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help with posts
« on: April 19, 2005, 10:45:15 PM »
Can someone please tell me what the top two lines of symbols are about and how to use them? Also, what does "check this if you'll be adding code" mean????
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Re: help with posts
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2005, 01:32:36 PM »

1. Bold Your Text
2.Put it in Italics
3.You can undreline it too
4.Strike it out
5.[glb]This aparently makes the text glow[/glb]
6.[glb]This aparently gives a little drop shadow[/glb]
7.Makes the text scroll along the bottom of tha page
I believe this justifies the text.
I could be wrong

Moves all
the text to the

Center's either text or whatever you put in here

Movves everything to the right of the message

This adds the line you see above me ^^^ (also known as a horizontal rule)
13. This works if you want to attach a flash file (a.k.a .swf)
14. This is good for an FTP link
13.[size=13]you[/size][size=16] can[/size] [size=24]choose[/size] [size=10]the[/size] [size=48]size [/size]of the text, by adjusting the number beside the equal sign[/size]
14.You can change the font you use.. You're best bet is it use one that is on ever computer internationally. It also helps to know the font names
15.ChooseColours for your text -- arn't those colours hidous together?
16. This is if you want to add a flash file.. (aka. .swf)
17. You can post a link
18. Add a FTP link

19. Post an image, by putting the URL between the [ img ] and [/ img] brackets Add a link to your email
21./22./23.Add a table

24.Add something to the top of the text, e.x:2nd But only put what you want raised in the [ sup ] and [/ sup] brackets
25. Same as above, but good for when you need to use Peridoic Table (sp?) ie. H20
26.Typerwriter Text?
Code: [Select]
<LI>Spam and Eggs
<LI>Spam, Spam, Eggs and Spam
-- Show how to code something, without having to put in irritating spaces like [ this ] and [/ this ]
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Hope this helped