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Princess Anastasia Series: 'Bednaya Nastya'

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will this show be shown in the US?" I would love to see it

hay every one, i watched that serial for all the time in one of my local channels, and it finished today, it was so good ;D but a bit sad some times :'(

    for Ivana from Serbia, i have an answer for your "Q?" about Ana and Korf, they will get marrid...
      ;D same day sa ripnen and Liza...

Me, my wife and my two duaghters looked to this TV series in Arabic language because we can understand arabic. This Russian TV series was the greatest art and the most beautiful actions seen by us during all our life. This drama finished before more than one month but till we remeber all th emoments in this drama. Really history of Russia is great and we are in deepest of our heart hope to see Russia and this great country. We loved in deep all Anna, Vladimer, Misha, Liza, Natasha and all of them. We are Kurdish family from Iraq, this drama make us to live in Russia by all our sensation. Thank you to all these great actors (all of them without exception) and thank you greecemeber to this information.

--- Quote ---Hello to everyone. I come from Greece and here Bednaya Nastya has finished just three weeks ago. I accidentally saw your discussion and I registered because I wanted to answer to your questions since I knew the answers. Well, the Russian name is Bednaya Nastya which means Poor Nastya (Nastya is a russian pet-name for Anastasia). Some of the characters really existed like the Char Nikolai and Prince Alexander and I think even Olga Kalinovskaya but the rest of course is invented. The main actors are Yelena Korikova-Anna Platonova, Daniil Strahov-Vladimir Korf, Piotr Krasilov-Mikhail Repnin, Anna Tabanina-Lisa Dolgorukaya, Yekaterina Klimova-Natasha Repnina, Anton Makarsky-Andrei Dolgorukii, Dmitriy Isaev-Prince Alexander, Marina Kazankova-Olga Kalinovskaya, Marina Aleksandrova-Princess Maria. The serial was an ENORMOUS hit in Russia -and here in Greece too! and the actors and actresses are now very big names in Russia. They even think of filming Bednaya-Nastya2 but I don't know if it will really happen. I have some GREAT links for the serial. They are in russian but of course some words like gallery(photos) or videos are quite similar. They have many wonderful photos and many videos. Well, here they are: (official site of Yelena Korikova) (official site of D.Strahov) (has the original videos in russian -here in Greece the serial was translated) (official site of D.Isaev) (official site) (official site of the serial)
Well, ALL of those sites are the BEST. Visit them and I think you will like them very much. I hope you will enjoy them and I hope I helped you!
--- End quote ---

I'm from Croatia,and we are watching poor anastasia,in it is here about time when peter dolgorukayi demands from korf to marry liza,so plz,can you tell me what will happen,how will it end,who is anastasia, and what will happen to the characters????plz,i'm addicted to it,i need to know...Is Liza going to be married to korf(gee,i hope not)


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