Author Topic: NEW LETTERS about Wilhelm II and Ella  (Read 7080 times)

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Re: NEW LETTERS about Wilhelm II and Ella
« Reply #15 on: January 26, 2017, 02:20:43 AM »
Is she in mourning? That would explain the clothes. Ann

Didn't she always wear mourning clothes after the death of her husband in 1905 until she donned a nun's habit?

That picture is taken in 1908. The boy is Dickie of Battenberg - Victoria and Louis of Battenberg's youngest son.

Doesn't Ella look... different in that picture? I thought it could be Alix too at first - but I thought that because she looks pregnant.

That's Grand Duchess Elizaveta, 1908 year in, summer in Peterhof. There are more pictures from the event. And of course she is not pregnant, she is not Alix, just an angle of the photo and heavy clothes.

Svetabel, Is the event you refer to the wedding of Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna and Prince Wilhelm of Sweden in May of 1908?

No, the wedding was in April 1908, after that Maria Pavlovna left Russia. The Battenbergs arrived to Russia in the early summer 1908.