít, I donít have enough information.  As I said, when the operation is over, you can discuss with the doctor in charge.


Irina: You can see him, but for no more than five minutes.
Sam: Thanks.
Irina: I'll take you to his room.

Gavriilís hospital room...

Sam: Hello, Gacha. How are you feeling?
Gavriil: Not very well.  Suddenly realizes who heís talking to. Why...Why are you here?
Sam: Long story. Explains about the foster care.
Gavriil: I donít understand.  Why are you doing this for me?
Sam: I donít know. Maybe because I feel that you never got a chance of having a real home. At Anichkov, I can give you one.
Gavriil: You know I stole something from you. A bracelet.
Sam: Itís okay. We understand why you did that. And we said nothing to the police.
Gavriil: Iím sorry, Iím so sorry. If Iíd known that you were like that, I would never have stolen it.
Sam: Forget it. It doesnít matter.
Gavriil: Still IÖ
Sam: Changes the subject. Tell me, how it was like in your previous foster homes?
Gavriil: Didnít work out. They didnít choose me, they didnít want me. Nobody ever did.
Sam: I do.
Gavriil looks at her in surprise.
Irina: Enters. We must let him rest now.
Sam: Okay. Bye, Gavriil. I'll see you tomorrow.
Gavriil: See ya. Uh, whatís your name?
Sam: Samantha, but you can call me Sam. Leaves the room.
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
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Later, back at Anichkov...

Tatiana:  Sam!
Sam:  Yes, what's wrong.
Tatiana:  Irina just filled me in about Gavriil being at the Center.  Why didn't any of you contact me?
Sam:  It's your day off, Tatiana.  I felt that you should spend it with you family.
Tatiana:  Yes, I can understand that, Sam.  However, given how much Gavriil seems to mean to you, you should have called me.  
Sam:  Yeah, you're right.  Sorry about that.
Tatiana:  Smiles.  It's okay.  He's going to be at the Center for a week at least.
Sam:  A week?
Tatiana:  We need to do a full work up on him, since he doesn't seem to have any medical records, or at least none we can find.
Sam:  There must have been some records made at some time.
Tatiana:  Yes, but they must have been lost somewhere.  Nastya is still looking.
Sam:  Detective Imp is on the case again.
Both laugh.

Later, OTMA are talking in the dining room...

Olga:  And you were worried you wouldn't see me anymore when I moved out.
Tatiana:  Yeah, I guess I overreacted.  Sorry about that, Olga.
Olga:  Smiles.  That's all right.
Anastasia: Looks up from her lap top.  I think I may have found out what happened to Gavriil's records.
Maria:  What happened to them?
Anastasia:  The building the records were kept in was burned to the ground in early 1918.  No one is sure who did it, the country was in total chaos back then, don't forget.
Tatiana:  So the records were all destroyed?
Anastasia:  Yeah, it seems so, unless copies were made and stored somewhere else.  However, I haven't been able to find any indication this was done.
Olga:  So we're flying blind here.
Maria:  I guess that's why the Center has to do a complete work up on Gavriil.  How is he, by the way?
Tatiana:  He seems to be okay, but we're monitoring him carefully.  He did have a head injury, we have to make sure there is no chance of a subdural hematoma.
Gets a bunch of blank stares.
Anastasia:  Hey, Dr. Malama, could you please give that to us in English?
Tatiana:  Sorry.  What I meant is that we have to watch out for any indication of bleeding into his brain.
Olga goes pale.
Maria:  Olga...
Olga:  I'm okay.  You all know how I feel about blood, after all.
Anastasia:  Is there any indication of a sub... sub....  Whatever you just said?
Tatiana:  No, but we can't take any chances.

Meanwhile, at Alexei and Kole's....

Alexei:  Arrives home with a pizza from Pizza Hut.  I'm back.
Kole:  Greets him and takes the pizza.  I'm starving.
Alexei:  Those cravings again.
Kole:  Begins to eat a slice of pizza.  Yeah, they're back.  Don't forget I'm eating for two now.
Alexei:  I know.  Falls silent.
Kole:  What is it?
Alexei:  I'm a little worried about his baby.  What if...
Kole:  You're worried I might lose it, like I did our first one?
Alexei:  Yeah, I am.  I know I shouldn't be, but that's just how I'm feeling.  Am I being silly?
Kole:  No, just cautious.  I can't blame you, Alexei.  However, we had Marie without any problems.
Alexei:  That's true.  Maybe it's because of this year.
Kole:  This year?
Alexei:  It's the tenth anniversary of 1918, whenever everything really went to Hell for us.
Kole:  That's right.  Sorry about forgetting that.
Alexei:  Not that I can blame you for that, Kole.  You weren't even here.
Kole:  I know, but part of me wishes I had been.  I would have stood by all of you, no matter what.
Alexei:  That's nice to hear, considering how many felt about us back then.  To most, being our friend would have been a liability, not an asset.
Kole:  Reaches over and takes his hand.  Alexei, that was a long time ago.  Russia doesn't hate you and your family anymore, at least most of Russia doesn't.  Things are much better now.  Marie and her yet to be born sibling will never know the chaos that you did.
Alexei:  The coming war with Germany notwithstanding.
Kole:  Alexei, whatever the future holds for us, all of us, we will face it together.  As a family.  Take heart in that.
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Alexei is walking down the street with Anastasia.  He is pushing Marieís stroller.  Anastasia is holding Paulís hand.

