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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Meanwhile, back at Anichkov Palace...

Ivan S:  Baby Mikhail is crying in his arms.  Shhh...  Donít cry. Daddy is here. Another babyís cry is heard. Oh no, not Irene too.  These two are driving me crazy.
Little Nicholas: Daddy, can you help me with my math problem?  I canít solve it.
Ivan S: I canít right now, buddy, Iím busy with the twins.  Ask Uncle Dimitri instead.
Dmitri M: Maths? Me? Youíre kidding! Go and see Uncle Ivan. Heís very good at maths.
Little Nicholas: Where is he?
Dmitri M: In the nursery. Heís playing with Paul.
Little Nicholas: Okay. Leaves the room.
Ivan S: Thanks for nothing, Dimitri.
Dimitri M: Youíre welcome.
Ivan S: By the way, youíre so lucky. Your twins never seem to cry.
Dimitri M: Yeah, theyíre little angels.
Ivan S: I donít know which way to turn with mine. When one is quiet, the other begins to cry. And when that one finally calms down, then itís the other who starts to cry.
Dimitri M: Iíve been there too, with my first ones. And they were three! Fortunately, these twins are much quieter than the older ones were when they were that age.
Ivan S: The other Dimitri is lucky too, one child at a time. Canít say the same thing for me, you, and Nastyaís Ivan.  Then there are Alexei and Kole, who only have one, so far, that is.
Dimitri M: Yeah. If someone had told me that my first children would be triplets...
Ivan S: Speaking of them, your little Victoria, sheís a real miniature Governess. It makes me laugh.
Dimitri M: Sheís just like her mother. She even helps me with the babies.  She's a real Godsend .

In the nursery...

Little Nicholas:  Uncle Ivan, Uncle Dimitri said youíre very good at maths. Can you help me with my homework?
Ivan K: Why donít you ask your father instead?
Little Nicholas: He canít. Heís busy with Mikhail and Irene.
Ivan K: Alright then. Let me see your problem.
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
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Soon, Nicholas and Alexandra arrive...

Older children:  Grandmother!  Grandfather!  All run up to them.
Nicholas:  So, how have you all been?
Victoria:  Fine, grandfather.  The others acted up at times, but I kept them in line.
Alexandra:  Victoria, you remind me more and more of your mother every day!
The Dimitri's and Ivan's enter the room.
Alexandra:  So, how are things going?
Dimitri M:  Fine, as you can see.  We're had some interesting moments here.
Nicholas:  I see.  Well, Alix, and I came to help.
Ivan S:  Thank you.  I see already that the children are happy to have you here.

A little while later, Alexandra is talking with Olga's daughter, Elizabeth...

Elizabeth:  Grandmother, have you heard?  Papa wants us to move out of Anichkov Palace.
Alexandra:  I know, Elizabeth.
Elizabeth:  Mama doesn't want to go, and neither do I.
Alexandra:  You don't?
Elizabeth:  No, I don't want us to leave our aunts, uncles, and cousins.  I'd miss them.
Alexandra:  Your Uncle Alexei and Aunt Kole moved out, remember.
Elizabeth:  I know, but it's not the same.
Alexandra:  How so?
Elizabeth:  Mama has told me stories of how she and my aunts were always together, even in the bad times.  How when they were growing up, they were always together.  They were always OTMA to the rest of the world.
Alexandra:  That's true, Elizabeth, but they grew up in a different  world than the one you're growing up in.
Elizabeth:  That doesn't matter to me.  Mama doesn't want to leave, and so I don't want to leave either.  My decision is final.
Alexandra:  Thinking to herself.  Well, Elizabeth sure does take after her mother!
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #17 on: May 06, 2014, 04:25:52 PM »
The next morning, back with OTMASK...

Kole:  Maria, your breakfast was great, as always.  My compliments to the chef.
Maria:  You're too kind.
Tatiana:  I agree with Kole.
The others pay similar compliments.  
Olga:  So, what are we going to do today.
Anastasia:  I don't know about the rest of you, but I think a hike through the woods would be nice.
Sam:  I agree.

And so...

Tatiana:  Let's be careful now, we don't want to get too far from our camp and get lost.
Kole:  Don't worry, I'm memorizing several reference points.  
Anastasia:  That military training again?
Kole:  It does come in handy.  
Olga laughs.
Tatiana:  What's so funny, Olga?
Olga:  I was just remembering how my Dimitri reacted when he found out Kole had been in the U.S. military.  He said women had no place in the military.  
Anastasia:  Oh yeah, I remember.  Then Sam put him in his place!
Sam:  He had it coming.  No offense, Olga.
Olga:  None taken.  He deserved to be taken down a peg or two for those remarks.  
Kole:  I guess this was when I just arrived in this time.
Tatiana:  Yes, you were still at my Center.
Maria:  Poor Dimitri, it took him ages to live it down, Sam knocked him cold.
Sam:  I didn't mean to, but he caught me my surprise.  
Anastasia:  Still, it was funny.  I guess it was his ego that took the real beating.
Sam:  I guess so.
Kole:  Speaking of the guys, I wonder how things are going back at the palace.
Maria:  I got a text from my Ivan.  Apparently, the children are keeping the guys busy.
Anastasia:  Sounds just like them.
Maria:  But little Victoria is keeping most of them in line.
Tatiana:  That's my girl.
Kole:  Governess:  The Next Generation.
They all laugh.
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
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That evening, they are all back at the camp...

