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Black Future: A Days Adventure
« on: January 07, 2018, 11:57:34 PM »
The following is based on an undeveloped storyline I had in mind for the latest incarnation of Days, until Real Life for my writing partner, Wakas, forced the termination of the project last year.

I've regretted never getting the chance to write this story. Now, I have decided to go ahead and write it as a stand alone adventure. I hope you all enjoy it.

If you have any comments on this story, please send them to me via PM.  I would rather not have the flow of the story interrupted.  As you can see, I have locked the thread.  As a Moderator, I can still post in it.
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Re: Black Future: A Days Adventure
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2018, 11:58:11 PM »
In the skies over Russia, in 1936, plane is flying.  In that plane are Kole and Alexei.

Kole:  Piloting the plane.  Well, Alexei, what do you think?
Alexei:  I think it handles great, Kole.  I'm glad you asked me to come flying with you.
Kole:  Me too.  Smiles.
Alexei:  What is it?
Kole:  I was just thinking about the first time I took you flying with me.  You weren't too thrilled that time.
Alexei:  Yeah, I know, considering that I fainted once we landed.
Kole:  Well, that was your first time ever flying. 
Alexei:  Where you had been flying for years beforehand.
Kole:  What can I say, I love flying.  Sees some strange clouds ahead.  That's odd.
Alexei:  What is it, Kole?
Kole:  I could swear that those clouds weren't there a moment ago. 
Alexei:  Should we avoid them?
Kole:  It's too late now.  We're already inside them.  Begins to tap the compass.  What the heck!?
Alexei:  What's wrong?
Kole:  The compass is spinning like a top, and the other instruments are going crazy too.  Becomes concerned. I don't like this. 
Alexei:  We're not going to crash, are we?
Kole:  Shakes her head.  No, but I think we should drop out of these clouds.  Hang on.  Kole pilots the plane and then manage to drop out of the strange clouds.  The instruments all return to normal.  That's better.
Alexei:  I think we should go back now.
Kole:  I agree. 

Soon the plane is on approach to St. Peterburg...

Kole:  On the radio.  Hello St. Petersburg, this is Katerina Feodorovna, requesting permission to land.  Over.  There is no answer.  Odd.  Tries again, still no answer.
Alexei:  What's going on?  Why don't they answer?
Kole:  I have no idea.  I.... 
Alexei:  Look, there are two planes on an intercept course.
The two planes begin shooting at them.
Alexei:  What the...  Who do those idiots think they're shooting at!?
Kole:  Us apparently. 
Alexei:  But why?
Kole:  We can ask those questions later.  Right now, I'm getting us out of here.
Kole banks the plane away, but the two planes stay with them, and keep shooting.
Kole:  Damn!  They got our fuel line.  We're going to have to land.
Alexei:  Where?
Kole:  Looks like we're going to have to chance a landing in the woods.  Brace yourself!

Under Kole's guidance, the plane manages to make a landing in the woods, outside St. Petersburg.

Kole:  Alexei, are you okay?
Alexei:  I'm fine, Kole.  Still, I have to wonder why those planes were shooting at us.
Kole:  I don't know, but as we were going down, I got a look at one of those planes and...
Alexei:  And?
Kole:  It looked like a German Messerschmidt. 
Alexei:  What?  That's impossible!
Kole:  I know, but that is what it looked like.  Come on, Alexei, we better get out of this plane.  It might blow up.
Alexei:  You don't have to ask me twice!

The two of them quickly leave the plane and get safely away, before it does blow up.

Kole:  That was close.
Alexei:  Yes, and...  Breaks off as the light of jeeps approaching flood them.  Now what?
As the couple watch, jeeps pull up and troops get out.  Much to the amazement of Kole and Alexei, the troops are German.
Head German:  Hands up, both of you!
Alexei:  Who the hell are you?
Another German walks up and viciously punches Alexei in the solar plexus. 
Kole:  Alexei!
Head German:  Consider that a warning.  Disobey again, and we won't be so gentle.  Hands up!
Very slowly, Alexei and Kole comply. 
Head German:  Very good.  Now, both of you will accompany us back to base for questioning.  Any tricks, we we shoot you both where you stand.  Move!

As Kole and Alexei are marched towards the keeps, both are astonished to see the swastikas all over said jeeps...
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Re: Black Future: A Days Adventure
« Reply #2 on: January 08, 2018, 11:55:14 AM »
Alexei and Kole are driven back to the air field and are marched into an office.  While there, Kole noticed a calendar on a nearby wall and sees the date on it: 1956...

