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Queen Margarethe II & Prince Henrik

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Queen Margrethe is the head of state, with the title Queen of Denmark. She is just as "complete"  as a king would be, since she is a female "king", or reigning Queen. The constitution dosnt seperate between a man or a woman.
It wasnt her father who took the steps to change the succession law, but the parlament.
I think that the paper might have been confused, since the Queen can be referred to as regent, but she is a legitimate reigning Queen, and has that title.
The Crown Prince has the title regent when his mother is out of the country and he reigns for her.

Her birthday was yesterday, btw.

Ok, thanxs for clearing that up for me kmerov.


Oh, and happy birthday Maggie!

Not Maggie but Daisy!  ;D Margrethe  - Marguerita - Daisy.

A. Michelsen designed the enamelled Daisy brooch in 1940 for the honour of the newborn princess (I think she wasn't a crown princess when born).

This brooch is today manufactured by George Jensen, a famous Danish jewellery company, and you can buy it in a variety of colours. Also the Queen is often seen wearing the brooch and matching earrings.

Queen Margrethe at the Olympic Games in Athens 2004.
Pic Corbis (Who would have known?).

Queen Margrethe II's nickname is "Daisy",her father called her that,and so does all the family.

I add a family-tree,click on the pics for names and birthdays,

HM Margrethe Alexandrine Thorhildur Ingrid,born april 16th 1940,was called to the Throne upon the death
of her father King Frederik IX,january 14th 1972.

HM is also an accomplished artist/designer/writer and her work(paintings) is found on exhibition sometimes.
She also designed many costumes for theatre plays and/or ballets and complete sets,and,on special occasions,
designs vestments for the clergy of the Lutheran church.

In keeping with the tradition of her parents,the entire/extended family spends part of the summer holidays at Graasten Palace,so HM's sisters and husbands & children,grandchildren are taking part as well.

After that HM and Prince Henrik spend most of the summer in Caix,France,at their estate/winery Chateau de Caix.

During her absense her son Crown Prince Frederik acts as Regent,and in case he's abroad as well,
the Queens sister Princess Benedikte is Regent.


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