Tatiana:  What's that book you're reading, Olga?
Olga:  Oh, this one.  Well....
Maria:  Why are you hiding it?
Anastasia:  Yeah, what's the big secret?
Olga:  I don't want Sam to see this.
Kole:  Emerges from her and Sam's tent.  Well, she's taking a nap.  So I think you can share it with the rest of us.
Olga:  Okay.  Shows them the book, it's Mein Kampf.
Tatiana:  That's Hitler's book!  Why are you reading that!?
Olga:  As they say 'Know thy enemy.'  
Maria:  That's true.
Olga:  You have got to read this to believe it.  Hitler lays out everything he stands for in this book, yet the German people are STILL going to make him their leader.  It's unbelievable.  
Kole:  Don't forget, Olga, that most people today don't have an inside track on the future like we do.  Writing about something is very different than actually carrying it out.  It's possible that those who have read the book simply can't grasp the concept of Hitler's policies actually being put into effect.
Anastasia:  But we know it's going to happen.
Kole:  Yes, Anastasia, WE do, but the rest of the world doesn't.  Right now, it's just an idea, a concept.  Nothing more.
Maria:  I can see why you'd want to keep this from Sam.  She's already been through that Hell once, and now she's gonna live through it again.
Tatiana:  That's right, a younger version of herself, from the future, will be at one of those horrible death camps.  She'll meet that evil doctor, what was his name again?
Kole:  Josef Mengele.
Tatiana:  That's right.  It still makes me sick to know that man will call himself a doctor.  He has NO right to the title.
Maria:  Once again, we know that.  However, the rest of the world doesn't.  Heck, right now I'll bet Mengele himself doesn't know what he will become.
Kole:  A lot of them probably don't right now.  
Anastasia:  I saw something on television, shortly before we left.  Some German veterans of the war were going around saying that Germany should have won.
Kole:  That's part of the problem, Anastasia.  Many in the German military feel that they were "stabbed in the back" by the government at the end of the war.  If you ask any of them, they'll tell you that Germany was winning.
Maria:  But they weren't.  
Kole:  Yes, but these people don't see it that way.  In their minds, Germany was on the cusp if victory, only to have it snatched away.  Hitler will build on that feeling, only he will have them go looking for someone to blame.  And the Jews will make a convenient target.
Tatiana:  And we know what that will lead to.
At that point, Sam comes out of the tent.
Sam:  What are you all talking about?
Olga:  Quickly hides the book.  Uh, nothing.  We're just talking about getting back home to our families.  
Anastasia:  Yeah, the guys must miss us by now.
Sam:  Oh, okay.  Thinking.  Why are they all hiding something from me?
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

The next morning...

Anastasia: Weíd better start packing up our things.
Tatiana: Relax, Imp, weíre not leaving until tomorrow.
Anastasia: Itíll probably take a whole week for Mashka to put all her things in her bag.  So, youíd better take my advice.
Maria: Hey! Thatís not true.
Anastasia: Seriously, Mashka, do you have to bring your whole wardrobe along everytime we go on a trip?
Maria: I only have two suitcases this time.
Anastasia: Only two?
Maria: Oh, shut up!
Anastasia: You know, if you took fewer things, youíd to able to get ready much more quickly.
Maria: Yeah, and if you were talking less, youíd be ready by now.
.Anastasia: I have all the time in the world.  Iím not as slow as a snail like you are.
Tatiana: How dare you speak of a snail. after you and Olga did to me.  I donít want to hear that word ever again.
Olga: Speaking of snail, guess what is the menu tonight?
Tatiana:ÖNo! Tell me itís a joke.
Olga: Nope. We all know how much you love escargot. And itís my turn to cook. Itís my way to say thank you for your latest gift to me.
Tatiana: I, thought that after all this time, youíd forgotten it.
Olga: You know what they say: ďrevenge is a dish best served coldĒ. I was just waiting for the right time.
Anastasia: And what about the dressing of the salad of tonight? Mucus, I hope. We must not lose the good habits.
Olga: Of course, it's mucus.  What did you think it's be? Best sauce ever.
Sam: Hmmm. I canít wait for dinner.
Olga: Notices that Tatiana is looking more and more green. Maybe one or two escargots would do you good. If you canít wait until tonight, I can bake you some now.
Tatiana: NO! Now, everyone, please stop with that.
Olga: Laughing. Relax, we were only kidding. Thereís no escargot for dinner. Only spaghetti.
Tatiana: No snail? Whew! Thanks God, Iím safe.
Olga: Only for now.

Anichkov Palace...

The ladies arrive back home.  Nicholas, Alexandra, the guys and the older children are all at the door, waiting for them. Watching their mothers coming, the children are jumping around and screaming in delight.

