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Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Story Continues
« on: June 20, 2017, 05:19:46 PM »

It is a dark time for the world.

The Great Depression is in full swing, countries all over the world are hit hard, Russia among them.

In Germany, Adolf Hitler has been in power for three years now.  Over those three years, the noose for German Jews has slowly tightened. And now Hitler begins to look to spread his twisted hatred beyond Germany's borders.

Under Hitler's protection, Kirill continues to speak out for the restoration of the old Russian Empire, with himself as Tsar.

This is the world that OTMASK and their loved ones now find themselves living in. Together, they must face the coming darkness, for only together, can they survive the horrors to come...

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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Story Continues
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2017, 05:20:57 PM »
It's a clear day at the air field outside of St. Petersburg.  We see Alexei standing there, watching as a plane comes in for landing.  Once the plane has stopped, the cockpit door opens and Kole jumps out.  Smiling, Alexei goes over and hugs his wife.

Alexei:  So, how was it.
Kole:  The flight itself was pretty good.  However, there were some problems with the guns.  I'm going to have to talk to the designers about that.
Alexei:  Still not up to snuff?
Kole:  Shakes her head.  No, but I think the guns can be upgraded without too many problems.  Her face goes grim.  We may not be able to stop what's coming, but we can sure be prepared. 
Alexei:  You don't have to tell me, Kole.  In the three years since he came to power, Hitler has kept his promise to re-arm the German military. 
Kole:  And we know he's going to throw almost everything he has at us in 1941.  Only five years away now.  Sighs.  Can we talk about something else now. 
Alexei:  Okay, well, we have to pick up Sam and the kids. 
Kole:  Let's go then.

Soon they arrive at the court house, and pick up Sam...

Kole:  How was court today?
Sam:  Great.  I managed to get an extension for my client.  I think he's innocent of the theft that he's been accused of, and this will give me the time to prove it. 
Kole:  I'm sure you'll win this case, Sam.  You've won most of them since you finished Law School and became a lawyer.
Sam:  Thanks, Kole.  I must admit that I'm enjoying this. 

They arrive at at the primary school.  Marie and Amanda pile into the car.

Kole:  How was school today?
Marie:  Great, Mama.
Amanda:  Yeah, but we have homework, again!  Pouts.
Alexei:  Well, that's to be expected.  Still, you two are lucky because...
Marie:  Rolls her eyes.  We know, Papa, we're lucky to go to school like normal kids.
Alexei:  Have I told you this story before?
Amanda:  Only a few million times. 
Everyone laughs.

Not long after, the group arrives at the high school and pick up Gavriil.

Gavriil:  Gets into the car.  Hi Mom, did you kick butt in court again today?
Sam:  Language, young man.
Gavriil:  Aw, Mom, I'm 18 years old now. 
Sam:  Yeah, you are.  Where did the time go?

Several years before, Alexei, Kole, and Sam, realizing that they needed more space, moved into a dacha a few kilometers outside St. Petersburg.  The dacha has plenty of space for all of them.  It is here that they now arrive.

Kole:  Home at last.
Sam:  Yeah, I need to relax after today.
Everyone gets out of the car and heads into the dacha.  While the girls and Gavriil head upstairs to their respective rooms, the three adults head into the living room. 
Alexei:  Let's see whats on television.  He turns it on, seeing the words BREAKING NEWS on the screen.  Oh no, what's going on?  Has Hitler done something?
Kole:  No, I don't think so.  Let's just see what this is all about.
Announcer:  This just in from London.  His Royal Highness, King George V, is dead at the age of 70.  Details to come.  For those of you just joining us, His Royal Highness, King George V, is dead at the age of 70...
Alexei:  Stunned.  Uncle George is dead!?
Kole:  Yes, of course.  He died in 1936, I mean this year.  I'm so sorry, Alexei.  Hugs her husband.
Sam:  I'm going to call Anichkov Palace and give them the new.  That is if they don't know already.  Heads for the phone...

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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Story Continues
« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2017, 11:43:11 AM »
**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

At Anichkov Palace, the news of George's death has already been heard.  Everyone is sitting silent in front of the TV, in a state of shockÖ