Paul: Seeing thereís a funfair on the main square. Mama, can I do a carousel ride, please?
Anastasia: Sure. Have fun.
Paul:  YAY!  Heads off to the carousel.
Alexei: Nastya.
Anastasia: Yes?
Alexei: Iíve got something I want to talk to you about.  Looks like he wants to go on, but stops.
Anastasia: What is it, Alexei? I can tell youíre worried. Is it about Kole?
Alexei: Yes. Itís... Well...  Since she told me sheís pregnant, I've been having the same nightmare all the time.
Anastasia: What nightmare?
Alexei: Iím at the hospital, in the waiting room, Kole is in the delivery room. Then, the doctor comes out and tells me Kole died while giving birth, and they were unable to save the baby either. Nastya, I know itís silly, itís just a nightmare. Yet, I canít help worrying. Suppose itís a premonition?
Anastasia: Of course, itís nota premonition. Iím going to tell you what it is. Youíre still traumatized by Koleís miscarriage. There was also her recent kidnapping where you were afraid of losing her. After all that, itís natural to worry.  Iím convinced, however, everything will be fine. That miscarriage was just an accident. And remember Kole had Marie without a problem.
Alexei: Thatís the problem, Nastya.  For Marie, we knew everything was going to be alright, because our grandparents told us so.  This time we donít know. Just like for our first baby.
Anastasia: Alexei, I had a miscarriage too, and then I had Paul.  Catherine and Samantha arrived without any problems as well.  So you see, both my miscarriage and Koleís were just accidents.  They were bad things, but itís in the past now. If you talk to Kole about it, she will tell you the same.
Alexei: I did talk to her, but I didnít tell her about my nightmare.
Anastasia: You should. It will help you.

At the Center...

Sam: How are you today, Gavriil?
Gavriil: Much better, although it still hurts.
Sam: Dr. Malama said the pain will disappear in a few days.  Youíll be able to leave the hospital soon after that.
Gavriil: Good to know, cause Iím fed up of being here.
Sam: I'll bring you a few comic books to help you pass the time.
Gavriil: Thanks.
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
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Later, when Alexei gets home, he tells Kole about the nightmare...

Kole:  Oh wow, I didn't realize it was that bad.  How often have you had that nightmare?
Alexei:  Off and on, since we found out you were pregnant again.
Kole:  Alexei, you know I'm going to be okay, we've had glimpses into the future, after all.
Alexei: I know, but it still bothers me.  Also, there is the baby?  Will it be okay?
Kole:  There is one way to find out.
Alexei:  How?
Kole:  We're going to take a nap, right now.
Alexei:  A nap!?  Kole, I don't...
Kole:  Trust me, it will help.

Alexei and Kole go to sleep, and find themselves in the Misty Field...

Alexei:  How did you know about this?
Kole:  I little bird told me.  Looks as May comes bounding up to them.
Alexei:  Aunt May?
Kole:  She appeared to me in a dream today, while you were out.  She told me about your nightmare.
May:  Yes, I felt I needed to tell Kole.  I hope you don't mind.
Alexei:  Of course not, Aunt May.
May:  They want to talk to you.
At that point, Alexander III and Marie F. appear.
Alexei:  Grandmother?  Grandfather?
Alexander III:  It's good to see you again, Alexei.
Marie F:  To Kole.  How is my namesake?
Kole:  She's wonderful.  You should come and see her.
Marie F:  Oh we have, we peek from time to time.    Being a child, she can see us.
Kole: I've noticed Marie looking into the air at times.  That was you?
Marie F:  Yes, it was.
Alexander III:  So, Alexei, about these nightmares of yours, don't worry about them anymore.  Your next baby will arrive without any complications for you or Kole.
Alexei:  I guess you would know that, Grandfather.
Alexander III:  Yes, information comes our way.
Marie F:  Neither of you has to worry.  Everything will work out, trust us.
Kole:  Of course we trust you.
May:  Oh, there is something you need to know, it's about Sam.
Alexei:  What about her, Aunt May?
May:  Although she may not remember it, during the time she was in that coma, she was here with us.
Kole:  Of courses, this is the in between point that connects our world to the Spirit World.  It makes sense Sam would come here.
Alexander III:  While she was here, she told us what happened to her.  We were able to fill her in on the rest.
Kole:  The rest!?  That happened in 2011, how could you...
Marie F:  My dear, all time is one in the Spirit World. There is no past, present, or future, at least not as you understand them.
Kole:  No, I guess there wouldn't be.
Alexander III:  If Sam wishes to remember fully what happened someday, perhaps this information will help.
Kole:  We'll be sure to tell her.
Alexander III:  Anyway, Alexei, Kole, be well.  Once again be assured, your new baby will be fine.