Kole:  It can't be!
Alexei:  What is it?
Kole:  Look at the date on that calendar.  We're in 1956!
Alexei:  What?  Looks at the calendar.  We're twenty years in the future?  But how...
Before Alexei can continue, one of the guards comes over and jabs him with rifle.
Guard:  No talking!
At that point, a sinister looking man comes into the office, dressed in the uniform of an SS Major.
Man:  I'm Major Erich Kaufmann, in charge of this base.  Who are you?
Both Alexei and Kole remain silent.
Kaufmann:  It will go easier for both of you if you tell me your names.
Kole:  May we ask what we're being held for?
Kaufmann:  You were flying in restricted airspace, without military clearance. 
Alexei:  We didn't know.  We were blown off course by a storm.
Kaufmann:  I see.  That does not explain why you were flying without a permit.  All civilian pilots must have one.
Kole:  Uh, I forgot it.
Kaufmann:  Slams his hand down on the desk.  Enough of this!  I want to know your names and I want to know them now! 
The guards raise and cock their rifles.
Alexei:  Very well, my name is Alexei Romanov and this is my wife, Katerina Feodorovna. 
Kaufmann:  Interesting.  Those are the same names as the former Tsarevich of this country and his wife.  In fact, you both resemble the photos I've seen of them.  However, we both know that's impossible. 
Kole:  Why?
Kaufmann:  Don't ask stupid questions.  Now, once again, who are the two of you?
Kole:  We've told you the truth.
Kaufmann: Rubbish!  It's more likely that you two were smuggling weapons to the rebels. 
Alexei:  We told you...
Kaufmann:  I know what you've told me!  Turns to the guards.  Lock them up.  We'll continue the interrogation later!

Soon, Alexei and Kole find themselves locked up in a cell...

Alexei:  This is a nightmare.
Kole:  I'll say.  How can this be 1956?  We've been into the future beyond this year.  We know that Germany doesn't win World War II.
Alexei:  They have here.  Clearly, something has gone horribly wrong with time somehow.
Kole:  But how?
Alexei:  Wish I could tell you, Kole.  Pauses.  What I want to know is what happened to our family and friends.  Are Marie and Amanda safe?  Mama and Papa?  My sisters and their families...
Kole:  Sam and Gavriil?
Alexei:  Them too.
Kole:  Well, whatever happened here, once thing is clear.  We have to get out of here and find a way back to 1936.  However, before that, we have to find out just HOW Germany managed to win the war. 
Alexei:  I see.  And once we get back to 1936, we can warn them.  Prevent this from happening.
Kole:  Exactly.
Alexei:  Gets an idea. Kole, do you happen to have your magic key?  We could use it to escape.
Kole:  Shakes her head. No, I left it at home.  Besides, I don't think it would do us any good here.  I get the feeling that, if we travelled to 2076 from this point in time, we'd just arrive in a future in which Nazi Germany rules the world. 
Alexei:  Sighs.  You're probably right, Kole. 

Meanwhile, in a small room, Kaufmann and his mooks are listening in to the conversation, via a bug...

Kaufmann: Well, what do you think?
Mook 1: They really seen to believe that they've come from the past.
Kaufmann: I know.
Mook 2:  Do you think that they know that their cell is bugged?
Kaufmann:  That is the only possible explanation.  That is why they're continuing with this rubbish time travel talk, instead of discussion their real mission, whatever that was.  Gets up.  Keep listening.  I must make a report of this incident to the Tsar...
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Re: Black Future: A Days Adventure
« Reply #3 on: January 08, 2018, 05:03:36 PM »
Some time later, Kole and Alexei have been served their lunch...