Anastasia: Uncle George.
Maria: I canít believe this. It happened so suddenly.
Ivan S: I donít know what to say. It feels so weirdÖ
Phone rings.
Tatiana: Who can it be. Heading for it. Probably Mama or Papa. Or Alexei. Picks it up. Tatiana speaking. Alexei ? Yes, we just heard itÖ
Alexei: Voice on phone. How are you feeling. Are you okay ?
Tatiana: Moved to tears. Well, itís a bombshell. We didnít expect it.
Alexei: I know. Uncle George has been around since...  Well forever. We will miss him.
Tatiana: Itís the beginning of the end for us.
Alexei: Donít think like that, Tanya. I know what you mean. With Uncle Georgie, the world of our childhood dies out. Yet this isnít over or us.
Tatiana: Isn't it? In a few years, World War II will set the countries on fire. The world as we know it will fall apart.
Alexei: As it was in 1914, and we overcame it. With all of us together, weíre stronger than Hitler and his lackeys. Weíll beat them, as we beat Leninís.
Tatiana: You speak words of wisdom. I guess Iím only seeing doom and gloom.
Alexei: Youíre welcome. We should check on our parents, see how they are holding up.
Tatiana: Iíll drive to Alexander Palace right away.
Alexei: Iíll meet you there. Hangs up.
Dimitri M: Taking Tatianaís hand. Weíre going with you.
Tatiana: Someone has to tell Olga and Papa. Theyíre at a meeting of the Duma.
Maria: Iíll take care of it.


Elisabeth: Thatís it. My essay on Jules Verne is complete. I think Iím gonna rest now.
Victoria: You okay? You seem off lately.
Elisabeth: Gets up. Never better.
Sasha: You sure? You look awful.
Elisabeth: Coughs hard. Well I have a frog in the throat. Iím feeling a bit under the weather. Itís nothing though.
Alexander: Come on, youíve been like that for weeks. You're clearly not well.
Victoria: I agree. You should see a doctor or at least tell Mama about it.
Elisabeth: Thereís no way Iíll bother Aunt Tatiana for a mere cold. She has a lot on her plate already with Uncle Georgeís passing.
Victoria: I think you should reconsiderÖ
Elisabeth: No, Iíve made up my mind. Iíll see you all later. Heads off to her bedroom.
Nicky: Wow. Sheís not Aunt Olgaís girl for nothing.
Mitri: Couldnít have said it better myself, dude.
Victoria: Well if she thinks Iíll call it quits, sheís dead wrong. Dials a number on her mobile.
Sasha: Who are you calling ?
Victoria: Gavriil. On the phone. Hey, Gavriil, itís Victoria. You need to come here as quickly as possible. Cousins meeting. Itís an emergency.
Gavriil: Voice. Alright, captain. Iíll be right in.


Victoria: Thanks for coming on such short notice, Gavriil.
Gavriil: My pleasure. So whatís this important thing you have to tell me?
Victoria: Well, Iíll get straight to the point. I think thereís something medically wrong with Elisabeth. She insists on not informing our parents about it, which is a nonsense to me. SoÖ
Alexander: So you think we should tell them ourselves, regardless of her decision.
Victoria: Her health is in danger, so yes thatís exactly what I wanna do. But Iíd like to know your thoughts first.
Gavriil: Sheís gonna throw a tantrum but never mind. We should do it.
Alexander: We have no other choice, so yes letís do this.
Sasha: Yep, letís go for it.
Mitri: Okay, Iím so NOT there when she finds out. Iíll move to the Moon.
Nicky: Or to Pluto. Itís even further. Weíll be away from her wrath. Aunt Kole can fly us all there.
Everyone laughs.

At that moment on TVÖ

Newscaster: And here is a live broadcast of the new speech of Adolf Hitler, FŁhrer of Nazi Germany.
Hitler appears on screen and begins to speak.  Iím sending my sincere condolences to the British Royal Family for the loss of their King. He was a good man. I shall regret his passing. I am quite certain his death wonít change anything to the cordial relationship between Germany and Britain. They are both meant to lead this world hand in hand as allies. For us there are only two possibilities: Either we conquer the world together or we come under the thumb of the Jews. This latter must not occur. If we stick together and keep bringing in new people, we will be victorious over this pernicious race.

Gavriil: What ?! The nerves of this guy, using King Georgeís death for his benefit.
Alexander: And the way he tries to coax and cajole the Brits. It makes me sick.
Sasha: Hopefully they will see through his scheme.
Nicky: I do hope so. What a crazy psycho.
Gavriil: I canít wait to kick their butts, his and his army of madmen.
Mitri: Ditto, brother. When the times comes, weíll be ready.
Alexander: I'd banish them all from the Earth now, if I could. Lots of lives would be saved.
Sasha: Or not. We canít know that. We should stay focused on the here and now instead of wondering how life might be.
Mitri: Sad but I guess youíre rightÖ

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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Story Continues
« Reply #3 on: July 12, 2017, 07:52:52 PM »
At the dacha, Alexei has just left, and Kole comes back into the living room to hear the end of Hitler's speech...

