Author Topic: Anniversary of Anastasia's birthday -- post tributes and memorial messages here!  (Read 92877 times)

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Good thoughts for Anastasia on her 115th. It must have been a wonderful day in 1901 at Peterhof for Nicholas, Alexandra , and her 'big' sisters.

Bittersweet I suppose. The girls must naturally have been excited but the joy expressed by Nicholas & Alexandra seems to have been muted at best. Hard to imagine the pressures on N&A - especially Alexandra - to produce a male Heir. Not something we can really relate to in our time and as average citizens.

Sometimes makes you wonder whether world history might have been materially different had a male child been born first, second or even third, rather than fifth. Would the psyche of the Imperial couple changed and would they have taken the same absurd measures to conjure of a baby boy?

Regardless. We Romanov fans are lucky to have had Anastasia. Even setting aside the survival myths she was the perfect little sister that made the OTM+A circle seem complete.
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Sorry we missed your birthday this year, Imp.  The board was down for the whole weekend (no doubt thanks to the annoying spambots that have been plaguing us since last week).

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Anastasia, even if it's a couple of days late.
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