Kole: Looks at her dish of slop in disgust.  This is what they call food?
Alexei:  Tell me about it.  And I can imagine that much of Russia also gets this slop. 
Kole:  It wouldn't surprise me.  I imagine that the bigwigs get all the good food.
Alexei:  Yeah.  Puts down his dish.  So, any escape plans yet?
Kole:  Well...
Before she can continue, the cell door opens and a well dressed elderly man steps in.  It doesn't take Kole and Alexei long to recognize him.
Alexei:  Kirill!
Kirill:  That's Tsar Kirill to you.
Alexei:  Tsar!?  You??
Kirill:  Yes, I am Emperor and Autocrat of the New Russian Empire.
Kole:  More like Nazi stooge to me.
Kirill:  So it would seem to you. However, the Fuhrer had granted me a free hand to rule Russia as I fit.  He and I have a good, what you would call, working arrangement.
Kole:  And I guess Prince Carol got the same deal.
Kirill:  KING Carol is the absolute ruler of Romania, yes. 
Alexei:  And both of you have your strings pulled by those in Berlin. 
Kirill:  Your views are unimportant, Alexei.  Pauses.  Yes, I believe you both.  So, you finally decided to come home. 
Kole:  To a nightmare.
Kirill:  You don't understand.  People such as Herr Hitler and myself have made a new and better Europe. 
Alexei:  I doubt that many in the occupied countries would agree with that assessment.
Kirill:  There will always be those that are incapable of seeing the big picture.
Kole:  Like the Jews, perhaps, or the gypsies, or anyone else that you and your Fuhrer find subhuman.
Kirill:  Sacrifices must be made for the greater good.
Kole:  That old excuse.
Alexei:  Save your sales pitch, Kirill, neither Kole nor I are buying it.
Kirill:  I didn't think so.  Snaps his fingers and guards pour into the cell.
Alexei:  What now, Kirill?  You march us off to be shot?
Kirill:  No, no, nothing like that.  The Ural Labour Camps are always looking for new workers.  You and your precious wife have just volunteered to become labourers.  Although, after a few months, you'll probably wish they had shot you.  With a laugh, Kirill leaves the cell.

Soon after, Alexei and Kole are bundled into the back of a truck, with a bunch of other prisoners.  Soon, they are on the road..

Kole:  Looks around.  Anyone here have any idea what this labour camp is like?
Prisoner:  Lots of hard work, and not a lot to eat.  Extends his hand.  My name is Leon.
Kole:  I'm Kole, and this is my husband, Alexei.
Leon:  Nice to meet you both.  Although I wish it had been under better circumstances. 
Alexei:  And what was your crime?
Leon:  I was too vocal against Hitler and his puppet Tsar, Kirill.  Spits on the floor after he says the name.  The traitor Tsar, I should say!
Kole:  You'll get no argument from us.

Meanwhile, the driver of the truck sees what appears to be a hay carriage in the middle of the road..

Driver:  I thought this road was supposed to be cleared.
Guard:  I guess these stupid Slavs just can't get the message.  Come on, let's teach these idiots a lesson.
The two of them get out of the truck and approach the carriage.  A man is there, working on the wheel.
Driver:  Hey, you!  What the hell are you doing  here?
The man doesn't reply.
Driver:  Hey, are you deaf?  Do you know who you're dealing with here?
Man:  Yes, a sitting duck!  Quickly gets up, pulling a gun and shooting the driver dead.
Guard:  Insurgents...  Before he can get any further, he too is cut down by a hail of bullets from the bushes.
A group of raggedly dressed men and women emerge from the bushes and approach the truck.  One of them, a young woman, looks in the back and addresses the prisoners.

Woman:  Come with us if you want to live!
Alexei:  Well?
Kole:  When in Rome.  Come on everyone!
Quickly, the prisoners flee the truck and they and the rebels disappear back into the bushes...
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Re: Black Future: A Days Adventure
« Reply #4 on: January 11, 2018, 11:32:55 AM »
The rebel base is in a disused mine.  All around them, Alexei and Kole can see people, just struggling to survive...

Kole:  I don't know what to say.
Alexei:  Me too.  Clearly these people are desperate.
Kole:  I wonder if it was like this for the French Resistance and other such groups.
Alexei:  I would imagine so.
At that point, two women, twins, appear.
Woman 1:  We need more medical supplies.
Woman 2:  We're getting low.
Kole and Alexei walk over and see that the two women have a striking resemblance to Tatiana.
Alexei:  Alexandra?  Victoria?
The two women look over at Alexei and Kole. 
Victoria:  Uncle Alexei!?  Aunt Kole!?
Alexandra:  But how.  You two disappeared long ago.
Kole:  But...
Victoria: To Alexandra.  Get them!
At that point, Alexandra heads off.
Alexei:  Where is she going?
Victoria:  You'll see.
Alexandra soon returns with two other women.  Alexei and Kole, whom Alexei and Kole quickly recognize.