Kole:  Is he kidding!?  Hitler considers Monarchy an outdated relic of the past.
Sam:  Yes, but he's trying to score points with the British people.  Trying to convince them that he's on their side.
Kole:  It's taking advantage of a tragedy, that's what it is.  Of course, Hitler would do such a thing, of course.
Sam:  Sighs. Yeah, he would.  Looks around.  Where'd Gavriil go? 
Kole:  He got a call from Anichkov Palace and headed over there. 
Sam:  What about?
Kole:  He didn't say.  Anyway, Alexei is headed over to the Alexander Palace and asked us to watch Marie and Amanda.
Sam:  Sure, no problem.

Outside the Duma...

Olga:  I miss Kerensky more and more.
Nicholas:  I do too.  However, he's more than earned his retirement.  Prime Minster Gorsky is not bad though.
Olga:  Yes, that's true.
At that point, Dimitri C-B, Maria, and Ivan S arrive on the scene.
Olga:  What are you all doing here?
Maria:  You mean you haven't heard yet?
Olga:  No, we've been tied in a meeting with Prime Minister Gorsky for the last few hours.  What's going on?
Maria:  Takes a breath.  We just heard the news from London.  Uncle George died today.
Olga:  WHAT!?
Nicholas:  Oh my God!  I mean I knew he was ill, but...  Breaks off.  I have to get home to your mother.
Maria: That's why were here.  We'll take you both there now.

At Alexander Palace, Tatiana and Anastasia arrive, meeting Alexei there.  They go in to see Alexandra in the Mauve Room, crying...

Tatiana:  I guess you saw the news, Mama.
Alexandra:  Between sobs.  Yes....  I did.  I can't believe that George is gone. 
Anastasia:  I know how you feel, Mama.
Alexei:  We're all here for  you and Papa.
At that point, Nicholas, Olga, and the others arrive.
Nicholas:  And we much appreciate that.
Alexandra:  And then that horrible, evil little man, has the nerve to come on and...  Face goes red.
Tatiana:  Mama, please calm down.
Anastasia:  Yeah, Hitler is so not worth it.
Maria: Amen to that, sister, amen.
Alexandra:  Calms down. I should go and call Mary, and let her know that we're thinking about her.
Nicholas: I'll come with you.  We'll make the call in the study.

And so, after Alexandra has called Mary of Teck...

Nicholas:  So, how is Mary?
Alexandra:  As well as expected, considering she just lost the love of her life.  She said she would get back to us when the funeral arrangements have been made.  Goes silent.
Nicholas:  Alix, what is it?
Alexandra:  This is just bringing back memories of when you have that heart attack and I could have lost you.  Am I being selfish, Nicky?
Nicholas:  No, Alix, you're not.  This whole thing...  It just reminds me that the world of our youth is slipping away.  Oh, I don't mean the Old Empire, I'm glad that's gone.  However, it's the people.  So many are gone now, yet here we both still are. 
Alexandra:  Yes, and we find ourselves in a world that is slowly darkening around us.
Nicholas:  I know, Alix, I know.  Puts his arm around her.  Come on, let's get back to our children.
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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Story Continues
« Reply #4 on: August 02, 2017, 11:22:35 AM »
**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Back at Anichkov, Victoria is explaining Elisabethís state of health to TatianaÖ

Tatiana: So, what do you say?
Victoria: I say something is wrong. Sheís always sleepy and moody, she barely eats, and has a persistent sore throat.
Tatiana: Well maybe it isnít as bad as it looks. Probably just some throat infection, nothing serious. Iíll run some tests though.
Victoria: Okay, thanks. Let me know if you need any help.
Tatiana: Actually I do. Weíre overworked at the clinic, so if you wanna give us a hand I wouldnít say no.
Victoria: I got plenty of free time, so itís a deal.
Tatiana: Great. Now I need to break the news to Olga about ElisabethÖ

