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Helena, Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein (1846-1921), and her family, Part I

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And again one question regarding Marie Valerie zu Schleswig-Holstein...I found that some web sites listed her mother as Baroness Bertha von Wernitz(1868-1900)...as I also find whole Wernitz-Salm story a bit strange but also found that there is some connection between them on other sites...so don't know if the whole story is a fantasy...some other articles regarding Salm/Hornes titles from guide2womenleaders.com say that:

"1905-43 H.S.H Princesse Ivonne zu Salm-Kyburg Udvary
She inherited the Spanish-Brabant dignities by will of 1904, her father Fürst Friedrich V Salm-Kyrburg and of Hornes  (1845-1905) with authorization to transmit the titles and the dignity of Grandee of Spain. She was married to Karl Baron Udvary de Udvard, and mother of one daughter, Princess Margarita, who received all the dignities of the house of Hornes under the Spanish law, in a Notary  Act given in Liechtenstein in 1943. Ivone Ernestine Eleonore Rosalie Marie Cornelie lived (1885-1953).

1943-62 Guardian Princess Marguerite Udvary de Udvary of Hornes
Confirmed as Heiress of the titles and dignities of the Hornes family of the Spanish and Austrian Brabant, Spanish Netherlands, Limbourg, Luxembourg and Artois in a Notary  Act given in Liechtenstein in 1943, but the following year she and her mother appointed her son, Andreas von Wernitz zu Salm-Kyrburg as heir and Marguerite became guardian for her son. In 1986 she confirmed to her son, Baron Andreas v. Wernitz zu Salm-Kyrburg (b. 1943-) with the dignities in front of the Spanish  justice Ministry according the new nobility law regulation and she kept the title of Princess of Hornes til her dead in 1995. She lived (1909-95)"

So,if there is any truth connection between Salm-Wernitz titles who is than this Baroness Bertha von Wernitz and based on what was she listed as mother of Valerie?


--- Quote from: Eddie_uk on April 11, 2009, 01:04:41 PM ---I've been thinking of which of QV's grandchildren wrote a memoir, so far I can think of:

Kaiser Willhelm
Princess Moretta
Queen Marie
Grand Duke Ernest
Princess Victoria of Milford Haven
Princess Alice of Athlone
Princess Marie Louise

Any others?
It's wonderful so many of them wrote a memoir..

--- End quote ---

It's also a nice cross-section of the grandchildren--spread out over different countries and different ages. Wilhelm, for instance, was already married when Princess Alice was born. There are some grandchildren you could only wish left memoirs--I bet Charlotte of Saxe-Meiningen's would've been bitchy in the extreme. ; )

Marc--that's very interesting information you dug up. Interesting that some sites actually name the supposed mother--did they say on what basis they arrived at their conclusion?

Unfortunately no...they say that Baroness Bertha von Wernitz is descendant of Princess of Montleart who is also an ancestor of Savoy Kings...but this whole story about Baron von Wernitz was a bit "dodgy" so I googled and saw on other sites they say that they have indeed inherited some titles from the Salm family which means that there might be something true in this whole thing,although they don't name the source of such claim...

Naslednik Norvezhskiy:
Regarding the mysterious Bertha von Wernitz, who is listed on Darryl Lundy's thePeerage.com site, Marlene Koenig wrote in the Mecklenburg-Schwerin thread:

--- Quote from: Marlene on March 17, 2009, 09:50:49 AM ---Unfortunately,  Daryl Lundy falls for whatever information is given to him.  He had listed a mother of Valerie Marie zu Schleswig-Holstein - which was absed on someone sending him information ..  but the woman, whose first name was Berta, never existed.
--- End quote ---

Thank you...I thought that there must be something wrong ;-/


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