Dimitri C-B: We're so happy that youíre back. We missed you a lot.
Olga: We missed you too.
Dmitri M: One more day and Ivan would have gone mad with his twins.
Ivan S: We were all very busy, except you, Tatiana. To Tatiana. Dmitri spent the whole time in his chair, as if he were on holidays, while your little Victoria was doing the job for him.
Tatiana: I hope that's not true, Dimitri.
Dmitri M: No, of course not, my little Goddess. Heís only saying that because heís jealous that I had Victoria to help me with the kids. His twins cried all the time and he spent the whole time going up and down the stairs, trying to calm them down.
Tatiana: I didnít think I was ever going to say that, but I missed hearing that nickname.
Dimitri M: So you see, youíre starting to like it.
Tatiana: No, it's because you were always calling me like that. And I missed you so much.
Ivan S: Iím so glad youíre here, Mashka. Itís true that I had some hard time with the babies. Fortunately your parents were here to lend us a hand.
Maria: You can have some rest now, honey,  I'll take care of the children now.
Anastasia: To Ivan K. What about ours? Did they behave well? I hope Paul didnít keep you too busy. I know how much he likes to play with toy cars.
Ivan K: They were perfect angels, really. Even Paul. I told him that his mom was coming home very soon, so he behaved very well.
Anastasia: Good to hear that. So the Angelís children were awful? Funny! They donít seem to take after you, Maria.
Maria: Yeah, yeah, keep talking.
Olga: And what about little Marie, Alexei?
Alexei: Oh, she has been as good as gold. However, she missed her Mom, as much as I did.  Iím so happy that youíre back, Kole.  How was the camping trip? Did you have a good time there?
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #20 on: May 22, 2014, 04:56:08 PM »
Kole:  We had a great time.  It was nice for us ladies to just get away and do some bonding.  But..
Alexei:  But what?
Kole:  Leads Alexei away from the others.  Olga was reading Mein Kampf.
Alexei:  The book Hitler wrote a few years ago, while he was in that prison?
Kole:  Yeah, her reasoning was 'know thy enemy'.
Alexei:  I suppose she's right.  Hitler is our enemy, or he will be.
Kole: I know.  However, she didn't want Sam to see her reading that book.  
Alexei:  Well, out of all of us, Sam is the only one who's really had experience with those guys.  I mean we've bumped into a brownshirt or two.
Kole:  Smiles.  Like that one you punched out in Berlin.
Alexei:  Yeah, that felt great.  However, Sam has had much worse experience with them.
Kole:  And now she's going to have to face them again, and this time without her powers.  
Alexei:  So you can see why Olga would keep this from her.  And so should we.
Kole:  I agree.
Sam:  Appears on scene.  What are you two whispering about over here?
Kole:  Oh nothing.  I was just telling Alexei that I missed him.
Sam:  Oh, okay.  
Alexei:  Anyway, Kole, little Marie was very good and...

Back with the others...

Nicholas:  Well, since the girls are back, your mother and I will be heading out now.
Tatiana:  Can't you stay a while longer, Papa?
Nicholas:  I wish we could.
Alexandra:  However, there is a reception at the Swedish Embassy tonight.  Your father and I will be expected to appear.
Olga:  I guess that's what I have to look forward to, when I become Tsarina.
Alexandra:  Yes, but that's still years away.
Nicholas and Alexandra say their goodbyes to everyone and depart.
Olga:  I better put a certain book back in my library, before Sam sees it.
Anastasia:  Not so loud, Olga.
Olga:  Sam doesn't have her vampire hearing anymore, Nastya.
Anastasia:  Oh, right, I keep forgetting.
Maria:  You don't leave that book out in the open, I hope.
Olga:  Shakes her head.  No, I hide it behind a couple of other books.
Tatiana:  You better hurry, Olga, Sam's coming back.
Olga:  Right.  Hurries away.
At that point, Alexei, Kole, and Sam walk up.
Sam:  Where's Olga going?
Tatiana:  Just to check on the library, to make sure the children didn't mess it up.
Sam:  I'm sure the children wouldn't have done that.
Anastasia:  Probably not, but you know Olga.
Kole:  Say, I'm hungry.  Why don't we all go into the kitchen and get a bite to eat.
Anastasia:  Good idea.  The guys can catch us up on events as we eat.
So they all head off to the kitchen..
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Next day,  Anichkov Palace, Little Pairís room...

Maria: Do you think Olga has dropped her idea of leaving the palace?
Anastasia: Letís hope so. She hasnít mentioned it since the camping trip.
Tatiana: That probably means she's realized she just canít leave us behind.
Maria: If this is true, we need to ask her. Just to be sure.
Tatiana: No, weíd better not speak of it at all. Either she forgot about it or she dropped it. So letís just pretend nothing's happened.
Anastasia: Agreed.
Maria: Fine, I guess youíre right.

Meanwhile, in the garden...

