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Re: Lenin/AA
« Reply #45 on: June 08, 2005, 06:13:52 PM »
Good grief, your information is in your first post which started this thread:

I ran across this while reading Remembering Anna Anderson
Part II By John Godl:
"When the Berlin wall fell in 1989 and the east opened up the contents of certain secret archives were made known to historians all over the world," Dr. Von Berenberg-Gossler reports, "proving that Lenin had been extraordinarily interested in dividing the tsarist emigration. This is why Lenin deliberately supported "Miss Unknown" as much as he could, financially and otherwise, after she was pulled from the canal in Berlin in the early 20's. Its been found Lenin had a complete file on the Anastasia case in Moscow. I had already assumed this was the case during the course of the legal procedure I was leading in this matter. I even shared my suppositions with the court; however, I was not in a position to prove them at the time."

Does anyone know anymore about this? Did Lenin really fund AA?

I guess  Godl did not give a source about Lenin's support for AA.  Isn't it frustating when authors give us data like this one and then give us absolutely nothing else so we cannot find it, read it, make a judgement  and then use it with confidence because it's something that is factual.   GRRRRRRrrrrrr.

Joh Godl's article on the Unmasking of Anna Anderson

Remembering Anna Anderson Part I:

Remembering Anna Anderson Part II:

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