When Alexei and Kole wake up...

Alexei:  Were we just in the Misty Field?
Kole:  We were.  As your Aunt May said, she came to me and told me about your nightmare.
Alexei: So you already knew about it.
Kole:  Just today.  Why didn't you tell me before, Alexei?  I'm your wife, you shouldn't keep such things secret from me.
Alexei:  I know, Kole, and I'm sorry.  It won't happen again.
Kole:  Promise?
Alexei:  Promise.
Marie begins to cry.
Kole:  Sounds like someone is hungry.  Gets up to take care of little Marie.
Alexei:  Seems I have some information Sam might be interested in.
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

At the Center...

Sam: Your head injury is healing nicely. Tatiana says you can leave the hospital today.
Gavriil: Tatiana?
Sam: I mean Dr. Malama.
Gavriil: Ah okay. So her first name is Tatiana? Thatís funny. One of her sisters came to see me and she told me her name was Olga. At the orphanage, they showed us a play where two sisters were called by those same names.
Sam: Eugene Onegin, right?
Gavriil: Yes. What a coincidence.
Sam: Smiles. Itís not a coincidence. Nicky and Alix, I mean their parents, named them after the Olga and Tatiana characters in that play.
Gavriil: I see. Okay, Iím almost ready. Finishes folding his clothes. Iím done. We can head to the Palace now.
Sam: Hang on, Iíve got some paperwork to do first. It wonít be long, just some papers to sign so I can assume custody of you.

Anichkov Palace...

Alexei: Anastasia, I wanted to thank you. Your advice was for me to talk to Kole was very good.
Anastasia: I know, I know. You just forgot to mention that all the advice I give are good.
Alexei: Grins. Not sure about that, Imp.  Yet if it makes you happy to hear...
Anastasia: Iím the best adviser in the world, everyone knows that. Laughs. Okay, just kidding. So tell me what happened. What did Kole say?
Alexei: She already knew.  May told her about my nightmare.
Anastasia: May? Aunt May?
Alexei: Yes, Aunt May.  Later, Kole and I went together to the Misty Field. There, we saw our grandparents. They told us our baby was going to be fine.
Anastasia: Like they did for Marie. So I can imagine that relieved you.
Alexei: A lot. Itís like a big weight has fallen from my shoulders. And we learned something else, about Sam. She went to the Misty Field when she in that coma.  She was with our grandparents and recounted to them what happened in that battle against the Vampire Hunters in 2011. Maybe we can talk to her about. Grandfather said it could help her recover her full memory of that event.
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
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Anichkov Palace, later that day...

Sam:  Comes into the room.  Well, Gavriil is all settled in and...  Sees OTMA and Kole waiting for her.  What's going on?
Anastasia:  Come on in, Sam, and sit down.
Maria:  We need to talk to you.
Sam:  Sits down.  Why do I feel like this is an intervention of some kind.
Tatiana:  It might be just that.
Olga:  We want to help you?
Sam:  What are you all talking about?
Kole:  Let me explain.  Tells Sam about her and Alexei being in the Misty Field and what the ghosts told them.  
Tatiana:  You were in that coma for almost a year, Sam.  So it's likely you were there.
Sam:  I might have been.  Begins to concentrate.  Yes, it's all coming back to me.
Anastasia:  They said they filled you in on parts of what happened in 2011.
Maria:  You should tell us the full story, it might help you.
Sam:  I don't know...
Olga:  We insist.
Sam: Sighs.  All right, well...