Kole:  Marie, Amanda!
Marie:  Mama?  You've come back.  Marie and Amanda run over and hug their parents.

Later, Alexei and Kole are along with Marie, Amanda, Victoria, and Alexandra...

Amanda:  We always hoped that you would one day return, when they didn't find your bodies.
Alexei:  Hang on, what exactly happened.
Amanda:  Do you know how you two got here?
Kole:  Alexei and I were flying a plane in 1936 and we must have come through some kind of time doorway.
Alexei:  Next thing we know, here we are.
Marie:  That is what happened.  In 1936, the two of you took off on that flight and...
Kole: Yes?
Marie:  You never came back, either of you.  You never came back.
Amanda:  Until now...
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Re: Black Future: A Days Adventure
« Reply #5 on: January 11, 2018, 05:00:36 PM »
Alexei:  I am so sorry...
Amanda:  We never gave up hope, none of us.  We searched for you for months afterwards.  But you were just gone.
Marie:  Then we remembered how Mama had first come to Russia, and thought that perhaps it had happened again.
Kole:  And it did.  What was twenty years for you was just a few moments for Alexei and myself.
Alexei:  I have to ask...
Victoria:  Mama, Papa, our aunts, and Grandfather and Grandmother?  They managed to escape to North America.  The Nazis thankfully never got there.
Amanda:  Not yet, at least.
Alexandra: Of course, we went with them.  However, when we came of age, we came back to Russia.  We wanted to help fight for our homeland. 
Victoria:  None of them wanted us to, but they understood why. 
Alexei:  What about all your cousins...
Victoria:  We've had some....losses.  Even our brother, Dimitri, fell in battle.
Kole:  Oh my God.
Marie:  And then there was Sam.
Kole:  Sam?  What happened to her?
Amanda:  Like the rest of us, Gavriil chose to come back to Russia to fight.  Sam didn't want him to, and they had a huge fight.  They never spoke again.
Kole:  What happened to Gavriil?
Amanda:  He was killed leading a raid against a weapons depot, eight years ago.  Sam never recovered from that and...
Alexei: Yes?
Amanda:  She drank herself to death.
Kole:  Slowly sits down.  Dear God, how.  How did all this happen?  How did the Nazis conquer Russia?
Alexandra:  Because we were betrayed.
Alexei:  Kirill?
Alexandra:  No, it was Leon Gornsky.
Alexei:  The Prime Minister who took over after Kerensky retired?
Victoria:  Yes, him.  What no one knew at the time was that he was a supporter of the Children Of The Empire.  When Germany attacked in 1941, he supplied the Nazis will information about our whole military infrastructure.  So they knew where and what to attack.
Kole:  If only....  Breaks off.
Alexei:  What is it, Kole?
Kole:  Perhaps this is why we were sent here, to see what would happen and be able to prevent it.
Marie:  What do you mean, Mama?
Kole:  I mean that this isn't the future that's supposed to happen.  It's only a possible future, a future we must make sure doesn't happen.
Alexei:  You mean...
Kole:  Yes, the doorway that we came through might still be there.  We might be able to fly back through it!
Alexei:  I see.  However, one problem.
Kole:  Yes, to get back to where that doorway is, we need access to a plane...
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Re: Black Future: A Days Adventure
« Reply #6 on: January 13, 2018, 11:56:50 AM »
Alexander Palace, the throne room of Tsar Kirill...

Kirill:  Escaped?  How??
Kaufmann:  The insurgents attacked the prison transport and liberated the prisoners.
Kirill:  The insurgents again?  Every time we think we've wiped them out, they pop up again!
Kaufmann:  We can request more SS personal from Germany.
Kirill:  No, we must prove that we can handle this ourselves.
Kaufmann:  If I may ask, Your Highness, what is so important about those two prisoners?
Kirill:  They are the former Tsarevich and his wife.
Kaufmann:  But that's impossible.  They disappeared twenty years ago.  If those prisoners were them, how come they haven't aged?
Kirill:  I don't know, but it is them.  Somehow, they have returned, and we must find them!
Kaufmann:  I'll get a search started right away.

The rebel base...