Meanwhile, Olga is talking to Alexander in his roomÖ

Olga : Mama heard back from Aunt Mary. The burial will be on the 23th at St Georgeís Chapel. I know all of you have school. Still I think you should attend the ceremony, especially you, Alexander. Youíre second in line to the throne, itís time you step up and to carry out your duties.
Alexander: I will come. Not because Iím the so-called "Heir", but because I want to offer my support to Aunt Mary and our cousins.
Olga: What are you trying to tell me?
Alexander: It's simple. Iím fed up with all those stupid official duties, ceremonies, whatever. I never wanted to be the Heir. Never. I wanna choose my OWN destiny.
Olga: You canít turn your back on it, Alexander. I should know. I was in the same state of mind several years ago when your grandfather made me his Heir. I felt trapped and fought hard against it. In the end I decided to go with the flow and believe me, my life was much happier afterwards. I found my place and I now love the job Iím doing. You will eventually.
Alexander: Never, not gonna happen. I HATE this "job", I refuse to take part in such a masquerade. We donít have any political powers so who cares if we do our public duties or not. Above all you know what I hate most?
Olga: No, go on.
Alexander: You being so absorbed in your official engagements that you barely have time for us.
Olga: Thatís not trueÖ
Alexander: It IS true. Want proof? Have you even noticed Elisabeth is sick?
Olga: Elisabeth is sick ? I didnít even knoÖ
Alexander: My point exactly. You donít know, because youíre never here. Youíre always away on some diplomatic mission and when youíre here, you spent most of your time at the Duma.
Olga: Youíre being unfair. IÖ
Alexander: No, donít talk to me. Iím sick of it. Iím sick oh having a absentee mother.
Olga: A what ??!
Tatiana appears at the door at that very momentÖ
Alexander: Notices her. Looks like Aunt Tanya wanna have a talk with you. Iíll leave you to it.
Olga: No, Alexander, wait. Please.
Alexander: No, I rest my case. You go and talk to much more important people than your own kids. Iím out of here...

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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Story Continues
« Reply #5 on: August 02, 2017, 05:00:53 PM »
Tatiana: Have I come at a bad time?
Olga: Yeah, you could say that. Great, this is all I need!
Tatiana: Olga, it's about Elisabeth. She's ill.
Olga: I heard. Do you know what's wrong with her yet?
Tatiana: Shakes her head. No, I'm going to have to take her to the Center and give her a full work up. However, she's a stubborn girl, takes after her mother I guess.
Olga: Very droll.
Tatiana: Seriously, Olga, I'm very worried about her. Can you come and help convince her to come to the Center. Of course, I could invoke my rank as doctor and have her brought there anyway, but I'd much rather she go voluntarily.
Olga: Sighs. Okay, let's go.

At the dacha...

Gavriil:  Aunt Kole!
Kole:  Yes?
Gavriil:  I heard that you've been doing some flying.
Kole:  Yes, I've been testing our military planes, to see if they're up to snuff. 
Gavriil:  So we'll be ready for the war, when it comes.
Kole:  Yes, that's right.
Gavriil:  That's why I'm here.  I want you to teach me to fly.
Kole:  What!?
Gavriil:  You heard me.  I want to learn to fly, so I can be ready to fight in the war.  You've had military flight training, Aunt Kole, you're the best one here to teach me.
Kole:  I see.  And does your mother know about this desire you have to learn how to fly?
Gavriil:  No, and I have no intention of telling her.
Kole:  But...
Gavriil:  Come on, Aunt Kole, you know how she'd react.  She still thinks I'm that little boy she took off the streets, eight years ago.
Kole:  Yes, but she is your mother.  She should...
Gavriil:  PLEASE, Aunt Kole!  I promise I'll tell her, eventually.
Kole:  Considers.  Okay, Gavriil, I'll teach you. 
Gavriil: Thank you so much, Aunt Kole.  You won't regret this.
Kole:  I hope not.

Tsarskoe Selo, Nicholas gets a call...

Nicholas:  Hello?
Kirill:  On phone. Hello, dear cousin.
Nicholas:  Suddenly on full alert.  What the hell do you want, Kirill?
Kirill:  What if I told you that I was calling to offer condolences on the passing of George V?
Nicholas:  I'd say you were a liar.
Kirill:  Touche, Nicky, touche.  You will learn your lesson soon, as will my traitor ex-wife.  I'll teach her to leave me.
Nicholas:  Ducky left you because she doesn't like the company you're currently keeping.  And, frankly, neither do I.
Kirill:  Oh come now, Nicky.  Herr Hitler has some great ideas.  You should hear them.
Nicholas:  I have heard them, thank you, and they make me sick.  Why any rational human being would follow that madman baffles me to no end.
Kirill:  I see that Jew you keep around has been filling your head with nonsense.
Nicholas:  No, Kirill, Sam opened my eyes to a lot of things.  Too bad that no one can open your eyes.  Don't call again.  Slams down the phone.  I better tell Alix and the others about this...

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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Story Continues
« Reply #6 on: September 04, 2017, 12:17:04 PM »
**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Anichkov Palace, after Nicholas has informed them of Kirill's call...

