Author Topic: Peterhof Grand Palace : porcelain fireplace restoration  (Read 3912 times)

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Peterhof Grand Palace : porcelain fireplace restoration
« on: May 27, 2015, 06:01:54 PM »
" The Peterhof State Museum-Reserve announces fund raising for restoration of the porcelain fireplace in the Grand Peterhof Palace. In order to realize this project we need to collect 6 million rubles.

The chimney set in the Еmpress's Study was considered as one of the bright and surprising articles of arts and crafts of the Grand Peterhof Palace. In 1849 during the repair and restoration works in the Grand Peterhof Palace, conducted by the architect A. I. Stackenschneider, a chimney set was mounted in the Empress's Study. Being notable for its luxury and grace, it became at once the central motive in the décor of this interior. The uniqueness of this set, made at the Imperial Porcelain Factory under the personal command of Emperor Nicholas I, is the fact that all its objects were made of porcelain.

The set included, besides the fireplace itself, a screen, a mirror frame and two candelabra. All the objects were made in the second rococo style with great art skills. Each object of this chimney set was notable for a combination of saturated pink background with fine gold ornamentation and a pattern of flower bouquets. Such a combination not only corresponded to the style, but also characterized the refinement of taste of the palace's owner. The whimsical modeled décor on the mirror frame and portal of the fireplace in the form of stylized foliate sprouts and the chimney screen resembling a spread peacock tail, created a feeling of some magic and fabulousness in the whole interior.

This piece of art by the Russian artisans, unique in its beauty and art skills, adorned the interior of the Grand Peterhof Palace till the Second World War. During the occupation of Peterhof the palace interiors were destroyed. The fireplace did not come unscathed, only separate fragments have survived. Until now the fireplace and chimney set have not been restored, what considerably impoverishes the palace interiors, which were once striking with their magnificence, wealth and refinement."

©State Peterhof Museum Reserve

You can take part in the revival of this unique fireplace and make donation here