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Anastasia Formal Pictures

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I know that many pictures of Anastasia have already been posted on this Forum, but anyway, i'm trying to get together a few fromal pictures of her alone. So if you have pictures of Anastasia alone, say, from 1913 or even later, please do post them all, so we can put together all the existant variants. By the way, how many positions did they usually shoot at an official session? From time to time, new positions appear from what seems to be the same shooting session. Thank you in advance!

Here's a couple:


Anastasia in 1914.

here's some more:

Sorry everyone! I sort of "stole" that last colored picture! I'll try to get the original black and white one and replace it...  ;)

Sorry I'm leaving so many posts!!!
But does anybody know when was the last formal photo shoot of the family?


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