Olga: Dimitri, I thought a lot about what you said, about having our own house. This camping trip made me realize that it doesnít matter if my sisters and I live in the same palace or not. We will always be OTMA, even if weíre apart, and nothing can ever change that. Weíve been through too much together to break that bond between us.
Dimitri C-B: So, does it mean youíre...
Olga: Leaving the palace, yes. Weíre moving out.
Dimitri: Are we really? I mean, is this real?
Olga: Yes, it is.
Dimitri C-B: Olga, Iím so happy you made that decision!
Olga: It was a hard one to make, really. The hardest choice in my whole life, but I know Iím doing the right thing.
However, we just got back, so I think itís better if we wait before telling the others. Itíll probably hurt my sisters deeply, so I have to figure out the best way to tell them.
Dmitri C-B: Youíre right. Letís wait a little. However, Iíd like to call Alexei to ask him for some advice on choosing our apartment. He has been there before us and he can be of help. Iím sure that he and Kole can keep the secret.
Olga: Iím sure too.
Dimitri C-B: Okay, Iíll call him.
Olga: And I think Iíll go see Kole tomorrow to talk about that moving out stuff.
Dimitri C-B: You speak of it like it was a big deal.
Olga: It is to me. Iíve never had an apartment on my own and Iíve never been separated for long from my sisters before. Except when Tanya, Nastya, and I had to stay with our brother in Tobolsk because he was sick, while Mashka went with our parents to Ekaterinbourg.
Dimitri C-B: Thatís not happy memories. Iíd rather forget those awful years of the revolution. However 1918 wasnít all bad. Itís also when we met again, in that McDonaldís. Looking back, that was the best thing that ever happened to me.  
Olga: I remember that day like it was yesterday, and how happy I was when I saw you!
Dimitri C-B: Yeah, you turned into a statue.
Olga: And Tatiana fainted when she saw her Dimitri. That was worse.
Dimitri C-B: I think he was about to faint too.
They both laugh.
Olga: Dimitri?
Dimitri C-B: Yes?
Olga: Iím very nervous about that decision of moving out.
Dmitri C-B: Honey, I understand. Everything will be fine. Itís just an adjustment to make.
Olga: I know youíre right.  I think itíd help me if I speak to Kole about it.
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
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The next day, Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Kole:  Olga, what is it?
Olga:  As she walks in.  Is Alexei here?
Kole:  No, he went out to meet your Dimitri about something.
Olga:  I know.
Kole:  What's going on?  When you called me, you sounded so secretive.
Olga:  I had to be.  Listen, Kole, you know that apartment in this building that became vacant when Anya, Sophia, and Sandra moved to London a few months ago?
Kole:  Yes?  What about it?
Olga:  Is it still vacant?
Kole:  Yes, it is.  Why....   Olga, are you going through with this moving out thing?
Olga:  Yes, I am.  I thought about it, and I realized that it's time for Dimitri and I to find our own place for our family.  
Kole:  I take it your sisters don't know about your decision yet.
Olga:  They don't.  Sam doesn't either.  I want your word, Kole, that you won't tell any of them.  
Kole:  I won't.  However, Olga, you can't keep this a secret for long.
Olga:  I know.  So about that apartment.
Kole:  Just a second.  Calls the landlord and talks to him.  After the call.   Well, Olga, the apartment is yours if you want it.
Olga:  Thanks Kole.

At that same time, at a nearby Tim Horton's...

Alexei:  Moving out!?  Are you sure about that?
Dimitri C-B:  I am.  Olga is talking to Kole about this as we speak.
Alexei:  And the others, back at Anichkov Palace?
Dimitri C-B:  They don't know about this yet, and I want your word you won't tell them anything.  Olga and I will do so when we're ready.
Alexei:  Of course I won't tell.  
Dimitri C-B:  Now, we just need to find an apartment.
Alexei:  I know of one in our building.  Tells him about the vacant apartment.  Kole has probably told Olga about it by now.  
Dimitri C-B:  How big is it?
Alexei:  Plenty big.  There will be enough room for you, Olga, and your three children.
Dimitri C-B:  Perfect.  I'll talk to Olga about it.  

Back with Olga and Kole...

Olga:  I don't have to tell you this, Kole, but this is a big step for me.  I've never lived apart from my sisters.
Kole:  I know.  However, you won't be that far from them here.  Alexei and I are at the palace all the time, after all.
Olga:  That's true.  The same will apply for Dimitri and me.  Still, when I think of telling my sisters, especially Tatiana.  They don't call us the Big Pair for nothing, after all.
Kole:  Olga, don't worry.  Everything will work out.
Olga:  I hope you're right, Kole.

***Anya, Sophie, and Sandra were characters I also had no further plans for.  Yep, Tim Horton's, that great Canadian institution, has made it to Russia***
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Later, back at Anichkov Palace...

Olga: I suppose Alexei told you about that apartment in their building?
Dimitri C-B: He did. And he also told me there was enough room for us and the kids. Sounds perfect, donít you think?
Olga: Sure, and itís great weíll be only two floors above Alexei and Kole. Itís not like we were moving to a place where there won't be anyone we know. At least it will feel a bit like home.
Dimitri C-B: So, you see that moving out isnít as big as it seems.
Olga: smiles. I guess so.
Dimitri C-B: So how was your conversation with Kole? What did she say to you?
Olga: Basically the same thing that Alexei said to you.  She told me not to worry, that everything will be fine. And, of course, we also spoke about that apartment.
Dimitri C-B: Since we both agree to choose that one, how about calling the landlord next week and telling him that itís okay.
Olga: I guess you realize that once we do that, we canít hide it from the others anymore.
Dimitri C: Iím aware of that. However, if youíre not ready, we can wait a bit longer.
Olga: No. Kole is right.  We canít keep the secret forever.  Letís make that call and then weíll tell the others right after.
Dimitri C-B: Alright, letís do this.

A few days laterÖ

Olga: On the phone. Okay, thank you, weíll see you on Wednesday. Hangs up.  Dimitri, I just spoke with the landlord. The apartment is ours.  He'll be waiting for us, on Wednesday, to sign the papers.
Dimitri C-B: Thatís great! Now we just have to tell the others. Fingers crossed.
Olga: Iím afraid of how my sisters will react to the news. I do hope they will understand.
Dimitri C-B: Iím sure they will, but maybe not right away. Theyíll need some time to accept your departure.
Olga: I hope youíre right.
Dimitri C-B: So how are we going to tell them?
Olga: I have to tell Tatiana first. She was always the first to learn my secrets. Thatís not going to change now. Then, Iíll talk to Maria, Nastya, and Sam.
Dimitri C-B: I guess itís best if you speak to them alone.  As for me, Iíll tell the guys.
Olga: And weíll tell the children right after.
Dimitri C-B: smiles. Speaking of them. Elizabeth told your mother sheís determined not to leave here. She said her decision was final. That reminds me so much of someone!
Olga: smiles back. I have no idea who youíre talking about.  About Elizabeth, donít worry. I know her. I know how to talk to her. Everything will be fine.

A short time laterÖ

Tatiana is lounging in a chair on the balcony.