***Flashback begins***

An abandoned building, a few miles outside of Chicago, 2011

Sam slowly approaches and building and enters.   Soon, she finds herself surrounded by Vampire Hunters and knows she's walked into a trap.
Lothos:  Appears on the scene.  Welcome, Sam.  We've been waiting for you.
Sam:  I see you have.
Lothos:  You've been giving us a great deal of trouble lately.
Sam:  Well, you started it.  You attacked my friends in Mystic Falls.  Did you really expect me to do nothing?
Lothos:  Yes, we did.  Because things like you are an abomination and don't deserve to walk this Earth.
Sam:  You really believe that, don't you.
Lothos:  Yes.
Sam:  Well, I suggest you leave Mystic Falls alone from now on.  They know about you and are well prepared for any future attack.
Lothos:  True, so we'll settle for you.  Heads for the door.
Sam:  What's the matter, Lothos?  Don't want to get your hands dirty?
Lothos: Pauses at the door.  Finish her! Heads out.
The Vampire Hunters start the attack.  Sam uses her powers to vapourize some, but the sheer numbers begin to overwhelm her.
Sam:  Thinking.  Looks like I'm not getting out of this one alive.  Begins to think of her family, friends, NAOTMAA, DIID, and Kole.  I'm so sorry, I won't be there for all of you.
Vampire Hunter #1:  She's almost finished!
Sam:  Still thinking  Damn if I'm going to let these murderers win.  There is only one thing left, a Surge.  Begins to channel all her remaining powers, preparing for one final Surge.
Vampire Hunter # 2:  She's Surging!
Vampire Hunter # 1: Stop her!
Sam:  Thinking.  Too late.

The building then explodes.  Lothos is watching from his car.
Lothos:  So much for Samantha Cohen!  Drives away.

Later, Dean and Sam Winchester arrive in their Impala..

Dean:  What a mess.
Sam W (to distinguish from our Sam):  We're lucky this building is abandoned and in the boondocks, otherwise Homeland Security would be crawling all over it by now.
Dean:  Yeah, but we better not press our luck, Sammy.  Let's get started.
The boys begin the search.  Soon...
Sam W:  Dean!  Over here.  
Dean walks over to see Sam W. by some bushes.  Lying on the ground is the bloodied body of Sam.
Sam W:  She must have crawled out of the building after it exploded.
Dean:  Yeah, I guess so.  This is the super witch and vampire Cas asked us to find?
Castiel:  Pops up.  Yes, but not anymore.
Sam W:  What do you mean?
Castiel:  I mean that in order to defeat her enemies, she channeled her powers into a Surge.  She survived, but her powers didn't.  She's just a normal human now.
Dean:  Cas, you know what that means.  When the word gets out, every Vampire Hunter is gonna declare open season on her.
Castiel:  Picks Sam up.  I know a safe place for her.
Sam W:  Where?
Castiel:  Not so much where as when.  Vanishes, taking Sam with him.
Dean:  I hate it when he does that.
Sam W:  Hears sirens approaching.  Looks like Officialdom is on its way.
Dean:  Let's get out of here.
Both get in the Impala and drive away.

St. Petersburg, Russia, 1927, outside of Tatiana's Center

Castiel appears, holding Sam, and enters the building.
Irina:  Oh my God, is that Dr. Malama's friend?
Castiel:  It is.  Is there a room available?
Irina:  Of course, follow me.  Leads Castiel to an empty room.  Soon, Sam is hooked up to a dozen machines.
Castiel:  She should be safe here.
Irina:  I must call Dr. Malama about this.
Castiel:  And I'll go to them and explain what happened.

***Flashback Ends***
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
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Sam:  You all know the rest.  I spent almost a year in that coma and now, here I am.
Olga:  You knew.  You knew all along that Surge would destroy your powers, didn't you.
Sam:  Yeah, I did.  However, I really had no choice, I was hopelessly outnumbered.  Besides...
Maria:  Besides?
Sam:  I didn't expect to survive.  Very rarely does a witch survive a Surge.  I guess I was one of the lucky few, or unlucky, depending on how one looks at it.  I'm alive, but I'm forever cut off from my time and family.
Tatiana:  You have us, Sam.
Anastasia:  And you always will.
Sam:  Looks at all of them.  I know.  
Kole:  And now you have Gavriil.
Sam: Yeah, and I'm gonna do good by him.  I'm going to try and be the mother to him I could never be to my own children.   Looks at her watch.  Speaking of which, I'm going to check on him now.  Leaves the room.
Kole:  I think she's gonna be okay.
Tatiana:  Me too.
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

The next morning, at breakfast...

