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Tudor godparents

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Lady Exeter was the wife of one of Edward IV's grandsons. Her son Edward was thought of as a possible husband for Mary I.

As to how Anne made her take part, well, I guess Gertrude could have had a 'diplomatic illness' but I think Anne would have made it clear 'if you don't come to court now, you needn't think about ever coming again.'  ;)

The Marquess was executed in 1538, what happened to Gertrude?

She died in 1558.

Gertrude was a close friend of Mary Tudor and she escorted her in her coronation in October 1553. She was very sad when her son Edward was involucrated in the Wyatt plot of 1554. He was sent to the Tower, but Mary released him a year later and forced him to go to Italy as an exile. He died there. In Padua, I think...

Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, was Richard IIIís godfather.

The Abbot of Tewkesbury was Anne Nevilleís godfather. †

The Duke of Buckingham was the godfather of Edward, Prince of Wales, the son of Henry VI and Marguerite of France.

The Abbot of Westminster, Jacquetta, Duchess of Bedford, and Lady Scrope were Edward Vís godparents.

The Earl of Warwick, Cicely, Duchess of York, and Jacquetta, Duchess of Bedford were Elizabeth of Yorkís godparents.

Cecily, Duchess of York, Elizabeth of York, and the Bishop of Winchester acted as godparents for Bridget, the youngest daughter of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville.

Elizabeth Woodville, the Earl of Derby, Lord Oxford and Lord Maltravers were the godparents for Arthur, Prince of Wales.

Henry VIIIís godparents were the Bishop of Durham and Katherine, Countess of Devon.

Henry VIII was the godfather of Henri II of France.

Catherine of Aragon was the godmother of Henry VII and Elizabeth of Yorkís daughter Catherine.

Katherine, Countess of Devon, acted as godmother to the son of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon.

Frances Brandonís godfather was the Abbot of St. Albans.

The Duke of Suffolk, the Duke of Norfolk, the Archbishop of Canterbury and Princess Mary (later Mary I) were Edward VIís godparents.


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