Olga:  Comes in. Ha, there you are, Tatiana. I was looking for you.
Tatiana.  Stands up and hides behind her book. No, please, donít do that. Iím sorry about this pie, Olga. Besides, my dress is new and I like it a lot. So, please be merciful.
Olga: Surprised. What on Earth are you talking about?
Tatiana: I know what you want. Youíre going to throw a pie at me, arenít you?
Olga: No. However you gave me the idea, thank you. I'll save it for next time.
Tatiana: Relieved. Oh, thank God, Iím safe again.   So, why were you looking for me, if it wasnít to throw a pie at me?
Olga: I need to talk to you about something important.
Tatiana: You sound so serious. Is something wrong?
Olga: No. First, I wanted to tell you that no matter what happens, weíll always be the Big Pair. Nothing can ever break that.  Nothing.
Tatiana: Suddenly worried. Iím sure somethingís wrong. You wouldnít speak like this if everything were fine. What is it, please tell me?
Olga: Tanya, IÖ
Tatiana: Very concerned. What?
Olga: Well, IímÖWeíreÖ
Olga: Iím leaving. Dimitri and I, weíre moving out.
Tatiana: What? No. Please, tell me this is not true?
Olga: It is.
Tatiana: Olga, are you crazy? You canít leave. You just canít. What about us? What about me?
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #24 on: May 27, 2014, 04:51:09 PM »
Olga:  Tatiana, did you not hear what I just said?  We'll always be the Big Pair, no matter what.
Tatiana:  Yes, I heard you.  Yet, you want to move out.
Olga:  This wasn't an easy decision for me, or Dimitri.  
Tatiana:  Yet, you decided to go through with it.  
Olga:  Yes, we did.  However, as I said, that doesn't change the fact that you're my sister, and always will be.  Besides, we won't be far away.
Tatiana:  What do you mean?
Olga:  We're going to be living in the same apartment building that Alexei and Kole are in.  We're taking over Anya, Sophia, and Sandra's former apartment.
Tatiana:  Somewhat reassured.  That's not far.
Olga:  I told you.  And we see Alexei and Kole all the time, even though they don't live her anymore.  Right?
Tatiana:  Yes, that's true.
Olga:  So you see, Tanya, you have nothing to worry about.  You're not losing a sister.
Tatiana:  I guess I overreacted.  You just took me by surprise.  Thanks for telling me first.
Olga:  Hey, we're the Big Pair.  Now to tell the Little Pair and Sam.

And so...

Anastasia:  So you'll be Alexei and Kole's neighbours.
Olga:  We'll be two floors above them, but yes.
Maria:  This is really happening.
Olga:  Yes, it is.  However, you'll still see us all the time,  like we see Alexei and Kole.
Sam smiles.
Tatiana:  What is it, Sam?
Sam:  I was just remembering the time we all moved here from the Alexander Palace.  
Anastasia:  Oh yeah, and how Papa kept calling every five minutes to check up on us.
Olga:  Promise you won't do that to me.
Maria:  Who knows.
Anastasia:  Look, here come the guys.
The Dimitri's and Ivan's arrive.
Olga:  I take it you've told them.
Dimitri C-B:  I have.
Dimitri M:  We'll miss you two, but we understand your decision.
Ivan S:  So, when does the move take place?
Olga:  We'll be signing the papers next Wednesday.  We'll probably be moving on the following weekend,
Ivan K:  Well, you'll need a hand with your stuff.  We just volunteered.
Olga:  Thank you all.  Now....
Tatiana:  Now what?
Olga:  I to talk to Elizabeth about this.
Anastasia:  Oh yeah, she won't be happy about this.
Olga:  Still, I think I can convince her.  Luckily we still have a few days left.

Later that evening, Kole and Sam are outside walking...

Kole:  I guess you've heard the news about Olga and her Dimitri.
Sam:  That they'll be moving into your apartment building.  Yes, we have.  I'll be sad to see them go, but I understand their decision.  Falls silent.
Kole:  Sam, are you okay?
Sam:  Truth be told, Kole, I'm thinking about the future.
Kole:  Let me guess, it concerns Germany.
Sam:  Yes, it does.  Even as we speak, dark forces are gathering strength there.  In five years, Hitler will be in control of their government.  In thirteen years, they invade Russia.
Kole:  But, in the end, they lose the war.
Sam:  Small comfort that's going to be to the relatives who will lose loved ones fighting the Germans.  Not to mention all the devastation their invasion will cause to Russia.  Gestures to St. Petersburg around them.  This whole city will be under siege for two years.  Nazi storm troopers will occupy Tsarskoe Selo and nearly wreck the place.  
Kole:  They're nothing we can do about it, Sam.  You remember what happened when Alexei tried to change things, he only made it worse.
Sam:  I know.  A fixed event can't be changed.  Still, it just plain sucks.
Kole:  You and I are unique, Sam.  We know the future because we come from it.
Sam:  I guess part of me worries about facing what's to come without my powers.
Kole:  Are you thinking of asking your friend, Castiel, to give you a lift back to 2011?
Sam: Shakes her head.  No.  I've burned all my bridges there.  This is my time now, like it is yours.  Whatever the future brings, we'll face it all together.  All of you are the only family I have now, I could never leave you.
Kole:  That's nice to hear.
Sam:  I mean it.  
Kole:  I feel the same way.  I may be from 2071, but this is my time now, and all of you are my family.
Sam:  Yeah, that's true.
Kole:  Looks at her watch.  We better be getting back.  I have to give Marie her dinner soon.
Sam:  Let's go.
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
« Reply #25 on: May 28, 2014, 07:26:19 PM »
Time to spice things up a little bit...