Sam: I guess if I didnít die in that building, itís because I'm still needed here. Although I donít see what Iím good at now, since Iíve got no powers anymore.
Olga: Donít talk like that, Sam.  Problems can be solved without magical help. You and Kole did a pretty good job against Lothos and his henchmen without any powers at all.
Sam: I know, but Iíve always seen myself as a witch and a vampire. My powers were the only way I knew to resolve difficult things.  And now Iím like everybody else, Iím ordinary.  Looks at OTMA. Oh, Iím sorry, I didnít mean that youíre...
Tatiana: Sam, itís okay, you donít have to apologize. We know you didnít say that in malice.
Sam: Thoughtful. Anyway, Olga is right. Things can be solved without having powers.  Now that I look back at the old me, itís true that I was always using magic for every little thing.  I was a bit of a show-off, wasnít I?
Anastasia: Laughs.  Actually I liked that, the way you could make things pop up, books, CDs, the works.  It was fun.
Sam: Yes, it was fun for me too, but magic has to be used for good reasons and only when itís necessary. I used it indiscriminately and I paid the price for it.
Tatiana: Sam, in that fight against the Vampire Hunters, you didnít have a choice. You said so yourself.
Sam: Yes, but I went to confront Lothos alone. I could have waited for my friends to come and back me up.  However, I wanted to prove that I could defeat the Vampire Hunters all by myself. What happened there is entirely my  fault.
Maria: Donít be so hard on yourself, Sam, everybody makes mistakes. Youíre alive now and that's all that matters.
They hear a babyís cry.
Maria: Imp, I think itís one of yours.
Anastasia: It canít be.  Holds up a baby monitor. See, no sound on it. Itís one of yours, Mashka.
Maria: No. Mine are very calm, they never cry.
Tatiana: Thatís not what your Ivan says. You should go and check on them.
Maria: And why wouldnít it be your twins?
Tatiana: Itís not. Theyíre sleeping right now.
Olga: At least, itís not my Alice. Sheís at the apartment.
The baby is still crying.
Anastasia: Mashka.
Maria: No, itís not mine, understood?
Tatiana: And itís not mine either. That leaves only you, Nastya.
Anastasia: Are you deaf? My baby monitor is working fine and there is NO sound coming from it.
Tatiana: You should change its batteries then.
Anastasia: YOU ARE!
Tatiana: IíM NOT!
Olga: To Maria. Are they really arguing about a baby monitor?
Maria: Ridiculous, I know.
Dimitri M: Voice. TATIANA! Can you come here, please? Lili and Valentina are crying, I donít know what to do with them.
Anastasia: To Tatiana. Ha, I told you so.
Ignoring her, Tatiana gets up and leaves the room.

Later, in the kitchen...

Maria: What a fight you and Tatiana had.
Anastasia: Oh, it was just a small one, it could have been worse.
Maria: Donít you think it was very silly fighting over such things?
Anastasia: Yeah, now that I think about it, it was. Anyway, I was right.
Maria: Rolls her eyes. Really, Imp, youíll never change.
Anastasia: Mashka, I have a great idea for today. Itís been ages since we had a proper Little Pair moment.   So what about spending the day together, just you and I? Iím sure our Ivanís wonít mind.
Maria: That's a great idea. Letís go ask them.
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #54 on: July 10, 2014, 04:38:39 AM »

Olga:  So what was that all about?
Tatiana:  What do you mean?
Olga:  That shouting match you got into with Nastya over baby monitors.
Tatiana:  I know, it was silly.  It's just...
Olga:  Yes?
Tatiana:  Maybe I'm just a little jealous of the Little Pair.  I mean I hear them talking and wish I could do the same with you.
Olga:  Tatiana, I'm right here.
Tatiana:  Yes, but not always.  I know we still see each other, but I miss having you all around all the time, Olga.
Olga:  You'll get used to it.
Tatiana:  Yes, but.  Her cell phone goes off.  Hold that thought.  Answers it.  Yes?
Alexandra:  On phone.  Oh Tatiana,  thank God.  I...  Breaks off and is heard sobbing.
Tatiana:  Mama, what is it?  What's wrong?
Alexandra:  It's your father....  He's had a heart attack.
Tatiana:  WHAT!?
Olga:  Tatiana? What is it?  What's wrong!?
Alexandra:  They're loading him into the ambulance now, which will take him to your Center.  I'm going along with it.
Tatiana:  Okay, Mama, we'll meet you there.  I love you, Mama.
Alexandra:  I love you too.  Hangs up.
Olga:  Okay, what's going on!?
Tatiana:  Trying to hold it together.  Papa....  He's had a heart attack.
Olga:  Oh my God!
Tatiana:  They're taking him to the Center.  I...  Cell rings again.  Yes?
Irina: Oh phone.  Dr. Malama, I just found out that...
Tatiana:  My father's had a heart attack.  I know.   I'm coming right in.
Olga:  Let's go!
Tatiana:  First we have phone calls to make.  I'll call the Little Pair, and you call Alexei.

Soon, at Alexei and Kole's place...

Alexei:  So, how are you feeling, Kole?
Kole:  Alexei, I'm fine, really.
Alexei:  Still, I should.  Phone rings, he picks it up.  Hello?  Olga...  Slow down!  What?  Oh God.  No, don't worry, I'll be there soon.  Hangs up.
Kole:  Alexei?  What is it?
Alexei: Looking pale.  My father's had a heart attack, Kole.
Kole:  What!?
Alexei:  Yeah, they're taking him to Tatiana's Center.  I have to go there, Kole.  You understand.
Kole:  Of course, I understand.
Alexei:  They want you and Sam to stay at Anichkov Palace and look after the children.
Kole:  Of course we will.  Takes Alexei's hand in hers.  We'll help in any way we can.