Alexei:  So we need to get a plane. 
Kole:  Yeah, but I get the feeling that it won't be easy. 
Amanda:  It won't be.  All the airfields are guarded.  No one gets in or out without the right papers.
Alexei:  So we'll have to get our hands on some papers.
Kole:  Or forge them ourselves.  Turns to Amanda.  Do you have a forger among you?
Amanda:  We have.  He's helped us infiltrate quite a few installations here and there.
Kole:  We'll we're going to need his help again.  Can he make fake papers for Alexei and I to get onto one of those airfields?
Marie:  He can sure give it a try.
Kole:  Good, get him started right away.
Amanda:  Mama?
Kole:  Yes, Amanda.
Amanda:  Do you really think that you and Papa can get back to 1936 and stop all this from happening?
Kole:  Yes, Amanda, I think so.  As I said, I think that's the reason why Papa and I came here to begin with.
Alexei:  And we're sure the hell going to try and stop this from happening...
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Re: Black Future: A Days Adventure
« Reply #7 on: January 15, 2018, 05:01:41 PM »
Soon, Alexei and Kole are alone with Marie and Amanda...

Kole:  Just look at the two of you.  Both of you grew up into beautiful women.
Alexei:  I just wish it had been under happier circumstances.
Marie:  Mama...
Kole:  Begins to cry.  I'm so sorry, we weren't there for either of you.
Amanda:  Mama, it's not your fault.  You couldn't have known what was going to happen.
Kole:  I know, but that doesn't make me feel any better.  It sounds like all of you have been through living hell for years.  If only...
Marie:  Mama, as you said, perhaps that is why you and Papa came here.  If you two manage to get back to the past, none of this would have happened.
Amanda:  Yes, the future will go back to the way it was supposed to be.
Alexei:  Like we've already seen.
Kole:  Well, we're going to make damn sure that this future is erased.  For all of you, including Dimitri, Gavriil, and Sam as well.
Alexei: Now that we know who to go after, once we get back to 1936.
Kole:  Prime Minster Gornsky.  He'll have much to answer for.


Amanda:  Mama, Papa, this is Yuri, our forger.
Yuri:  Please to meet you both.
Kole:  Are our fake papers ready?
Yuri:  They are.
Alexei:  Good, let's go take a look at them.

And so...

Kole:  Holds up the papers.  Looks good.
Alexei:  Let me see.
The papers identify Kole and Alexei as Luftwaffe pilots.
Kole:  I think these will get us to plane.
Alexei: And then into the air.  The only problem I see...
Kole:  Is trying to find the time doorway we came through, assuming it's still there. 
Alexei:  Do you think you could find it again, Kole?
Kole:  I don't know.  However, I did note our position when we went through it.  If I can get us back to those same coordinates, perhaps we'll find it there.
Alexei:  When do you want to try?
Kole:  Tonight, when it gets dark.  We'll use the cover of darkness to try and infiltrate the air field.
Alexei:  And those forged papers are for in case we get caught.
Kole:  Exactly...
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Re: Black Future: A Days Adventure
« Reply #8 on: January 23, 2018, 05:12:52 PM »
Later, that evening, Alexei and Kole have managed to sneak onto the airbase...

Alexei:  So far, so good.
Kole:  I don't like this.
Alexei:  What do you mean?
Kole:  I don't know.  All this was just....  Too easy.
Alexei:  You think this might be a trap?
Kirill:  Steps out of the shadows.  How right you are, Alexei.  At that point a squad of SS men surround Alexei and Kole.
Kole:  Damn, I was right.
Alexei: How did you know we'd come here.
Kirill:  I made an educated guess.  You see, I figured that, somehow, the two of you had come from the past.  And, no doubt, you wish to return there.
Kole:  Yeah, so why not just let us go.
Kirill:  After what you two have seen?  I know that, once you two got back to the past, you would no doubt do anything in your power to make sure that my rule of Russia doesn't happen. 
Alexei: Give that man a Kewpie doll.
Kirill:  So you see why I cannot let that happen.  Turns to the SS men.  Take them away.

Soon, Alexei and Kole are being led away by the SS men...

Alexei:  May I ask what will happen to us.
SS Man:  You'll be shot, eventually.
Kole:  I don't suppose you'll even bother with a trial, even though said trial will be surely rigged.
SS Man:  That will...
Suddenly, shots ring out, and all the SS men fall dead to the ground.
Alexei:  Wha...
At that point, Maria, Amanda, and other members of the resistance group come out of the shadows.
Amanda:  We figured that you might need some help.
Alexei:  We sure did.
Marie:  Mama, Papa, the way is clear now.  You two get back to 1936, and stop this from happening.  Save us all.
Kole:  We will, Marie, I promise you that...
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Re: Black Future: A Days Adventure
« Reply #9 on: February 03, 2018, 12:05:08 AM »
Soon, Alexei and Kole are making their way towards a plane, when Crowley steps out of the shadows...