Suddenly, a van pulls up beside Kole and Sam.  Before either woman has a chance to react, two men jump out and chloroform them.  

First Man:  Careful, Oleg, he won't pay us if they're harmed.
Oleg:  What does he want with these two, Max?
Max:  I don't know, and I don't care.  As long as I get paid.
Oleg and Max load the two unconscious women into the van and drive away.

Later, an undisclosed location...

Kole:  Wakes up.  What the hell?  Sees she and Sam are tied up.
Sam:  Also wakes up.  Kole?  What happened?  Where are we?
Kole:  I don't know.  I just woke up myself.  What happened to us?
Sam:  Seems we were kidnapped.  Damned if I know why.
Suddenly, a man steps out of the darkness.
Sam:  In recognition.  You!
Kole:  You know this guy?
Sam:  His name is Lothos.  Someone I'd hope never to see again.
Lothos:  Mockingly.  Now, Sam, is that any way to speak to an old friend?
Sam:  We're not friends!
Kole:  Uh, could someone clue me in here?
Sam:  Lothos is from my time, Kole.  Remember I told you about those Vampire Hunters attacking my friends in Mystic Falls.  Lothos was in charge of them.
Kole:  Looks at Lothos.  Why?
Lothos:  Because vampires are an abomination and deserve to be wiped out!
Kole:  You sound like Hitler.
Lothos:  Well, maybe he had the right idea about subhuman creatures not deserving to live.
Kole:  Thinking.  The same old dogma.  The names are different, but the hate stays the same.
Sam:  How did you get here, Lothos?
Lothos:  Produces an amulet.  The Amulet Of Hogthor.  It allows one to track down their enemies, no matter where they are.   You see, my dear Sam, I had to pay you back for all my friends you destroyed in 2011.  I thought we'd finished you off in that building.   However, when your body failed to turn up, I began to suspect you'd somehow escaped.  I knew about your fascination with Russia of this time, so I read every history book and document on this period I could get my hands on, and there you were.  
Sam:  All right, Lothos, you've got me.  Indicates Kole.  However, let her go.  She's not involved.
Lothos:  Oh, I can't do that.  You see, when I read those history books, it occurred to me that Ms. Munro, or Feodorovna, or whatever she calls herself, here just appears out of nowhere in 1925.  It's like she fell out of the sky.
Kole: Thinking.  That's not too far from the truth.
Lothos:  So I began to suspect that she, like you, came from the future.  Turns to Kole.  Is that right?
Kole:  Go to Hell!
Lothos:  I'll take that as a yes.  Turns back to Sam.  So, why don't you try and escape.  Go on, Sam, try it!
Sam says nothing.
Lothos:  So, the rumours are true.  You've lost all your powers.   Your just another human now.   This is wonderful!
Sam:  If that is the case, Lothos, when why did you go through all this trouble to kidnap us?
Lothos:  Because of the knowledge both of you have in your heads.  There are certain people in Germany who would LOVE to get a hold of you two and pick your brains.  
Kole:  Let me guess, Hitler and his goons.
Lothos:  Correct.  With your knowledge of the future, of the coming war, I'm sure they'll pay me handsomely for you two.  Now, if you two will excuse me, I have phone calls to make.  Leaves the room.
Kole:  Okay, this guy is crazy.  He's talking about messing up history, not to mention the two of us!
Sam:  I know.  We better try and get free before he gets back...
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Anichkov Palace, in the nursery...

Olga: Alexander, can you go see your father? He has something to tell you.
Alexander: Do I really have to go now, Mama? Iíd like to continue playing.
Olga: Yes, please go, darling.
Alexander: Sighs. Okay. Exits the room.
Elizabeth: What is it, Mama? You want to talk to me, donít you?
Olga: Yes, youíre right, sweetheart. You see, I need your help about something.
Elizabeth: Iíll be glad to help you, Mama. What do you want me to do?
Olga: Your father and I would like to move out. We like an apartment we found, itís two floors above Uncle Alexei and Aunt Koleís. I need your advice about it. Would you like to go there with me, on Wednesday, to tell me what you think of it?
Elizabeth: You donít really want to move, Mama, do you? You said you donít. And I want to stay here.
Olga: I know you want to stay here because of me.  However, moving out isnít a problem for me anymore. And not for your aunts either. Actually, Iím very happy to go.
Elizabeth: Really?
Olga: Yes, itís true.  I can promise you one thing, living there will be exactly the same as living here. And do you know why? Itís because weíll visit the others all of the time.
Elizabeth: Laughing. Then I donít see why you want to move out.
Olga: Laughing too. Now that you say that, I begin to wonder too. So, are you going to help me about the apartment?
Elizabeth: Yes, of course, Mama.
Olga: Smiling. I guess that means moving out doesnít bother you anymore.
Elizabeth: No, it doesnít. Actually, Iím very excited to go with you on Wednesday. Are you going to bring Alexander too? Iíd prefer if it was just me, you, and Daddy. The baby can come too.
Olga: Why donít you want Alexander to go with us?
Elizabeth: Heís so irritating. The other day, when you went to see Uncle Alexei and Aunt Kole, he stole my dolls.  He said that if I wanted to see them again, I would have to play with him. And because I didnít want to, we argued. Alexandra sided with me, and Dimitri sided with Alexander. We were all fighting until Aunt Nastya came and separated us. We were all punished. All because of him. Heís really stupid!
Olga: I see.
Elizabeth: So, I donít want him to come.
Olga: Elizabeth, I understand youíre mad at him, but he only wanted to have a little fun. Now do you want to make me happy, darling? Please, make peace with your brother.
Elizabeth: With a deep sigh. Alright, Iíll do it. Thinking to herself.  I still think heís an idiot.