Later, at Anichkov....

Kole:  Holding Marie.  Any word?
Sam:  Not yet.  
Kole:  I hope he'll be okay.
Sam:  Me too.

At Tatiana's Center, Olga, Maria, Anastasia, Alexei, Alexandra, and the guys are in a special waiting room...

Alexandra:  Oh what's taking so long!?
Anastasia:  Mama, I know how you feel.  I'm scared too.
Maria:  We all are.
Anastasia:  We have to try and stay calm.
Alexandra:  Easier said than done.
Tatiana comes into the room.
Alexandra:  Well?
Tatiana:  It's bad, Mama.  Papa's only chance is bypass surgery.
Alexandra:  What's that?
Tatiana:  Well...  Explains.
Alexandra:  If it will save your father's life, then do it.  You have my permission.
Tatiana:  I will, Mama.  I have to go and prepare for the surgery now.
Olga:   We'll be waiting.
Maria:  And praying.

***don't worry everyone, Nicholas WILL pull through, but it's gonna take a while***
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #55 on: July 11, 2014, 12:31:12 PM »
**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Soon, Maria and Anastasia are having a private conversation...

Maria: The operation will take three to six hours, according to Irina.
Anastasia: three to six hours?! And how long have we been waiting already?
Maria: Looks at her watch. 45 minutes.
Anastasia: I tried not to show it to Mama, but I canít stand it. We have to stay here without being able to help. I hate that.  
Maria: Calm yourself, Nastya, Papa isnít going to die. At least I hope he isn't.
Anastasia: Tatiana said it was bad.
Maria: She also said that this operation could save him. I have faith in her.  She will succeed, sheís an excellent doctor. Wraps her arms protectively around Anastasia. Everything will be fine, youíll see.
Anastasia: Breaks down in tears. Mashka, Iím so scared. I donít want to lose him.
Maria: You wonít. He will recover. If Tatianaís visions of the future is true, Papa will be with us for still a long time.

Two hours later...

Dimitri C-B: Darling, I'm going over to Anichkov, just to make sure everything is okay there. I wonít be long.
Olga: I canít come with you. I have to stay with Mama. She needs me.
Dimitri C-B: I understand. Iíll call you once Iím at the Palace.

After he has gone...

Olga: Mama, itís been almost three hours we've been in this waiting room. Do you want to take a walk with me? Itíll help you to think of something else.
Alexandra: No, I have to stay here. Tatiana might come in at any moment.
Olga: Mama, the operation can last two to three hours longer. And going out for some fresh air will do you good. The Little Pair has gone with Tatiana's Dimitri and the Ivanís to stretch their legs in the Center gardens. When they come back, itíll be our turn to go there.
Alexandra: Okay, fine.
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #56 on: July 12, 2014, 07:36:22 AM »
Anichkov Palace...

Kole:  Comes into the room.  Well, Marie is finally asleep.  I looked in on Gavriil, he's sleeping too.
Sam:  That's good to know.  How are the other children.
Kole:  The older ones know something is wrong, but so far I've managed to dodge the issue.  How can I tell them that their grandfather is very ill?
Sam:  Yeah.  Gets up and begins to pace.  God, I feel so useless here.  If only...
Kole:  If only you had your powers?
Sam:  Yeah, that's right.  If only I had my powers.
Kole:  Sam, bad things happen to people.  Even if you had your powers, you couldn't have prevented this.  Members of the family did get sick and hurt, even when you had your powers, remember.
Sam:  I know.  Maybe I'm just feeling right now that it's better to have powers and not need them than to need powers and not have them.
Kole:  Sam, have faith.  Nicky will recover.
Sam:  That's all that's keeping me going, Kole.
At that point, Dimitri C-B arrives.
Kole:  Any news.
Dimitri C-B:  No, when I left, he was still in surgery.  
Sam:  Let me guess, Olga asked you to come here and check on the children.
Dimitri C-B:  That's right.   How are they?
Kole:  The older ones know something is not right.
Dimitri C-B:  Well, I better go see them.
Sam:  I'll come with you.

The Misty Field...

Nicholas:  Mama?  Papa?
Marie F:  Hello Nicky.  It's good to see you.
Alexander III:  Although we wish it was under better circumstances.
Nicholas:  What happened?  The last thing I remember is chest pains and then...
Marie F:  You'd had a heart attack, Nicky.
Nicholas:  Oh God, does that mean, I've....
Alexander III:  No, you haven't died.  Even as we speak, Tatiana is operating on you.
Marie F:  She will succeed, but it will take time for you to recover.
Nicholas:  That's good to know, I guess.

