Author Topic: If AA was NOT FS, Who Was She? Part2  (Read 41200 times)

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Re: If AA was NOT FS, Who Was She? Part2
« Reply #240 on: May 17, 2005, 11:25:05 AM »
So, can we set the 7 hour visit with AA by Felix and/or Gertrude into the "fiction"  list?

I think we can.


I think we can do that also.  I am sure that Annie did was not the origniator this fallacy either.  I can't remember who was.  

I had a great great aunt, whom I remember well that lived in Everett, WA.  She was quite an eccentric old lady.  She left home at an early age and was married to a local boy, and the marriage was not happy.  According to an old man who knew her there was a rumor that she had a child by her husband, and after she left him she gave the child up for adoption.  The story itself is very sort of the AA tale.  She left an abusive husband and unhappy marriage, divorced him and gave up the child, also she disappeared in the middle of the night.

Aunt Florence was an enigma. Her 2nd husband was a wealthy swedish man named Kringlebach, and they lived a very good life.  Her 3rd husband was a man named George who pre deceased her by some 20 years.

Aunt Florence also had younger men in tow between husbands 2 & 3.  When I started doing genealogy, and studying history my grandmother, who loved Aunt Florence dearly, said "Aunt Florence was birthdays, christmas, and holidays to us."  She would never tell me about the stories, I later learned from her sisters after her death.  She is still quite shrouded in mystery to me,
quite an AA figure.  I have several beautiful pieces that were hers, but her life is shrouded in mystery, and sometimes the facts that I have found don't measure up with the stories I have been told.  

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Re: If AA was NOT FS, Who Was She? Part2
« Reply #241 on: May 17, 2005, 11:30:33 AM »

Penny these transcripts are in German?

Yes, they are in German.

At what point was the Shanzkowski family told of the ressurrection of their daughter/sister FS as AA, and their reaction?  My assumption here is that Berlin police were pretty sure of the fact that FS was murdered by Grossman.

They were sure enough to have told the Schanzkowsky family that she was a Grossmann victim in -- I think -- the mid-twenties.  They certainly believed it until Fraulein Unbekannt's case came to haunt them.  Their individual reactions really aren't recorded in the court investigator's report -- but they did cooperate with him totally in answering questions and providing evidence and details.  

The family members who participated in the investigator's enquiries were Mrs, Felix, Valerian and Maria Julianna.  Gertrude's husband wouldn't allow her to be questioned because she was very "emotional" -- for that we might be able to read "pregnant," as I believe Gertrude's daughter was born around this time.

Is there any chance of ever getting a look at the files or file regarding FS in the Grossman case, and what evidence they had if any other than her name badly written in his dairy, or what is purported to be her name.

I don't know, beyond what Greg and I might reproduce in our book.  Anything we have that we don't use will be available -- but the owner of the copy we used is not so much interested in the FS/AA side of the case as he is in the police-work side.  Old investigations are his area of interest...
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Re: If AA was NOT FS, Who Was She? Part2
« Reply #242 on: May 17, 2005, 12:16:24 PM »
The spirit of a debate is to make a statement right or wrong and then everyone brings something worthwhile to the table. Sniping at one another through personal attacks has no place in a debate.

I think this site has such merit....I would think that we who come here appreciate it and know that it is for love and not money that it is in cyberspace for all of us to enjoy.

Let's all try to bring something to the table so this site can enjoy a long and healthy life.

If I were the administrator I would have axed this whole area a long time ago.


Susie, you took the words out of my mouth. I have not previously 'axed' this whole area because I don't want to be accused of crushing freedom of speech or slanting or surpressing any point of view that may be contradictory to mine or Bob's (all of which I am literally libelled with regularly believe it or not).

This has been a long and tough weekend on several levels, and I simply have not had my usual time to scrutinise all the postings. A PM brought this thread to my attention and frankly given my current zero-tolerance policy for personal attacks, thread locked.