That evening, OTMA and the guys are in the living room, having a discussionÖ

Olga: Sits on the couch. I spoke to Elizabeth and the problem is solved. I told you Iíd convince her.
Dimitri C-B: Oh, I had no doubt about it.  
The phone rings.
Maria: Answers it. Yes, hello?
Alexei. On the phone. Itís Alexei. Is Kole there? She was supposed to be back for dinner but itís almost nine oíclock, and she still hasn't arrived home.  Sam was coming with her and she's not here either!
Maria: Thatís strange. She and Sam left the palace for your place around 6 oíclock.  They should have been there hours ago.
Alexei: Iím sure something has happened to them. Kole would have told me if she had planned to do something tonight. I tried to call her phone, but I keep getting her voice mail.   I tried to get Sam, but she's not picking up either.
Maria: Hey, wait a minute. Looks out the window. Alexei, Koleís car is still here.
Alexei: What?
Maria: Her car is still parked in the street.
Alexei: I heard you. So, that means they never left the palace.
Maria: Iím sure of one thing, theyíre not still here. I saw them leaving.
Alexei: Getting angry. Did you see what time is it? Iíve told you, Kole and Sam should have been here for dinner.  That's almost three hours ago!   So why are they not here? And why donít they pick up their phones?  Iím certain something has happened to them. Iíll call the police.
Maria: Calm down, okay? You may be right, maybe they had an accident of some kind.
Alexei:  And they didn't call any of us?  I don't think so.
Maria: What are you thinking?
Alexei: I'm imagining the worst. Remember that Ripper story with Tatiana? Iím very worried, Mashka.
Maria: I understand. I'm starting to worry too. Okay, call the police. The others and I will search in and around the palace.
Alexei: Call me if you find something. Iíll stay here in case they come back. Hangs up.
Anastasia: That was Alexei, on the phone, wasnít it? Whatís wrong?
Maria: Kole and Sam have disappeared. Alexei thinks something has happened to them.  Kole's car is still in the street, so they canít be that far.
Ivan K: Oh, my God! Okay, letís go.
Ivan S: You ladies stay here. Itís safer. The guys are I will do the search.
Tatiana: No way.  What if they need medical help?
Dimitri M:  Good point.
Maria: Weíll come with you, whether you like or not.
Olga: Yeah, ditto.
Anastasia: Someone has to stay here, to look after the kids.
They all look at each other.
Anastasia: Maria, maybeÖ
Maria: Donít look at me. Iím coming.
Tatiana: Me too.
Olga: Alright, alright, Iím staying.
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
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Back with Kole and Sam...

The two women have managed to maneuver themselves back to back, and are working at freeing themselves.

Kole:  I think my ropes are loosening.
Sam:  Mine too.
Kole:  What do you think Lothos is up to right now?
Sam:  I would imagine he's trying to get in touch with the Nazis and make some kind of arrangement to hand the two of us over to them.
Kole:  He sure does spew some of the same vile as them.
Sam:  Well, Kole, Vampire Hunters share a lot in common with the Nazis.  Namely, they hate anyone who does not conform to their warped sense of what is normal.
Kole:  Who are they to dictate what is normal?  If you ask me, THEY'RE the ones who aren't normal.  Hating people just because they're different than they are.
Sam:  I couldn't agree more, Kole.   Wiggles around a bit.  I think I'm almost free.
Kole:   Me too.  Let's keep at it.

Anickov Palace...

Olga:  Sees the others return.  Well?
Maria:  Nothing.  We searched for blocks all around, but there is no sign of Kole or Sam anywhere.
Olga:  Alexei called again.  He's freaking out.
Dimitri C-B:  I can't blame him.  I think I speak for all the guys when I say that if one of you suddenly went missing, we'd freak out too.
Ivan K:  You can say that again.
At the point, Nicholas and Alexandra arrive.
Tatiana:  Mama?  Papa?  When did you get here?
Alexandra:  Just now.  Alexei called us and told us what happened.
Nicholas:  I've been in touch with the police.  Apparently, they've found some witnesses who saw what happened.
Olga:  What did happen?
Nicholas:  According to the witness reports, Kole and Sam were walking down the street, when a van pulled up beside them.  Two men got out the van, chloroformed Kole and Sam, loaded them into the van, and drove away.
Alexandra:  The witnesses themselves were too far away to intervene, but they did get a good look at the two men.  The police are investigating the witness descriptions now.
Tatiana:  So they were kidnapped.  
Nicholas:  It would seem so.  Still, it's odd that there haven't been any ransom demands.
Anastasia:  Unless whomever had them kidnapped had another agenda.
Maria:  I know that look, Nastya, you're in detective mode again.
Anastasia:  I am.  I think we're all overlooking one important fact.  What is the one thing Kole and Sam have in common?
Olga:  Snaps her fingers.  They're from the future!
Anastasia:  Exactly.  The two people in our family who come from the future are kidnapped at the same time?  Coincidence?  I think not!
Alexandra:  But only we in the family know that.  You're not thinking that someone in our family did it.
Anastasia:  No, Mama, I'm thinking that whomever kidnapped them, or hired those two guys to kidnap them, is also from the future.  
Tatiana:  I see where Nastya is going with this.  Since Sam was the one with enemies in the future, I'm willing to bet one of them is responsible.  
Olga:  One of them must have found a way to travel back in time to now.   Still, why did they take Kole?  She had nothing to do with what Sam did in 2011, since she's from sixty years farther into the future.
Anastasia:  I'm thinking it's because both Kole and Sam have knowledge of the future.  There are people out there who would love to have access to that knowledge, like the outcome of a coming war.  Since the kidnapper is also from the future, he, or she, would know that.
Maria:  If you're right, Nastya, we have to find Kole and Sam and we have to find them fast!
Anastasia:  Right, let's get busy.
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
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Just then, Nicholas gets a call...