Ivan K: I donít get why would Kirill would do that. Hasnít he thought weíd get suspicious after such a phone call? Does he think weíre brainless?
Anastasia: The man is so self-conceited that he doesnít care about telling us of his little schemes. He thinks he can outsmart us no matter what.
Maria: His unbearable pride doesnít make him any less dangerous. He still can hurt us, or worse, our children.
Ivan S: Heíd better not. I swear Iíll kill him if he does.
Maria: Turns to Ola and Tatiana. Olga, Tanya, youíve been very quiet. Whatís on your mind?
Olga: Sorry, I got lost in thought. Well Iím sure you guys will figure something out. Gets up. In the meantime, I have to take care of some business of my own.
Dimitri C-B: You seem awfully preoccupied. Something wrong?
Olga doesnít answer and walks off.
Dimitri C-B: What? Did I say something?
Tatiana: Mutters to herself. Itís not you. Go after her. Sheíll tell you. Dimitri does as she says and leaves.
Ivan S: Whatís gotten into Olga ?
Tatiana: Never mind that. Letís stick to the matter in handÖ


Dimitri C-B: It canít be as bad as that.
Olga: Yes it is! Elisabeth may be seriously ill and Alexander hates me.  He wonít even talk to me. Begins to cry. Oh Dimitri Iím such a horrible mother.
Dimitri C-B: Come on, Olga. Youíre not. Youíre an awesome, wonderful mother. The best that I know.
Olga: Do you know many mothers who donít notice their child is sick?
Dimitri C-B: How could you. You were busy.
Olga: Thatís exactly why Iím at fault. I buried myself in work, so much that I forgot about my own kids.
Dimitri C-B: Youíre not to blame for this. You had a duty to fulfill.
Olga: How could a duty be more important than my children?
Dimitri C-B: Seeing the conversation is going nowhere. Olga, stop dwelling on it. Letís go see our daughter together.

The next day at Tatiana's CenterÖ

Dimitri C-B: So?
Tatiana: Elizabeth had the whole check-up. We wonít know the results until next week.
Olga: What!? A week? Youíre kidding!
Dimitri C-B: Takes her hand. Olga, please. Tatiana is doing her best.
Olga: Is she ? Come one, Tanya. Thereís gotta be a way to speed things up.
Tatiana: No, Olga. If there were, donít you think I would have done it ? Especially for my nieceÖ
Olga: Takes a deep breath. Sorry, Tanya. I feel so worked up. All that happened lately...
Tatiana: No offense taken. I know you too well to be offended.
Olga: Laughs. Whatís that supposed to mean ?
Tatiana: Laughs too. Oh you knowÖ
Olga: So next week, eh ?
Tatiana: Yep. In the meantime, I prescribed Elisabeth a lot of rest. The less she gets tired, the better. We donít know yet what her illness is and how bad it is.
Dimitri C-B: Understood. So what about Uncle Georgeís funeral ? She canít attend it, can she.
Tatiana: She best not. Just to be cautious.
Olga: Okay. Well in that case, Iím staying too.
Dimitri C-B: Olga, Iím sorry to say this, but you canít. Youíre the Heir. Everyone expects you to be there.
Olga: I donít care. Itís my daughter that Iím concerned about. Iím staying.
Tatiana: Your Dimitri is right. You canít do that.
Dimitri C-B: Please Olga. You go, Iíll stay and look after our girl. You know itís the best thing to do.
Olga: Hesitates. Well.
Dimitri C-B: Please, Olga. Trust me.
Olga: OkayÖIíll goÖ
Dimitri C-B: Great! Iíll help you packÖ

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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Story Continues
« Reply #7 on: September 05, 2017, 12:26:59 AM »
Soon, back at Anichkov...

Olga:  Now, I know how they felt.
Dimitri C-B:  Who?
Olga:  Mama and Papa.  All those years when Alexei was ill, and they had to keep doing their official duties, like nothing was wrong.  It's a wonder that they both didn't end up in a mental hospital.
Dimitri C-B:  Well, Olga, it's not quite the same.
Olga:  Isn't it.  We still don't know what's wrong with Elisabeth, after all.
Dimitri C-B:  Well, we know it's not hemophilia. 
Olga:  Yes, but what if it's something worse?
Dimitri C-B:  Such as.
Olga:  Oh, Dimitri, I don't even want to think about that.

Tsarskoe Selo...

Nicholas: Well, Alix, our trip to Britain is all planned.  We leave in three days.
Alexandra: I guess we'll be taking the Standart.
Nicholas: We will. The trip will take a little longer. We'll want to be farther north in the Baltic Sea, away from the German coast. I'm sure I don't have to tell you why.
Alexandra: Especially after Kirill's call. What do you think he's up to, Nicky?
Nicholas: I don't know, Alix, but we can't afford to let down our guard.
Alexandra: Why can't he just leave us alone. Aren't things getting bad enough in the world, without him becoming part of the problem?
Nicholas: I wish I had an answer for you, Alix.

At the dacha, Alexei, Kole, and Sam are discussing Kirill's call...