Tatiana's Center, later that day...

Tatiana:  Comes out.  Well, the surgery was successful.
Alexandra:  Where is your father now?
Tatiana:  In Recovery.  I must tell you, Mama, he has a long road back...
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Tatiana: I must tell you, Mama, he has a long road back. For the next ten days, weíll keep him here under observation to verify there are no postoperative complications. When he gets back home, he will have to have complete rest. First, that means he will have to stop doing the sports he usually does. Theyíre not good for his heart.
Alexandra: You know what a sportsman your father is. Itíll be very hard for him to drop all that.
Tatiana: I know that, Mama. It was the last thing I want to say to Papa, but he has to. Itís for his health, he's not a young man anymore. Thereís another thing I need to mention to you. You must understand that as he needs a full rest, he canít assume his Royal duties as before.
Alexandra: What do you mean? Do you think he has to abdicate in favor of Olga?
Tatiana: No, he doesn't need to drop his duties permanently. However, as the Heir, Olga can temporarily replace him for the ceremonies, travels or meetings that might be too tiring for him.  This will be for the next six months at least.  The fact that the Tsar is a figurehead leader, without any real powers, will help matters.  The governing of Russia won't be seriously affected.
Alexandra: I see. Youíre right, itís more reasonable for your father. For a moment I thought you were telling me he had to leave the throne to Olga. He would have been against this idea, you know, he would have considered it his duty to continue, no matter what.  Of course, Iím not speaking of how Olga would have reacted.
Tatiana: Canít help laughing. I know exactly how. Don't worry, Mama, I wasnít speaking of abdication.
Alexandra: Anyway, Iím relived your father has pulled though.
Tatiana: Me too, Mama. I was afraid we might lose him.
Alexandra: Yet you did save him. I was worried, but I knew youíd be able to. Youíre a wonderful doctor, Tanya.
Tatiana: Smiles to her mother. Thank you, Mama, it means a lot to me. Looks at the clock. My shift will end in fifteen minutes. Do you want me to tell Olga then? The prospect of doing some official duties wonít please her. I can try to talk some sense into her.
Alexandra: Yes, please do. Itíll be a great help. I will just tell her he's fine, I leave the rest to you.

Meanwhile, at Anichkov Palace...

Sam:  Comes into Gavriilís room.  Hey, Gavriil, how is your head?
Gavriil: Smiles to her. It doesnít hurt anymore. Dr. Tatiana was right, the pain disappeared after a few days.
Sam: Smiles back at him. Tell me, how itís like to live here?
Gavriil: Itís great. I love being here.
Sam: And I can see the children are glad to have you here.
Gavriil: Sam, I heard that you are some kind of a vampire witch.
Sam: Who said that?
Gavriil: Dimitri and Victoria. Stares at her. So?
Sam: So what?
Gavriil: Is that true?
Sam: No. Iím neither a witch nor a vampire. Gavriil looks disappointed. However, I used to be. Seeing that Gavriil looks suddenly very interested again. I can tell you the story if you want.
Gavriil: Oh yeah, Iíd love to.
Sam: WellÖ

Tatiana's Center, later...

Tatiana: Olga, did Mama tell you about Papa?
Olga: Yes, she did. Iím so happy heís safe now.
Tatiana: Looks uneasy. Yes. However, thereís one thing Mama didn't mention to you...
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #58 on: July 15, 2014, 07:08:07 AM »
Olga:  Yes, what is it?
Tatiana:  Olga, Papa is going to need a lot of rest when he gets home.  That means he won't be able to discharge some of his Royal duties, which means...
Olga:  I'll have to do it.
Tatiana:  That's right.  
Olga:  Great.  I thought I had years to prepare for this.
Tatiana:  Olga, it won't be that bad.  This is not the Old Empire, after all.  You won't actually be running the country.
Olga:  I know it's just a figurehead position now, and thank God for that, however...
Tatiana:  Yes?
Olga:  Tatiana, I'll be representing Russia to the whole world.   What if I mess up?
Tatiana:  Olga, don't talk like that.  You won't mess up.  Remember the French Ambassador?   Remember the President of Finland?  You did great both times.
Olga:  Yeah, I guess I did.  Still, I'd like to talk to my Dimitri about it.
Tatiana:  Sure, go ahead.

Anichov Palace...

