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The Dukes of Modena, Este and Habsburg-Este

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I realize I am responding to an old post.  Maria Leopoldina Princess of Modena was, indeed, married a second time to Ludwig Count of Arco.  They were my GGG Grandparents. They had two surviving sons, the oldest, my GG Grandfather, was Aloys Nikolaus Ambros Count of Arco-Stepperg, born Dec 8, 1808, died Sept 10, 1891 in Anif, Austria.

Thank you, Marc.

My GG Grandfather, Count Arco-Stepperg, had a son born of a morganatic marriage.  My G Grandfather was recognized by his father, educated and provided for until his father died and he received a large legacy.

My G Grandfather was born in Munich in 1860 and sent to the U.S. by Count Arco-Stepperg out of fear for his safety in 1880.  He settled in what was then Indian Territory, where he married and my Grandmother was born.  The family was sworn to secrecy.  My G Grandfather was murdered in Mexico in 1929, the year my Mother was born.

I have told my cousin about this site and hope she will take part.  I stumbled upon it quite by accident but seeing my GGG Grandmother, the family and GGG Grandfather mentioned, I had to comment.  We have all our history and documents.  As a matter of fact, we have a family get together about family matters this month.

Thank you for your interest.  It's always a pleasure to see the paintings and photos I know so well.

Marie Leopoldine with her children Aloys and Maximilian of count Arco Stepperg


One of my favorite paintings.  Max went by Arco-Zinneburg.  The dark haired boy is my GG Grandfather, Aloys.

My Mother has always disliked the painting of her GG Grandmother because of the gown.  I like it because of the woman Maria Leopoldina was.  She was always one to push limits and do her own thing.  I believe I would have enjoyed her immensely.

I have read some articles on Marie Leopoldine now and I was very fascinated that she was so totally different from the behaviour of the other Habsburg ladies, who always had to do what was said to them. She seemed to be an extraordinary person with her own will.


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