Kole:  I don't like it.  Kirill would not be so brazen, unless he was planning something.
Alexei:  Do you think that he's planning to do something at Uncle George's funeral?
Kole:  Shakes her head.  No, I don't think so.  Remember, Hitler is trying to curry favour with the British people.  I doubt he would sanction any moves that might run counter to that.
Sam:  So, it seems that whatever is going to happen, it will happen here?
Kole:  I wouldn't rule that out, Sam.  We need to be on our guard.
Sam:  Yeah, but we have to be careful around the children.  We don't want to scare them.
Kole:  I agree.
Alexei:  I can't believe this, but I'm beginning to miss Felix.  He tended to leap before he looked.  Kirill is being much more careful.
Kole:  Yeah, and he's got powerful friends now, since Hitler now controls Germany.  Kirill now has resources and logistical support that Felix could only have dreamed.
At that point, Marie and Amanda walk up.
Maria: Mamma, what are you talking about?
Kole:  Uh, nothing.
Alexei:  We're just talking about Uncle George's upcoming funeral.
Amanda:  That's why we're here.  We're wondering what to wear.
Kole:  I'll help the two of you decide.  She and the two girls leave.
Alexei:  That was close. 
Sam:  Yeah, it was.

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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Story Continues
« Reply #8 on: September 23, 2017, 06:11:33 PM »
**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

The day before taking off to the funeral, Gavriil gets a call...

Voice on the phone: Hello my boy. Whatís up?
Gavriil: Who are you?
Voice: Donít you recognize your Uncle Kirill?
Gavriil: Youíre NOT my uncle. And how did you get my phone number anyway?
Kirill: Laughs. Seriously? Youíre calling my nephews and nieces "uncles and aunts", but not me?
Gavriil: You havenít answered my question.
Kirill: Pointless question, son. Letís just say I have my ways.
Gavriil: Whatever. I donít wanna talk with you.
Kirill: NO! Donít hang up just yet. You may want to listen to what I have to say first.
Gavriil: As if.
Kirill: It may be of some interest for you since it concerns your late Papa.
Gavriil: What?
Kirill: Well since you obviously donít wanna talk anymore, I wonít be a bother. Bye, GavriilÖ
Gavriil: NO, WAIT !
Kirill:  Yes ?
Gavriil: What is it about my Dad? Kirill stays silent. Kirill, youíve got to tell me. I NEED to know.
Kirill: Are you sure you can handle the truth?
Gavriil: Stop beating around the bush. Just speak out.
Kirill: Okay, but remember, you asked for it, boy. What have you been told about your father?
Gavriil: Not much. He died in 1918, the year of my birth, killed by the Reds. Same goes with my Mom.
Kirill: Wow, what a pack of lies. Couldnít have done it better myself.
Gavriil: What do you mean?
Kirill: Gavriil, are you not surprised thereís so little about your father in the archives?
Gavriil: We were in the middle of a civil war. A lot of the archives were destroyed as a result.
Kirill: Or perhaps there was a conspiracy of silence about your father. To make sure nobody finds out what really happened.
Gavriil: Gets angry. Can you stop nattering. Just get to the point!
Kirill: Hold your horses, my boy. Iím getting to it. I knew your father very well. He was my right-hand man.
Gavriil: I donít believe you. Dad was a patriot, he loved his country and fought to defend it, unlike YOU.
Kirill: Oh yeah. How do you know ? You two never got a chance to talk. Iím gonna tell you the truth, he was indeed strongly patriotic. He loved Russia as much as he loved you. He suffered greatly to see his motherland slowly being wiped out by that atrocious war. When I decided to put a stop to it and created a secret group whose purpose was to initiate secret peace talks with Germany, he asked to be a part of it. Gavriil is too shocked to speak. You still there, boy?
Gavriil: Y-yeah... Please continue.
Kirill: Okay. I sent him to Berlin to meet Hindenburg and Ludendorff but the negotiations failed. By the time he got back, the Tsar had abdicated and Kerensky had put himself in charge. When Lenin expressed his intention to take power, your Dad helped him to achieve his ends.
Gavriil: WHY? WHY did he do that? How could he think helping the Reds was the right thing to do?
Kirill: Because Lenin was the only one who wanted to put an end to the war. Your father was wrong to put his faith into such a man, yet he canít be blamed for that. It was troubled times, no one really knew what was right or wrong.
Gavriil: To think heís been murdered by those he helped.
Kirill: No, Gavriil. He wasnít killed by the Reds. He was killed by those we called the Whites, the defenders of the monarchy, the ones who rescued Nicholas and his family.
Gavriil: It canít be.
Kirill: Why? Oh because you thought they were the good guys? Youíre so naive. You shouldnít believe everything you hear.
Gavriil: Well...
Kirill: You know, those guys were led by the Bellerophon crew. When they discovered what your dad did with the Germans and the Bolsheviks, the Bellerophon crew ordered his arrest. He was denied a proper trial, they just shot him along with his wife, your mother. It was plain murder, not execution.
Gavriil: No... I don't believe it.
Kirill: Wanna know the worse part? Ask Nicholas, Alexandra, or any of your so-called aunts and uncles. They know all about it.
Gavriil: NO. Thatís all LIES.
Kirill: Laughs. Your loyalty towards this family is funny. Why do you like them so much anyway?
Gavriil: They took me in, gave me a home when I was alone.
Kirill: Out of guilt, my boy. Besides they knew what happened to your parents and decided to keep it from you. They removed all the papers about them in the archives, so that no one would ever know what crimes the Whites had committed. So that you would never find out and youíd stay the sweet, innocent, patriotic defender of what they dare to call the "New Empire".
Gavriil: NO! That canít be true! Begins to cry. And my Mom? Sam? Does she know about it?
Kirill: No, she doesnít. She thinks your parents were killed by the Reds, as you did. Gavriil is still crying. Come on, kid, get it together. I sent you a package containing letters your Dad and I exchanged, as well as other confidential documents. You may want to take a look at it if you wanna check my story. Iíll keep in touch. Hangs up.

