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Isabel de Valois (Elisabeth de Valois), Queen of Spain

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Clara was the Saint of the day (Saint Claire of Assisi, 12th August) and Eugenia was to say thanks to Saint Eugene. Isabel de Valois had prayed to him so that he made her be succesfully pregnant. Nine months after this prayer she gave birth to her first daughter. We must remember that she was desperate for children after 5 years of marriage and an only pregnancy which ended in the miscarriage of twin daughters. Saint Eugene gave her what she asked for, so she put his name to her first daughter! Isabel, her first name, was chosen by Felipe to honour his wife, but Isabel (de Valois) said it was a posthumous tribute to Felipe's mother, Isabel of Portugal.

Dear Umigon, thanks for explaining the myth of the love story between Don Carlos and Isabel de Valois.


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--- Quote from: Prince_Lieven on August 22, 2005, 01:44:12 PM ---Did Queen Isabel have any stillborn sons or sons who died young? Any miscarriages?

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August 12, 1564: She miscarried twin girls of three moths of pregnancy.

October 3, 1568: She gave birth to a baby girl of five months of pregnancy. The baby was born alive and was quickly baptised with the name Juana. She died only an hour and a half after. Isabel died the same day.

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Isabel also had a miscarriage in 1562, almost bled to death by the Spanish doctors. An Italian doctor saved her.


The miscarriage was in 1564. There was a rumour of Isabel having a miscarriage in 1562, but Antonio Martínez Llamas demonstrated in his book "Isabel de Valois, reina de España", that the queen's first pregnancy was in 1564, twin sisters, that nearly cause Isabel's death.

There was also a legend that Philip II poisoned her to get her out of the way. I personally do not believe it, although enough people did to be included in books.


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