Kole:  Looks up as Sam comes into the room.  How's Gavriil?
Sam:  Sits down.  He finally fell asleep.  I had to entertain him with stories about my time as a witch and vampire.
Kole:  Sounds like fun.
Sam:  Yeah.  Pauses.  Kole, I've been thinking about something.  I told the others that perhaps I didn't die in that explosion for a reason.  I'm beginning to wonder..
Kole:  If Gavriil is that reason?
Sam:  Yes, that's it.  You see, as I told you, I was never much of a mother to my children, I was always running around to some other time and place.  Perhaps this is my second chance, a way for me to succeed where I failed before.
Kole:  It could be, I suppose.  Motherhood is a big task, as we all know.
Sam:  Yeah, and Gavriil needs a mother now.  And this time I can't just snap my fingers and gallivant off to some other time when things get too sticky.  I tended to do that a lot with my own children.  Whenever a situation got too complicated, I avoided.  I ran off to some other century and left my family to deal with it.   If they were giving out awards for Mother Of The Year, I wouldn't even be nominated.
Kole:  Sam, don't be too hard on yourself.  We all make mistakes.
Sam:  Yeah, but I made them constantly.  However, with Gavriil, I'm going to do it right this time.  That is a promise.

Misty Field...

Alexander III:  Nicky, the operation is over.
Nicholas:  No doubt Tatiana was successful.  
Marie F:  Yes, and soon you'll be waking up.  Which means you'll be leaving here.
Nicholas: Looks at his parents.  Part of me doesn't want to leave.
Alexander III:  I know, but there are those that need you back in the world of the living.
Nicholas:  I know.
Marie F:  There will be changes you'll have to make, Nicky, but Tatiana will explain.  Trust her judgement.
Nicholas:  Thinking.  I can just imagine what some of those changes will be.

Meanwhile, at Anichkov...

Dimitri C-B:  Yes?
Olga:  On phone.  Dimitri, I need to talk to you about something.
Dimitri C-B:  What is it?
Olga:  Not over the phone.  I'm coming to Anichkov, I'll be there in twenty minutes...
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #59 on: July 16, 2014, 12:00:23 PM »
**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Later, at Anichkov...

Dimitri C-B: Olga, Iím telling you, you donít have to worry.  Youíll do great, trust me.
Olga: Are you sure, Dimitri? This is a big responsibility and I have very little experience.
Dimitri C-B: Laughs. Youíre speaking like your father did, when he had to become Tsar, after the death of your grandfather. Come on, Olga, this is not as big a thing as that.
Olga: A little hurt. I thought youíd understand me.
Dimitri C-B: Of course I do, Olga. I understand very well that you may be concerned, but thereís no reason to be. You wonít have the responsibilities your father had at that time. And youíre not going to be Tsarina yet, you will just represent your father at official ceremonies. Trust yourself and remember that you wonít be on your own, Iíll be there with you, and all the family will support you.
Olga: I knew everyone would tell me that, but I needed to hear it from you.
Dimitri C-B: So youíre reassured now?
Olga: Well, Iím still a little apprehensive, yet I think I can manage to temporarily replace Papa.
Dimitri C-B: Thatís great. Falls silent. You know, when I think of what your fatherís done for Russia, all those amazing changes he and Kerensky made.  I wonder what this country would have been like without them.
Olga: Still trapped in the Middle Ages, probably. They both burst into laughter.
Dimitri C-B: The Middle Ages? Donít you think this is a little bit exaggerated?
Olga: Well, look at how the Old Empire was.  It was centuries behind the times.
Dimitri C-B: Yeah, that's true. We can be grateful to your father and Kerensky that weíre not living in that Empire anymore.

Tatianaís Center...

Tatiana: To Maria and Anastasia. You two are still here? Whereís Mama?
Anastasia: She just left for Anichkov. She's going to stay there with us until Papa can leave the Center.
Tatiana: Thatís good for her.   I guess you two donít know about Olga's situation yet.
Maria: We do. Mama explained it to us. So, how did Olga react?
Tatiana: As surprising as it may seem, she took the news rather well.
Anastasia: Stunned. Well, itís indeed a surprise.
Maria: Tatiana, you look exhausted. Why donít we go to the cafeteria for some hot coffee before going back home?
Tatiana, Sure, why not.
Soon, on their way to the cafeteria...
Maria: With Mama at home, donít you think itíll be a little like it was before, back during the time we were all still living at the Alexander Palace?
Tatiana:  Well, it does look like that, except that Papa is at the hospital and Olga isnít living with us anymore. Wipes her eyes. Sorry, itís been a long day. Anyway, you two are lucky, you still have each otherís company.
Maria: I know how you feel. Anichkov is different now, sometimes it feels very empty when Olgaís not there.
Anastasia: Same for me. I was always used to having her around all the time. However, sheís at Anichkov more often than not. Itís almost as if she never left.
Tatiana: To me, itís not. I miss her.
Maria: Sees that Tatiana is about to cry.  She whispers to Anastasia while Tatiana isnít paying attention.  Weíll have to have a talk with Olga. She needs to speak with Tatiana.
Anastasia: I figured as much.
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