Later that morning...

Sam: Checks the mailbox. Hey Gavriil, thereís a letter for you. No senderís address. Who could it be.
Gavriil: Just an old friend of mine. Takes the letter, goes to his bedroom and opens up the envelope...

Meanwhile, at Anichkov Palace...

Olga: To her Dimitri. Tanya said youíll receive Elisabethís results when weíll be in London. Probably the day after the funeral.
Dimitri C-B: Iíll call you as soon as I get them, you have my word.
Olga: I know, thanks.
Dimitri C-B: Donít worry, sheíll be fine. Iíll take care of her. And if anything happens, Irina is there to help out.

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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Story Continues
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The next day, everyone gets abroad the Standart and, after the usual preparations, the ship casts off. Destination: Britain. Suddenly on board...

Sam: WHERE is he? I canít find him anywhere!
Nicholas: Who are you talking about?
Sam: Gavriil. Heís not with us!
Alexei: What?
Kole: You sure?
Sam: Positive. Heís not on board.
Maria: How could have missed the boat? It doesnít make any sense.
Anastasia: When was the last time you saw him, Sam ?
Sam: This morning when I was packing. He told me heíd drive to Anichkov and meet me at the pier later.
Kole: Yep, I remember. I saw him driving off around 8 AM. I havenít seen him since.
Alexei: Me neither.
Dimitri M: Same here.
Olga: Sames goes for me too.
Maria and Anastasia: And for us.
Tatiana:  He said he was going to Anichkov?  Well, he never showed up there. 
Kole: Somethingís fishy here.
Sam: I agree. Tries to call Gavriilís phone but goes straight to voice mail.
Kole: Yes, something is definitely up. Let me call your Dimitri, Olga. Makes the call. Hello? Yep, weíre fine. Is Gavriil with you? Okay, can you go check our dacha? Call me back when youíre there.

Twenty minutes later...

Dimitri C-B: On phone. Kole? No, heís not here. Can you tell me whatís happening? Kole explains the situation. I donít like that. Iím calling the police.
Kole : Good idea. They can find him by tracking down his phone. Keep us informed, okay?
Dimitri C-B: I will.

Hours later, Dimitri calls Kole back...

Kole: Dimitri? Any news?
Dimitri C-B: Well, Iím afraid I donít have good news.  They found Gavriilís phone. It was in a trash container, somewhere in St. Petersburg.
Kole: And Gavriil?
Dimitri C-B: Nowhere to be found.  Itís like he just disappeared.
Samís mobile suddenly beeps at that moment. She sees itís an unknown number.
Kole: Sees Sam answering her phone. Hang on a sec, Dimitri.
Sam: This is Sam. May I know whoís calling, please?
Voice: Mom. Itís me.
Sam: Gavriil??  Where on Earth have you been? Where ARE you? Everyoneís been looking for you!
Gavriil: You better stop the search, cause Iím not coming home.
Sam: What? Why?
Gavriil: I love you, Mom. I do. But thatís it. My mind is set. Goodbye and thank you for everything. Ends the call.

A few moments later, in Berlin, the doorbell of Kirillís house rings. Kirill opens it.

Kirill: Well, well, well. Look whoís here. Come in, Gavriil. Make yourself at home...

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Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Story Continues
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On the Standart...

