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--- Quote ---Elisabetta went in the Greek Royal Family with fond hopes. They were soon dashed when they have dinner togather, they all spoke Greek.
--- End quote ---

That's happened to me many times, everyone speaking Greek around me and me not understanding much of it. Elisabeth should have asked them to speak English around her if they could and she could, or else she should have tried to learn Greek, or pick up a few words like I have.  :)

Sophie was certainly nasty towards Elisabetta. On the other hand, although they have arguments and disagreements, Helen and Missy were able to establish a kind of relationship based on mutual respect. Missy greatly loved Helen's gift of minicing others (including herself).

I am not trying to say that Elisabetta was a nice woman. She had her faults, but in the begining she wanted to be good and be loved. However the years of war and attitude of others ruin it for her and George. The fact that they were on opposite sides during the divorce of Carol & Helen didn't help matters. Once Elisabetta got her money, she began to do as she pleased and cared about nobody. It was a bitter life with many dissapointments (but much of which she contributed herself).


--- Quote from: Marlene on March 15, 2007, 03:59:51 PM ---I have spent more than a quarter of a century studying the descendants of of Queen Victoria, and have written extensively on various descendants.
--- End quote ---

And part of what you have written is unreliable, Marlene. Should I remind you that what your book Queen Victoria's descendants says about Baby Bee's treachery towards Ena is inaccurate, as you once admitted? It's odd considering that you have spent more than a quarter of a century studying the subject.

Well...I think Marlene corrected herself in the Baby Bee thread that after more research her earlier statement about the relationship between Bee & Ena wasn't valid. We all stand to be corrected.  ;)

However the fact remains that Marlene's original research on Baby Bee was not good enough. Likewise, I think John Wimbles' research on Elisabeta is much more reliable.


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