Kole:  Who the heck are you?
Crowley:  Crowley's the name.  We have a mutual friend.
Alexei:  Castiel.
Crowley:  The very same.
Kole:  Yeah, Sam told us about you.  You're the King Of Hell.
Crowley:  Well, not anymore.  I've recently retired from that position.
Alexei:  How can you retire from being the King Of Hell?
Crowley:  It's a rather long story, and really not relevant to this situation. 
Kole:  Well, then why are you here?
Crowley:  I just wanted to ask you what you thought of all this.  Gestures around him.
Alexei:  What?  You mean that you caused all this??
Crowley:  No, I didn't cause it.  This was always one possible future.  All I did was make sure that the two of you ended up here.
Kole:  Why?
Crowley:  Why do you think?  So you can stop it.  Believe me, I no more want the Nazis to win World War II that you do.  Let's just say that it messes up the future.
Alexei:  That's an understatement.
Crowley:  No, I mean that it messed up the future more than you can possible imagine.
Kole:  What?
Crowley:  Believe me, you don't want to know.
Alexei:  Okay, you've convinced us. 
Kole:  Of course, we were already going to stop it.
Crowley: Looks like my work here is done.  When you get back to 1936, tell Samantha Cohen that she owes me one.  Vanishes.
Alexei:  You believe him?
Kole:  Strangely, yes.
Alexei:  Won't Sam be thrilled when we tell her about this.
Kole:  Smiles.  Yeah, I'm sure she will be.
Alexei:  Well, we better get back to our time.
Kole:  I know.  Sees a plane up ahead.  We'll take that one...
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Re: Black Future: A Days Adventure
« Reply #10 on: February 03, 2018, 11:57:47 AM »
Soon Kole and Alexei are airborne...

Alexei:  Are you sure that you can find that doorway again.
Kole:  Yes, I remember where we were when we went through it.  Hang on!  Kole banks the plane high into the clouds, and soon..
Alexei:  Kole, look at the compass!
Kole:  Yeah, it's spinning like crazy again.  Looks like we're in the doorway.
Alexei:  Do you think we'll get back to our own time.
Kole:  Only one way to find out.  I'm taking us down.

The plane lands at the St. Petersburg airfield.  Very slowly, Kole and Alexei get out and...

Kole:  Points.  Alexei, look!
Alexei looks and sees Sam, Gavriil, with Marie and Amanda.  They're all the correct ages.
Alexei:  We made it!  The two run over and give the group a hug.
Sam:  Hey, what brought this on.  You two were only gone for...  Notices the plane that Kole and Alexei had landed in.  Uh, where did you get that Messerschmidt?
Kole:  That's quite a story, Sam.
Sam:  Well...
Alexei:  Okay, it all began with...  Goes on to tell Sam what happened.
Sam: After Alexei had finished.  Wow, that is a grim story.  Looks at Gavriil.  I mean Gavriil dying...
Gavriil:  Mom, I'm fine.  As Uncle Alexei said, that won't happen now.
Sam:  Yeah, and I owe Crowley a favour.  Great!
Kole:  Anyway, we have something else to take care of first.

Soon the following article appears in the National Intruder...


Prime Minister Leon Gornsky has been arrested after information surfaced that he was secretly working for the Children Of The Empire, the group headed by exiled Prince Kirill.  The group, based in Germany and allied with Adolf Hitler's Nazi party, has been aiming to restore the old Empire for years now. 

When asked to comment on this, from his headquarters in Berlin, Kirill denied all knowledge of Gornsky, claiming that Gornsky was a "rogue agent", and was acting on his own.

At the apartment...

Alexei:  Puts down the paper.  A rogue agent.  Yeah, right.
Kole:  Well, at least this time the National Intruder is telling the truth.
Alexei:  Yeah, it is.  A nice change.  Looks like we saved the future, Kole.
Kole:  Yes, we did.  The war will still happen, but at least the right side will win.  And, more to the point, our family will be okay.  None of them will die.
Alexei:  Amen to that, Kole.  Amen to that.  I think this is something to celebrate.  How about dinner at Jacques's Bistro?
Kole: Smiles.  You're on. 

Cats: You just gotta love them!