Nicholas:  Yes?  Excellent.  I'll tell the others.  Hangs up.
Alexandra:  What is it, Nicky?
Nicholas:  The police got a match on the two men who kidnapped Kole and Sam, based on witness descriptions.
Olga:  Who are they?
Nicholas:  Oleg Karkhov and Max Brailsky.  Apparently, they're a couple of thugs for hire.  They'll do any criminal job, as long as they're paid for it.
Maria:  So someone hired them to kidnap Kole and Sam.
Anastasia:  And I bet that someone is the person from the future we were talking about.

Back with Kole and Sam...

Kole:  That's it, we're free!  
Sam:  Yeah, those ropes were beginning to hurt.
The two women creep to the door and peek out.
Kole:  No one seems to be around.
Sam:  Think we can slip out without being seen.  At least get our bearings.
Kole:  I hope so.  Let's go.

Meanwhile, Lothos has managed to get in touch with Hitler...

Hitler:  Voice on the phone.  Yes?  Who is this?
Lothos:  My name is Lothos.  You don't know me, Mr. Hitler, but I'm a believer in what you're trying to accomplish.  I believe the world would be better off if some people, and races, were eliminated.
Hitler:  Get to the point, Mr. Lothos, I'm a busy man.
Lothos:  What would you say if I could deliver to you the means to see into the future.  You could know of events, years before they happen.
Hitler:  Is this some sort of joke?
Lothos:  No joke, Mr. Hitler.  I have, uh, merchandise that can see the future.  I guarantee it.  Just let me show you, you have nothing to lose.
Hitler:  Very well, but this better not be a trick.
Lothos:  I assure you, it isn't.
Hitler:  Are you familiar with the town of Gleiwitz?
Lothos:  It's a town on the German-Polish border.
Hitler:  Yes.  Be there in twelve hours.  I'll have men waiting.  Hangs up.
Lothos:  Excellent.  Oleg!
Oleg:  Comes into the room.  Yes?
Lothos:  Tell Max to fuel up the van, we're going on a road trip.  You go get our two guests ready.
Oleg:  Right.  He leaves the room, but soon returns.  They're gone!
Lothos:  WHAT!?
Oleg:  They got loose and escaped.
Lothos:  Damn!  Oleg, get Max and FIND THEM!!
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Anichkov Palace...

Hearing a knock at the door, Anastasia opens it and sees Alexei on the doorstep, holding baby Marie.
Anastasia: Alexei, what are you doing here?
Alexei: Iím fed up of waiting for the police to do their job.  I came here to take matters into my own hands.
Olga: The police already found the names of the kidnappers, soÖ
Alexei: Yeah, I know. Papa told me.
Olga: So, you can see theyíre doing something.
Alexei: I only see they still havenít found Kole and Sam. And that's the only thing that matters to me. Who cares about the #$ß*&% names of those guys?
Tatiana: Those #$ß*&% names, as you say, will help the police to find out where Kole and Sam are being kept prisoner. Now, please, keep your cool. Losing your temper is useless.
Anastasia: Guys, remember what I said a few moments ago.  About people whoíd love to know the future and especially the outcome of a certain war we know is coming.
Maria: Yes. And?
Anastasia: The guy who ordered Sam and Koleís kidnapping is from the future. And he is an enemy of Sam, which means he is an enemy of vampires and other such beings. Iím 100% sure heís a Vampire Hunter. For these kind of guys, vampires and supernatural creatures are subhuman. Doesnít that remind you of anything? Who do you think he will go and see first to try and sell his ďmerchandiseĒ?
Tatiana: No idea.
Olga: Neither do I.
Anastasia: Sometimes, Iím fed up of being the cleverest of you all.
Olga: Youíre not.
Maria: Nastya, go on, please.
Anastasia: He will try to make a deal with Hitler.  Those two would get along nicely.  They have the same kind of stupid ideology.
Maria: Youíre right. There's a good chance that the kidnapper, whoever he is, will try to get in touch with him.
Anastasia: Maybe he already has.
Alexei: I think youíre right too, Nastya. Thanks for your help. Now go tell Papa and Mama. I need to leave right now.
Olga: Where are you going?
Alexei: Making sure what Nastya just said is not going to happen.  No way in Hell am I letting the Nazis get their hands on Kole and Sam, not if I can prevent it.
Tatiana: But you donít even know where Kole and Sam are.
Alexei: I donít care, I will find them if I have to search all of Russia. Nastya, can you take care of Marie while Iím gone?
Maria: Youíre out of your mind. Even if you find them, which you probably wonít, how will you be able to rescue them?
Alexei: I have this. Shows them a gun. And you can be sure I'll use it if I have to.
Tatiana: Youíre crazy. Hey wait! Alexei passes by and heads out.  They hear his car driving off.  .
Anastasia: IVAN! Do something! Our brother is not thinking straight.
Ivan K: Donít worry, weíll stop him.
The two Dís and the Ivan's get in a car and drive off in pursuit of Alexei.
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