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Emperor Napoleon III and his family

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Nice picture of Eugenie. Thank you for the link. She was so beautiful!! It would have been wonderful, if she had had a daughter, too (by Napoleon III. of course...). She would have been very beautiful, too, I suppose... :)
But Napoleon III only had boys:

I have found in the book "Napoleon's children" By Normington a picture of Napoleon III's mistress Eleonore Vergeot, "Alexandrine", mother of Louis Napoléons two illegitimate sons, Comte d'Orx, and comte de Labenne:

Here she is...seems to be a picture, when she was a young girl:

Princess Susan:
Yes, it would have been very interesting, if they had had daughter together as well. Their son Eugene looked like his mother. So maybe the daughter would have taken more after Napoleon then after Eugenie. Because girls usually resemble more on their fathers and boys on their mothers (but of course is individual).
Do you know something more about their marridge live? What I know, their relationship can't be consider for love match, can it? And they had only one child, what is also unusual for that time...Of course Napoleon had another children with his mistresses( realy only sons are mentioned, but who knows...it's quite likely that nobody knows all his affairs and illegitimate children).

Thank you for picture of Alexandrine. Is the book "Napoleon's children" written in english or only in french?

I´m trying to obtain info about the duke of Morny, half-brother of Napoleon III, but, specially, about his russian wife, Sophie Troubetskoi. After the death of Morny, Sophie remarried a spanish nobleman, the duke of Sesto, who han been the great love of youth of empress Eugenie. Sophie played a major role in the spanish court, she was one of the social leaders of the "Revolution of the Mantillas" against king Amadeo of Savoy and later a very influential lady when Alfonso XII was proclaimed king...

Pictures would be greatly appreciated, too.


The duchess of Morny was born Princess Sofia Sergeyevna Trubetskaya in 1836 at Moscow; she might have been illegitimate daughter of Nicholas I of Russia.

In 1856, Morny was sent to the coronation of Alexander II of Russia and there he met Sophie, whom he married at St. Petersburg on January 7, 1857. He was created Duke in 1862.

The had four children:
Marie Eugenie de Morny (Paris, 1857 - Paris, 1883):
Auguste Charles Louis Valentin de Morny, 2nd Duc de Morny (Paris, 1859 - Paris, 1920)
Serge de Morny (Paris, 1861 - Paris, 1922)
Sophie Mathilde (Missy) de Morny (Paris, 1863 - Paris, 1944)

Duc de Morny

Duchesse de Morny

Thank you, Veronica ;)


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