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Queen Margarethe II & Prince Henrik

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Queen Margrethe seems to be my favorite female monarch in Europe, does anyone have any information on her early childhood, where she went to school as a child, how was it like growing up being an heir, and how was her relationship with her parents and sisters?

margrethe had growing up in a very close og lovely family. she was teaching at home with some girlfriends

and she was not a heir before she was 13 years old. she allways said she have had a very happy childhood and was very close to her father.


sorry about my two replys something went wrong

Margrethe was born one week after Germany had occupied Denmark, and was naturally seen as the first little hope in a dark time.
Her parents would walk the streets of Copenhagen with her to show their support and sympathy with the population.
She did attend a private school in her first years, Zahles skole, but was also eduacated at home.

Isn't Margrethe II not actually a legitimate Queen, but a crowned regent?  I know that doesn't really make sense, but i read (during all the CP Mary media hype in Australia) that while her father took steps to allow her to constitutionally become Denmarks head of state she isn't as 'complete' as a King would be.

I'm not sure about this, Im definate about the reporting of her being a regent though, and it was in The Age, which is a very reliable newspaper.



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