Sam: Upset. I don't understand. What's happening?
Maria: Are you sure Gavriil said that he wasn't coming back?
Sam: Yeah, he made that painfully clear.
Tatiana: Why would he want to run away like that?
Sam:  He didn't say.  All he said was that he loved me, but that he was leaving and not coming back.  Makes a decision.  I have to go back to Russia.  I have to try and find him.
Nicholas:  Of course, I'll order the captain to turn the Standart around and then...
Sam:  No, you have to go to London, all of you.  You owe George that much.
Anastasia:  Well, then, Sam, how do you plan on getting back to Russia.  You can't just pop there, like you used to be able to.
Sam:  No, but the Standart has lifeboats.  I'll take one of them and row back.
Olga:  Sam, at this distance, it will take you almost a day to get back.
Sam:  Then I better get started then.

Soon, Sam is in one of the lifeboats, ready to go.  Provisions are being loaded aboard the lifeboat...

Kole:  Sam, you can't be serious about this.
Sam:  I am, Kole.
Kole:  Well, then there is only one option.  Gets into the lifeboat with Sam.  I'm coming with you.
Sam:  Kole...
Kole:  Sam, you're going to need help getting back.  You can't row all the way back to Russia by yourself.
Sam:  Looks at Alexei.  Can you talk her out of this?
Alexei:  I could try.  However, I happen to agree with her.  You can't do this alone, Sam.
Sam:  I guess I'm outvoted here.
Kole: That you are.  Turns and looks at the others.  We'll try to get to London if we can.  However...
Tatiana:  We understand, Kole.
Maria:  Keep us posted.
Kole:  We will.  We'll head to Anichkov when we get to shore and tell Olga's Dimitri what's going on.
Olga:  I'll call him and tell him to expect you two.
Soon all the provisions are loaded on the lifeboat.
Nicholas: To the crew.  Lower away!
Alexandra:  Good luck, you two.
Kole:  Thanks, Alix.
The lifeboat is lowered into the water, and, as the others watch, Sam begins to row away.
Alexei:  I hope they find Gavriil.
Anastasia:  Yeah, I wonder why he decided to up and run away like that.  What do you think happened?
Alexei:  I have no idea, Nastya.

Several hours later, in the lifeboat...

Kole:  Sam, you look exhausted.  Let me take over rowing now.
Sam:  Thanks, Kole.  The two women switch places.  Now I'm glad you decided to come along.
Kole:  Begins rowing.  What are friends for?
Sam:  Kole...
Kole:  Yes?
Sam:  Am I a bad mother?
Kole:  What makes you ask that question.
Sam:  Just the fact that my adopted son decided to run away for no apparent reason.
Kole:  Sam, it has nothing to do with you, I'm sure.  Something else clearly happened, something you didn't know about. 
Sam:  Yeah, but what?
Kole:  Well, did anything unusual happen today?  Something out of the ordinary.
Sam:  Well, there was that letter.
Kole:  What letter?
Sam:  Gavriil got a letter today.  There was no return address on it, yet...
Kole:  Yet what?
Sam:  He said that it was from an "old friend of his".
Kole:  But you just said that the letter had no return address.  How could Gavriil know it came from this "old friend", whoever that is.
Sam:  That's right, Kole.  Gavriil couldn't have known who the letter was from.  Unless, he was already expecting it.
Kole:  Which raises another question.  How did Gavriil know that letter was coming?  Unless he talked to this mysterious old friend beforehand.
Sam:  That must be it, Kole.  He called someone, or someone called him.  Now we just have to find out who this person is.

Several more hours later, Kole and Sam arrive back at Anichkov Palace...

Dimitri C-B: Olga called and told me to expect you two.
Sam: Dimitri, you said that the police found Gavriil's cell phone. I need to see it, I need to see what calls he either made or received.
Kole: We think it must be connected to the reason why he decided to run away.
Dimitri C-B:  Yeah, well that won't be much help.  According to the police, Gavriil smashed the phone to pieces, before he threw it in the trash.
Kole:  Damn!  That means any information that was on it is now lost.
Sam says nothing, she just sinks to the floor and starts crying.


Hitler:  Well?
Kirill:  The young fool believed everything.  Right now, he's at my house.
Hitler:  I told you we have good forgers here.
Kirill:  You do, and they're much better than that bungling idiot I had at the National Intruder.  Anyway, phase one of my plan is complete.
Carol:  And phase two is?
Kirill:  I slowly turn Gavriil against Nicholas The Traitor and his family.  I've already planted the seeds of doubt, now it's time to water those seeds into plants.
Carol:  And when that happens...
Hitler:  He will forsake his family, including that Jew who adopted him, and join our side.
The three men laugh evilly...